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So one year ago on this channel I made a video all about learning how to really a bike and this year I thought I’d revisit that idea and try to learn how to Manual bike I want to see how long it’ll take me to learn to manual from scratch So the manual is kind of like a wheelie But instead of keeping the front wheel up by pedaling you coast on the back wheel using balance alone Because you cannot use torque from the pedals to keep the front wheel off the ground The manual is much much more difficult than a wheelie This is my friend Brian. He is extremely well-versed in manuals. He’s agreed to loan me a bike for awhile to learn how to manual For this learn quick. I’m going to set the Milestone at 50 meters or 165 feet of continuous manualing. No Peddling, so this is day one hour zero *ugh* *ugh* *ugh* Day two And I really can’t describe. How sore my back and my shoulders are From just a little while trying manuals yesterday this requires much more physical strength than the wheelie Day three So what’s happening is I pop the manual and eventually the front tire comes too far up And I flip over the back so what I do is I grab a handful brake which snaps the front wheel back down I need to be able to control that up-and-down down motion off the front wheel just with my weight and modulate that properly Day four So this just happened *laughs* Look at that! *ugh* Just tried something new don’t look at the front tire. Look where you want to go. Now check this out. *laughs* Did you see that? *lauhgs* I have framed camera. So here to here is about 15 meters if I can do that today. I’ll be a happy man More speed *continuous ugh-ing* *agh* *angrier ugh* I am worse at this today when I was yesterday. I’m just going to give up for today Because that was crap nothing *bleep* me off more than going backwards with progress. I am really demotivated and sick of manualing and *bleep* pissed off and I’m underexposed So what I did was I actually took two days off two days without touching the bike *triumphant laughter* rather than just go out each and every day and try and attempt to do the same thing. I’ve got little things that I’m trying to work on and today I’m specifically trying to work on not using the brake my problem is I continually slam on the back brake and the front wheel comes flying straight down And I can’t get it back up that is a problem that I’ve had all the way through this endeavor so today I’m working on just not using the brake and just balancing the bike using just my legs Better right? Tomorrow, I’m going to try and do the 50 meters So today, I’m going to attempt the 50 meter margin which is from the crack You can see on the road here all the way to this red line on the road here Okay, here. We go. Okay. This is good for speed and… here we go. Come on Michael. Come on Take one as to be expected. Just getting warmed up. Take two, let’s do it. This is the one *agh* Take three let’s do it Take four let’s do it *agh* This is the one This is it! Yeah-ha-oh Short! Some people would call that, but not this guy Not this guy but it’s front wheel to back wheel. I got it I got I got I got I got it This one feels good and you *bleep* *bleep* *agh* This is the one! This is the one! I can feel it in my bones This is the curb all the way! *bleep* idiot! *bleep* idiot! *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* This is the one you *bleep* idiot *agh* *sad laughter* *agh* *joyous screams* Oh wow! Gotta be clean Michael that was it It’s got to be clean. Right this is the one Michael *bleep bleep* *Sadder laughter* I think I’m done *bleep* *bleep* *slurp* *ah* After the cup of tea and uh, we’re back out. So this is take, attempt two. Let’s go for it. *bleep* idiot okay Let’s do this Ye- -es! *More triumphant laughter* Finally! *Even more triumphant laughter* *Triumphantly celebrating* Yes! *laughter* Yes! A cup of tea, cup of tea can work wonders! Yes! *intense manualing* This episode learn quick is proudly sponsored by Squarespace this week I decided to add a blog post style tutorial to my website that I created using square feet I’ve included a special manual tutorial video that explains how I manual on that page You can check the link out in the description adding blog posts style pages to a squarespace website could not be easier Just add a page enter your text embed videos add photos, and you’re done I got this page up and running in a matter of minutes If you’d like to give squarespace a try to get your next creative project off the ground go to squarespace.com/mikeboyd You’ll get a free trial, and you’ll save 10% at checkout. So that’s squarespace.com/mikeboyd to get started with a free trial and save 10% on any of your purchases Thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you on the next episode of learn quick.