Leaving Things In Nail Polish Remover for A Month

– What else does nail
polish remover remove? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat theme music) Good Mythical Morning. – Quality nail polish is
designed to stay on your nails through it all, showers,
swimming pools, saunas, getting too drunk at your cousin’s wedding and falling fingers-first
into the chocolate fountain. So, you know that nail polish remover has gotta be a pretty tough substance. – That’s right, it removes all nail polish from your nails, but what
does it do to other things? Well, to find out, we took to our shelf that we leave things on, which we call, The Shelf that We Leave Things On. – We’ve done Coke, bleach,
open air, Guinness, salt, pool water, and
now, nail polish remover. It’s time for, Left on a Shelf:
Nail Polish Remover Edition. (woman screams) – We will be presented with an item, and then given two
options for what happened when that item was left in nail
polish remover for a month. – A month!
– If we get less than half right, we
have to give an acrylic nail manicure to Alex. If we get more than half
right, we get to give an acrylic nail manicure to Alex. Either way, Alex is getting a manicure. – And okay guys, a little warning up top. This stuff is very strong,
and not safe to inhale a lot of, so please do not hover over jars of nail polish remover at home. In fact, to protect ourselves, we will be wearing these respirators. – Yes, let’s do this. (intrepid music)
(woman screams) Okay, so did this strawberry that was left in nail polish remover for a month, A, bloat and expand like
me after one Guinness, or B, turn everything yellow
like a gaggle of Minions with a bedwetting problem. Huh, bloat and expand. I think it turned yellow, man.
– I think it turned yellow, too. I just feel like there’s
so much chemical reaction going on, I mean, for heaven’s sake, we gotta wear these things. – You look great
– you look great, too. I just feel like I can grab you by this and just give you some love. – Don’t do that. – Is that gonna suffocate you? – Yeah, when you, try to breathe now. – I can’t breathe! – Yeah, see, yeah, don’t do that. – That’d be a horrible way to die. – Yellow, B, let’s see.
– B, that is our answer. Let’s find out if we are right. Yes! Look at that, oh my goodness. – Okay, you wanna take it out of there? – I’m gonna pick it up. – Can you unscrew it?
– It’s like a strawberry, it’s like an albino
strawberry floating in urine. Look at that, kids. Look at it, it looks like a deep, you know how you’ll see
like a deep sea creature in deep sea photography? – Oh yeah, my favorite thing to look at is deep sea photography. – They’re growing strawberries
down there at the depths. – One for one. (intrepid music)
(woman screams) – Alright, perfectly nice
sunglasses after a month in nail polish remover. According to the Mythical Crew, did they, A, you know what, I don’t need to wear this right now. – Oh you know, I actually hear you now. – I can just talk, and then
whenever we open the jar, we can put ’em on. – But weren’t you having so much fun? – No, I felt like I was yelling at myself. Alright, here’s our answers, options. Crack and shatter like a
Fiat when a bird lands on it. – Yeah, yeah, I get that. Fiat’s small, small car, big bird. – Or melt into goo like a
horse after placing last in the Kentucky Derby. – Oh come on.
– I get that one. That’s a glue joke. – I love a good blue joke. – I could see cracking, but I
can’t anticipate shattering. – I think if it’s a bunch
of different pieces, I think that they would
say crack and shatter. I don’t think that they
witnessed the shattering. It broke down either way. Did it break down into a goo, or did it break down into small pieces? – I think it broke into a
goo, because this is, like, plastic is made from oil.
– True. – And, like, it shattering
into pieces just doesn’t, it doesn’t makes sense to me. – Okay, we’re going with B, goo. Reveal. – I’m gonna put on my mask. – Well there’s still
something over the top of it. – Take it off. – But, but, wait. – I looked at that, I can’t tell yet. Go in there. – [Rhett] Oh, it’s a goo. – No, it shattered. – Oh, it shattered. – It did, it broke apart. It kinda shattered and cracked. – The covering of it–
– But there is no goo, look at that.
– Completely shattered, and then it turned into a
rubbery, brittle substance. – It’s as if it’s hardened glue that you can just pull
apart, but it’s not goo. – It’s kind of the
consistency of calamari. (intrepid music)
(woman screams) Okay, does a Play-Doh man,
A, turn hard and crystallize like Grandpa looking at his 12 months of Helen Mirren calendar. – Nasty.
– Or B, completely dissolve like
Grandpa when I walked in on him looking at his 12 months
of Helen Mirren calendar. – Close the door, boy! – I could enjoy 12 months of Helen Miren. – She’s a classy lady. – She is, let me think
about that for a second. – Okay, turn hard and crystallize. – There’s a lot of salt
in here, we know that because we eat a lot of it. It would be really cool if
it hardened and crystallized. I’m hoping that’s what happened. Because completely
dissolves it’s not there, it’s like, eh, whatever. – It’d be pretty cool,
though, wouldn’t it? – I mean as mushy as this is, – But what in acetone is going to cause hardening and, it’s
gonna close on my mouth, crystallizing to happen? – Well, if I knew the answer to that, this would be a different show. – Ah, you’re saying this isn’t scientific? – No, this is stupid. – I’ll go with you, I feel like it’s
completely dissolved, but, – I think it dissolves,
but I want it to get hard and crystallize, but I’m
saying that it dissolves. – Okay, me too. – You with me?
