Kill Shot Game Cart

Today we’re showing you how to properly assemble
the Kill Shot Game Cart. Parts for assembly include Upper Frame Assembly,
Lower Frame Assembly, Side Rails, Axle, Lock Pins, D-Pins, Hair Pins, Washers, and Wheels. Parts needed for step 1 include Upper Frame
Assembly and Lock Pins. To begin unfold and fully extend the Upper
Frame Assembly. Secure the Cart Handle in place using 2 Lock
Pins. Parts needed for step 2 include Lower Frame
Assembly, Axle, Washers, and Hair Pins. With the U-Shaped tabs facing down, align
the Axle Mounting Tubes and slide the Axle through one side of the cart. Slide 2 Washers onto the Axle end that is
through the first Mounting Tube. Next, continue to push the Axle until it runs
through the Axle Mounting Tube on the other side of the frame. Move Washers along the Axle so one is on each
side placed against an Axle Mounting Tube. Close to each Washer you’ll find a tiny hole
that runs through the Axle. Secure Hair Pins through each hole. Parts needed for step 3 include Wheels, Washers,
and Hair Pins. Place one Washer on each Axle end that extends
outside the frame. Next, mount a Wheel to each Axle end, followed
by another Washer. Secure with Hair Pins. Parts needed for step 4 include Side Rails
and D-Pins. Align the Side Rail mounting holes with the
mounting holes located on the upper and lower U-Tabs. Secure with D-Pins. Repeat this process on the opposite side. Thank you for watching this demonstration
video on how to properly assemble the Kill Shot Game Cart.