Keirin: Speed Racers – Watch Japan’s Track Cycling Phenomenon

In 1949 the Keirin started
in Kokura, in the Kyushu island Now they have 47 tracks all over Japan Leaders are always leading
and you could be leading until the goal It happens a lot One of the best tactics too
also they don’t crash Leader don’t crash In Japan, those racing is organized
by municipals the city and the prefecture government The reason is try to rebuild Japan
after the war they have to find the money from somewhere That’s how they started This is not pure sports I think this very, very important thing
for understanding the Japanese Keirin This event is for the, how do you say, big money We’re gamblers The sport is very easy,
you know? The Olympic game They’re looking for
who is the strongest rider? who is strongest rider? But we are not Gambling is different If the strong rider wins every time
it’s not gambling I was riding fighting style drafting the best guy
and fighting with other guys If you fail, you’re going to fall And you’re going to crash A lot of people want to be there It’s pretty hard to get in It took a long time for me
but I made a pro at the third year and I love this It makes me so excited The Keirin is so deep. Many organizations got involved.
So many people got involved. So many interested in each organization so many stakes The race itself is really deep Money betting in Keirin
is over seven billion Yen alone per year If I help this guy, he will help me It sounds like cheating,
but it’s not You can’t win a race by yourself so even the Tour de France
is the same thing, right? Of course a strong rider
yeah, he’s strong but two or three weak riders
they make some groups and one rider try to, say, pushing and a strong rider
will be very difficult to win So we would just permit
that a little bit if legitimate, it means
we are permit the fighting each other But we make the balance
for the safety and gamble But this is a very difficult question.
I think there is no answer