– Yeah, B, completely dissolve. – IT’s still there. Let’s get it out. – Oh gosh.
– I think it got hard and crystallized. – Well, that is the option. I’m sorry man.
– How hard did it get is the question. – Oh gosh, this is just
as hard as Grandpa. – We’re gonna need some
other device to get this out. – No, no, I got it, I got it, I got it. It like baked it, it
literally baked it, look. – Whoa, ooh, that is strong smelling, even though I put the lid back on. – Link, just put the
thing, yeah, there you go. – I thought that the smell
only came out of that. It’s as hard as a rock. – See if you can break it apart. – Well I can, but I mean, it
doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard, it just means that I’m strong. – Okay, sorry, you were
right, I was wrong, but you agreed with me, so you were wrong. (intrepid music)
(woman screams) Do your kids ever paint
your nails for fun? Has that ever happened? – No, never, have your kids done that? – No, but I’ve thought
about painting my own nails, – For fun? – Nude color. I’m serious, ’cause I have
like little spotty nails. There have bene a couple
times when I’m like, what if I painted my nails nude? – I think you want French tips for that. – Is that what it is?
– Yeah. Alright, for Polish sausage,
here are our options. Did it, A, spring holes and leak meat, like the Hamburger Helper glove after a terrible car accident? Is the glove, the glove is full of meat? – Well, there’s only one way to find out, have him be in a wreck. – Or B, shed its casing
like my Aunt Debbie rolling off her pantyhose
on a 100-degree day? – Oh gosh. – I don’t have an Aunt Debbie. – If you did, she would shed her casing. – I definitely feel like
the casing has been shed, because springing holes and leak meat, I think what that means is that the meat would have expanded, kind of
like when it cooks and cracks, but in a chemical kind of way. I just feel like the
casing just sloughs off like a snake when it’s
in the growth pattern. – Because it does feel like it would be something that happened consistently over the entirety of the sausage. – You are feeling that, too? – Uh, yeah, well, you
were right last time, let’s go with you anyway,
even if I felt differently. B, shed its casing. – [Link] Bam. – What, put your freaking mask on. – [Link] But it’s still in the casing. – No, it’s not, it shed it. – It shed it? – [Rhett] No, no, no, it just
turned, it just changed color. – It didn’t shed its
casing, it just sprung holes and it’s leaking a little meat. It looks liKe you popped some blackheads on this thing, which is very pleasant. – So that is the answer that
we’re looking for, right? A, it did spring holes and leak meat. It also got really hard. – It’s got rigor mortis. – Well just take a bite of it. (intrepid music)
(woman screams) Okay, before we find out
what happened to Batman, we’ve already lost, okay. We can only get two out of
five, that’s less than half. It’s been a while since I did fractions, but what that means is that we’ve lost, we’re gonna have to give
a manicure to Alex, okay. But here’s the thing,
– We were anyway. – Here’s the thing, is
that if we didn’t do this, if we didn’t put things
like wieners and Batman into nail polish remover
and tell you what was gonna happen to ’em,
you’d just be out there living your life with your
wieners and your Batman in nail polish remover, wondering
what was going to happen. – Now you don’t even have to do that is I think what you’re getting at. – Well, might I also add,
don’t put your wiener in nail polish remover. – Or your Batman, I
don’t know what Batman’s referring to in whatever
weird world Rhett lives in, but don’t put it in there either. – Okay, so what happened to this? A, turned to bendy putty like
Oprah at the sight of bread. Or B, swell up and fall apart like bread at the sight of Oprah. – Who got the raw end of that deal? – I don’t know.
– With these options. Well, I think Batman did, but
it’s just a question of how. So we got a cape here,
we got a lot of plastic. It’s not very posable. – But the most, the thing that
we’ve already experimented with that is most like
this is the sunglasses. And the sunglasses had a
weird shatter effect happen. They were falling apart when
we took them out of there. – But there was a
bendiness, it was all bendy. Like if this is really
hard, if this stays intact, I think we pull him out, and
he doesn’t bend at all now, there’s no bend at all. I think he’s just gonna have bend. – You think it’ll be a bendy Batman. – I think he’s just gonna be bendy. – That’s my favorite version of Batman. – We can make him more posable. – A, bendy Batman. – That is our answer.
– For the not win. Well there’s no way to
know with the dark knight, he’s just in there. – It is a dark night in this jar. Okay, removing the top. He fell apart, dude. – That’s a belt. – That’s the belt,
look, the belt came off. Here’s the cape on its own. – And look how big it got. Look, that’s his foot, look how much bigger the
foot got, look at that. – Let’s see if we can find the face. Oh, there it is. – Did his head get any bigger? Do a side by side of the head. – Oh my gosh, look at
how much that swole up. It’s so swole. That Batman head is twice as big. – If you want to make your Batman bigger, just leave it in nail polish
remover for a month, guys. – Look at that. – It’ll also fall apart
and become impossible to play with, but. – And look at this, this
stuff just disintegrates, man. It’s all so mushy now. – And of course we also
left Link’s glasses in nail polish remover for a month. – So that’s where those have been. – Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Hannah. – And I’m Zane. – And we’re on vacation
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