Leed Pocket Bike Juice Video Review – Ultra Light Weight Electric Bike Kit PBJ

>>Court: So this is two electric bike kits
from Leed Bicycle Solutions. They offer a wide range of kits that basically you can
add to almost any bike and sort of electrify it. I opened this earlier and kind of sorted
through but I wanted to give you the full experience of what it would be like to receive
this in the mail. What we’re looking at here is a pre-spoked rim with a 250 watt geared
hub motor, along with the cabling there for running it. So this is what you mount to your
bike. And then a bunch of accessories in here. We’ve got the PBJ, which is actually a project
that they were working on through Kickstarter. And essentially, it’s just super light. It’s
about one pound and it’s not going to take you nearly as far but it’s super small and
just really meant to be convenient. It’s very portable. And then a couple of bike bags here
for mounting it to your frame. And a Specialized Speed Zone wireless computer to help you understand
how fast you’re going and stuff. That might come in handy later… and then some Quick
Release Pro axle release levers here. And then there’s a charger and some instructions
and stuff. I’m going to dig in a little bit deeper and set this thing up and we’ll go
from there! So this is my regular bike, it’s just an older GT Timberline. Its got 26 inch
wheels with basically just V-Brakes, they’re very simple. So the Leed kits do work with
disc brakes but this is an inexpensive bike that I felt was sort of representative of
what people might have out there. You’ll note that it does have a suspension fork and they
actually recommend a steel fork for the Leed kits because it’s going to be a little bit
more sturdy. But, given the smaller 250 watt geared motor on this thing I thought, well
it will probably be okay… That’s my choice, I don’t want to recommend that to other people.
Okay, so I’ve flipped the bike over and I’m getting ready to install the front wheel.
And what you’ll notice is that the 8FUN logo here has an arrow and that arrow points the
direction that the wheel spins. So, we want the wheel to spin this way, to make the bike
go forward, so I’m going to point the arrow in that direction. And then I’m going to slide
the wheel onto the bike. This is just a basic test here, I’ll use this on/off switch here.
[soft motor sounds] There we go! It’s pretty quiet. Let’s get a little close-up action
here. So there’s the button and there’s the motor. Nice and smooth, there’s those quick
release levers we were working with earlier, getting it all set up. And there’s the switch
showing that it’s on, black is off. One thing I noticed is that the hub motor here can get
pretty close to your fork and actually, when I crank this down it can rub right there,
so they do include extra washers. And on this side you can actually add them to sort of
create a spacer so that you aren’t getting that rubbing. That’s just something to listen
for if you start the bike or you spin the wheel and it’s not spinning freely. One of
the more impressive parts of the Leed e-bikerig kits to me has been these bags. You can see,
this is sort of a medium sized one and it fits really well. It’s very well secured,
its got one, two, three, four Velcro pieces and then also two straps. So, here’s a super-wide
one, sort of a smaller one and then this is sort of a saddle pack that could go on a rear
rack. So this is the completed Pocket Bike Juice setup; one of the lightest weight electric
bike kits available. I’m just going to run through the specs here. So, it retails for
about $469 dollars unless you got it on Kickstarter for a little bit less. The range is about
five miles. Top speed of this motor system here, which is powered by 8FUN, is about 15
miles per hour. The weight of that motor along with the wheel is about seven pounds. The
battery and controller weight is just about one pound, which is what’s really cool. And
it actually does fit in your pocket, might be a little bit bulky though. The battery
size is 24 volts, which is kind of on the weaker side for sure. But this is a light
weight kit and it offers five amp hours of capacity for a total of 120 watt hours. That’s
not a whole lot but it means it charges quickly, one to two hours. The ride time is about 20
minutes. It will get you about five miles total. So, let’s just hop on and give it a
go; I’ll show you what that’s like. So one of the first things you notice about this
bike kit is that it’s just so light, and that’s by design. In total it weighs about eight
pounds, that’s with the wheel, the hub motor and the battery. So I would say this is an
average weighted, just a hybrid sort of city bike that I’ve got here about 25 pounds. So
we’re talking about a 33 pound electric bike. That’s pretty good but it doesn’t give you
a whole lot of extra boost. It’s not the same as a full purpose-built electric bike. And,
when you use the throttle you actually have to hold that button. So, I’m going to go ahead
and do that real quick and you can kind of see how it works. There we go [motor whirring]
You can probably hear the motor kicking in. We’re up to 12, 13 miles per hour, 13.2 and
this is where it kind of stalls out. They say it’s up to 15 miles per hour but I really
think it depends on whether you’re pedaling along. And it’s a very still day so… and
this is a relatively flat surface. I think this is a pretty fair test. I only weigh 135
pounds so the motor is not having to do a whole lot. [motor sounds] Oh, there we go,
15 on a little bit of a downhill. Nice, okay we hit the 15 mark! Not bad, not bad, it’s
pretty quiet. I’m not pedaling at all. [motor whirring, braking sounds] There you go, ha!
I’m pleased. You know, it’s a relatively affordable way to convert your bike to electric and I
think your hand might get tired after a while if you’re constantly pressing that button
or if you’re like me and you’ve got that twist shifter setup, but it’s a neat kit you know.
And it’s nice that someone’s out there making a super small battery because if you want
to keep your bike light weight, maybe you’ve got a road bike or something, this is one
way that you can actually do it. A lot of times the other kits are just really big and
the battery kind of bounces around. I do like their mid-frame bag that you see here, that’s
nice and it’s a bummer that you’ve got to pay extra for the tire and the tube and all
of that but it’s encouraging you to sort of recycle. And the 250 watt geared motor works
pretty well. I mean, it’s small but that’s kind of what they use in the UK and being
geared it gives you a little bit more torque at rest which is nice for climbing, that kind
of thing. I’m going to unzip the pack one more time just to show you what’s in here.
You know, I took a while setting this thing up. I was trying to do a good job, I was learning
along the way and trying to illustrate some of the hang ups like adding that extra washer
there so it doesn’t rub and getting the tire and the tube setup right. But once you’ve
got it going, it’s not too bad and I’m sure I could put this on and take it off very quickly
now that I’ve got it set up. There’s the Pocket Bike Juice in there, there’s the connector
and there is the controller along with the on off switch. So, that’s it! For more info
on this and other electric bike kits and bikes, check out ElectricBikeReview.com and I’ll
see you there.