Li Spenderesti 140.000€ per la Maserati Levante GTS?

Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino and today we make an hillclib with a rather enraged Maserati, it’s called Levante GTS! Nowadays, the market is invaded by the so called ” Sport SUVs “. Whether you like it or not, they sell quite a lot. After all, manufacturers just satisfy the requests of the market. It’s impossible to deny, they represent a big slice of sales and so, earnings. Just think about Porsche, the Cayenne saved the financial crysis of the company, allowing also to end the development of the Carrera GT, setting it into production. Another recent example with Lamborghini, currently the Urus represents a whopping 60% of the global sales of the brand! Same for this! Today I’m driving the Maserati Levante GTS, it’s an important model this brand. Not just because it’s the first SUV of the company but also because it represents a big % of sales. It’s a Maserati so dynamically speaking, it’s a proper Maserati? I’ve decided to review it on the Cesana-Sestriere, a road that hosts very year a famous hillclimb! Unusual place to test a ” Sport SUV ” so let’s put Sport and manual gear change. Let’s see what this beast with an exaggerated engine is capable to do! First impressive thing in Sport is undoubtedly, the engine. In front we have a Ferrari-derived 3.8L twin-turbo V8 capable to unleash 530hp and 730nm available between 2500 to 5000rpm. Being fitted with a big engine made by Ferrari, it’s a reason to be proud and I have to say, it’s so powerful! It redlines at 7000rpm and it reaches it in a blink of an eye, thanks also to the fabulous 8-Speed ZF gearbox. Listen! Amazing! Paddles are made in metal and it’s a pleasure to shift gears and enjoy these nearly instant gear changes. Even if it’s not a double clutch, gear changes are impressive. i want to specify, the sound is so pretty and genuine there’s no need of any artificial noise coming through the speakers, like many foreign competitors do.. Let’s change the setup, suspensions are set in Comfort. Bodyroll was perceptible. In Sport, the suspensions are stiffer but we can feel the car is more flat and neutral we can feel the bodyroll has disappeared. Jump! This road is amazing, just imagine the hillclimb prototypes flatout! Still, it’s a car with a big size and a high center of gravity and not a lightweight, dry at 2170kg but after all, dynamically speaking it’s surprising and with all this power, the performance are remarkable. 0-100kph in 4.3s and a top speed of 291kph! All good! It moves nicely! Fantastic brakes too, here we have steel brakes with 380mm disks. Calipers are huge and whenever I hit the brakes, I feel this massive weight stop in a little space. Thanks to the Q4 AWD system we can enjoy the power safely because in low grip conditions up 50% of the power goes to the front wheels in optimal conditions, 100% goes to the back. This ain’t an AWD that spoils the fun because as mentioned, set in Sport mode with stiff suspensions, it’s flat and neutral without resulting into understeer or oversteer. Impossible to deny, you feel the size and weight, the way it moves and goes through this tiny road.. it’s amazing! Oh nice, a tunnel! I like that when the gearbox is set in manual, whenever you redline it doesn’t shift up automatically. It’s engaging and fun to drive and once you build up confidence with the car and size, you almost forget you’re driving a big car and being able to have already driven other Maseratis in the past, I can say also the Levante has the real Maserati DNA not just about the driving and sensations but also the style. Look at it, we immediately tell it’s a real Maserati. Love the spec! Blu Emozione with Cuoio interior mixed with aluminium and carbon fibre. I feel confident to push on such road because I like the steering in Sport, it gets heavier once you build up the speed and it’s also precise and communicative. What do you think about the dynamic qualities of this car? I came up Sestriere effortless, without fighting with the steering to keep this beast on the road those who want to dare even more in the Maserati family, there’s the Trofeo version with over 580hp and 300kph of top speed! I think the GTS for a road use is more than enough! What I like about Maserati is that you can take delivery of the car at the factory and make a shakedown at Modena racetrack for free! Maserati ain’t just shivering sound, performance, Maserati cars have always been the union of sportivity, daily usability and comfort. We’re doing the Cesana-Sestriere again, downhill this time and in Comfort – Sport mode off, suspensions soft, suspensions are set low, here we have