KICKR SNAP Setup: Mounting Your Bike

[Music] hey Chris here at wahoo finished today we’re going to be unboxing your brand-new snap we’re also going to show you what’s in the box with it and we’re gonna take you through the steps to set your bike up on it as well as parrot to your app and help keep it calibrated out of the box of course you’re gonna have your snap then you’re also going to have your front wheel block a skewer that’s compatible with 130 and 135 millimeter quick-release axles your power cord and power brick and of course some instructions in case you need it along the way now that you have this snap setup it’s time to mount your bike to it slide the bike into the frame of the snap and align the non-drive side of the axle with the non-drive side of the snap close the drive side lever down until it makes contact close it to test it first and then adjust the non-drive side part of the snap until you can close the lever and it makes contact at about the four o’clock position and then close it fully to feel it lock into place making sure that there’s no movement in the bike lock down the lock ring for a better fit using the adjustment knob on the roller tighten it down until you see the roller make contact with the tire and there make sure to turn it to full 360 degree turns or for half turns to make sure that there’s proper tension on the roller now you’re ready to pair it to your app and complete the spin down you