King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands cycling

This is the new king of the Netherlands. From April 30, 2013, King Willem-Alexander
is the head of state of the Netherlands. The new king is used to cycling,
the whole family cycles a lot. Not only to and from the annual
so-called photo opportunity for the press but also in private. The king grew up cycling. Here he is as a five year old, a seven-year-old, and as a 14 year old in 1981. His mother, the now abdicating queen
Beatrix, has also cycled a lot. First as a child in the royal gardens, But also as a student, when she and her
sister cycled to school like every Dutch child. The father of Willem-Alexander,
the late prince Claus of the Netherlands, still cycled at a time when his health
almost made that impossible. When the royal family visited
cycle town Houten, and made a cycle tour, prince Claus offered a girl from the
audience a lift on his bike. To the horror of all safety officials, But to the delight of most of the Dutch. Willem-Alexander’s mother Beatrix
did not cycle a lot when she was queen. But still enough to warrant a statue of
her on a bicycle. Her mother, queen Juliana, really loved cycling. It is said she was exited every time an
official visit included a bike ride. And she outran most of the other people
on her bike, including her husband Bernhard. Juliana probably inherited that love for
cycling from her mother Wilhelmina. Who it was forbidden to cycle by the
government when she became queen in 1898. Wilhelmina obeyed that ruling until the
1930s when she decided the ban had lasted long enough. From then on she was occasionally seen
cycling and pictures appeared in the press With such a lineage, it’s no wonder that
Willem-Alexander cycles. Even his originally Argentinian wife has
taken up cycling now. Also when she’s on a visit on her own, like here in the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The couple cycles even on state visits abroad. Here in New York And they also tried to make a tour in the
Turkish city Istanbul. But the press made that almost impossible. We can only guess if Willem-Alexander
will continue to cycle as a king. But there really is no reason to stop cycling
as the king of a cycling nation. It is promising that the new
crown-princess Amalia has already been seen cycling too. The fifth generation of Dutch royalty
on a bicycle!