Sky-Hook suspensions that automatically set low when you increase speed, there’s 5 settings and in the highest configuration, it’s 4cm higher. Here we have the Off-road setting, this wants to be a versatile Maserati, usable in every occasion. What does Comfort mode changes? Here we may enjoy the grand tourer qualities, typical of Maserati. The steering is smoother and lighter, we can move around this winding road effortles anyway the throttle pedal is more delicate, here you don’t have the maximum power available, exhaust valves are closed – I know, it’s a pity! With the valves closed I can appreciate the soundproofing. The throttle is delicate, allowing us to save fuel – kind of.. In Normal I did up to 10km per litre at costant speed, average in Sport+Normal is 6km per litre, no more! After all, this car ain’t for everyone, the GTS starts at nearly 140k – this one I’m driving costs 153k. In terms of version and options, the price is similar with its competitors and I think it doesn’t have to be jealous of the german competitors, we’re wrapped by premium materials such as leather, aluminium, carbon fibre, in the configurator there’s 3 different kind of carbon fibre waves. Honestly, this one has the carbon I least appreciate because it looks like carbon look. I prefer the classic gloss carbon. A pity that at night, the interior ain’t enhanced because there’s no light. There’s no light to create the ambient and enjoy the interior without feeling to be in a cavern. The only things that I didn’t enjoy inside are these buttons to start the engine and set the lights because they don’t look worth it on a 140k € car. This car being full option, it has a feature that is a must, it’s the 1280watt premium sound system! Whenever I hit the throttle, it’s a pity to lower the volume because the audio quality is monumental! It’s one of the many treats that let you enjoy this Maserati every day, to feel pampered and travel in the absolute comfort. The union of the adaptive suspensions with the big tires allow to the Levante GTS to absord the roughness of the road. Let’s cool down the beast, I take advantage to make a focus of the exterior and interior. I love the way it looks, especially this spec. It’s a shame it’s so dirty because under the sun, this colous looks awesome. We can really see the real Maserati style. What about the passengers behind? Theres’ plenty of leg room the passengers can use also the aircon and usb slots to charge the devices. Another treat to show you, we have 2 settings to heat up the seats. Visibility is good, a pity we don’t have a panoramic sun roof, here we have the option alcantara roof if you don’t have worry to spend money, you can make your own Maserati like a proper living room! There’s plenty of storage, here we have a fridge as we can flow cool air inside, it’s deep and with plenty of space. Let’s have a closer look at the settings, here we set the suspensions, here we make ’em stiffer, Sport button, ICE is for low grip situations so electronics is very active, throttle is super smooth, this is for off-road and this to shut the electronics off. on the steering we have a few but important features, vocal controls, phone calls and the arrows to play with the onboard computer. Here we have the ADAS feature, a must these days. Let’s have a quick look at the infotainment, here we have a 8.4″ display, compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. It’s easy to match the phone and in general, the userface is simple and intuitive to use. Good to use the aircon both with the buttons and display, very good to heat up the steering as well, for a winter use this option is a must. Very interesting not just to heat up the seats but also the cooling for both driver and passenger – a must for the summer. We have the ADAS we can control also here, we have the Traffic Sign Assist, Forward Collision Warning, Active Blind Spot and Lane Keeping Assist and also the semi-autonomous driving. Great capacity of the trunk also, it’s about 580l and with the rear seats folded it raises to 1620l. Option available – this car doesn’t – is the sensor under the bumper to open the trunk, very useful when you’re carrying luggages and you can’t use the hands. Sound? We have it. Performance? Also. Same for the features and look. I think our country need less xenophilia and more love for our products because I hear way too many ignorant critics towards italian cars! I’ve been driving it since a week and I’m pleasantly surprised, I was expecting more defects and overal, what a machine! Make sure to Like the video if you enjoy it, subscribe to my YouTube if you haven’t yet and as always thanks for watching, ciao!