Kryptonite Keeper 695 and 810 Fold

Hi my name is Jacqueline and today I’m
going to be talking about the new Kryptonite Keeper Fold Lock. The
Kryptonite Keeper Fold comes in two different sizes the 695 and the 810. The
Keeper 695 is 95 centimeters long. It has a 6 millimeter hardened steel chain
link. It’s rated 4 out of 10 on our security scale, making it a moderate level
security lock. The Keeper 810 is 100 centimeters long. It has an 8 millimeter
hardened steel chain link. It is rated 5 out of 10 on our security scale, also
making it a moderate level security lock. The Kryptonite Keeper Fold Locks are
great for quick stops in Metropolitan Areas, in suburbs, or locking up for a
couple of hours or all day in rural areas. These locks feature a flexible
hardened steel link construction which allows for 360 degree rotation. It folds
up to be very compact, making it really easy to transport on a bike using the
included carrier. It also has a high quality soft neoprene cover that
protects your bike from any scratches. As you would expect from Kryptonite, these
locks also come with our lifetime warranty and key safe program. The Keeper 810 Fold is also eligible for our anti-theft protection offer. Now I’m
going to talk to you about how to install the Keeper Fold Transport
Carrier onto your bicycle frame. There are a couple ways to mount this carrier.
You can mount the carrier using only the pre-installed nylon straps with rubber
backing anywhere on the inside of the bike frame or you can use the provided
screws to mount on the braze-on or a water bottle mount. We recommend using the
braze-on’s if available in conjunction with the nylon straps for added
stability. When mounting only using the nylon straps find a location on the bike
that won’t interfere with anything else you have mounted or your pedal stroke.
Make sure you’re checking location with the lock in the carrier. The lock head
should always be pointing up or level. Remove the lock and take the straps
around the frame through the clip and pull tight. Make sure the carrier is
aligned inside the frame and on straight. Feel free to trim the excess strap
material. When mounting to the braze-on’s, first remove
any hardware. Check to ensure that the provided screws
will work. If there are any issues feel free to use the existing braze-on’s that
came with your bike. With the straps undone mount the carrier to the breeze on using the holes in the carrier. You’ll need to
tighten with a four millimeter hex wrench if using the provided screws
until snug. Once installed on the braze-on’s we recommend using the straps as instructed earlier for maximum stability. Also, if you ever decide to move your carrier you’ll have the straps right
where you need them. The Kryptonite Keeper Fold, a flexible lock with 360
degree link rotation for stress-free lock ups. It folds to be really compact
in the included carrier for easy transportation. A moderate security lock
great for locking up for a quick stop in Metropolitan Areas, or suburbs, or for
longer periods of time in rural areas. For more information head to Hi this is Lucy from Kryptonite Locks.
I’m here to show you the Keeper 12 Standard U-lock.