Is It Worth $300? DYU  D1 12″ Folding Electric Bike Review & Teardown – Holmes Hobbies

Is It Worth $300? DYU D1 12″ Folding Electric Bike Review & Teardown – Holmes Hobbies

Ladies and mostly gentlemen thanks for
tuning in today I have the next part of the DYU 12-inch Electric mini folding
bike review and disassembly so today what we’re gonna do is start out first
with a little bit of ride to see how it handles so we’re gonna take it to Dallas Hi I’m Dallas John has a broken leg so
this feels pretty tight we put three quarters of a charge on it and it is
that’s the full speed takeoff right there as you can tell we’re still
gaining speed though we’re gaining speed I don’t know a top speed on this it’s a
little bit of an uphill right now but let’s turn around check these brakes oh
oh that’s solid right there alright optimal position for max speed oh well
we’re gonna do a flyby the camera here so you can see this massive amount of
yeah alright well I got to be honest with you the frame feels pretty rigid
for being a fold in half frame this is pretty good it’s it’s tight it’s not it
doesn’t feel wobbly or wonky coming straight out of the box we’ve tightened
all the basic stuff like the wheels and the pegs so it shouldn’t be falling
apart on me right now but it it doesn’t feel like a cheap piece of junk
I’m 225 pounds let’s be real I’m to 30 to 35 it’s it’s sluggish to take off it
would probably be a little bit better with a full charge but it’s not terrible
this is the brake serve pretty good I’m very impressed for as cheap as this was
so yeah aluminum frames light feels pretty balanced when you pick it up when
this is folded down that’s a little bit more balanced but I mean I can see how
this would be pretty good get around at like a festival or you know in inner
city somewhere when you’re wanting to get around at an event
oh and do not forget about this amazing feature right here hang on yeah all
right so you just saw Dallas’s ride and we got some feedback from him he weighs
about 225 pounds which i think is probably about the average size of a
viewer and the bike was a little underwhelming on power compared to what
we build in the shop to give you a little bit of perspective what I built
is usually about 750 watts of power and this one is rated at 250 watts so I
decided to tear into it and see exactly why it’s rated for 250 watts some of the
other feedback that Dallas had though was that the bike frame actually felt
nice and rigid the rear brakes were plenty and it didn’t feel that scary
riding around but it wasn’t quite on a full charge and he said it felt like
about 12 miles an hour looking at it I would say probably at 12 miles an hour
so they claimed about 20 miles an hour tops on this maybe on a full charge
going downhill a little bit of wind behind your back that’s usually how
electric bikes are rated and once you get the the surface charge knocked off
of it it’s probably somewhere around 15 miles an hour and then steadily
declining as you go but it sounds like this is actually true 250 watt so let’s
look into it and see why it’s 250 watts knowing motors I can tell you that this
rear hub is more than likely capable of a lot more than 250 watts just the heft
of the hub motor actually tells us a lot about how much power it will take but
that is pretty standard and if we look at the hub motor it may give us a little
bit of inclination as to what the watt rating is but no no it doesn’t give us
any numbers that maybe tells us you know 500 watt or whatever but really the only
rating on a motor is whether it overheats or not so depends on how heavy
our depends on how big the hills are depends on how much your tires are
pumped up to the actual load that a motor will take so that’ll have to be
maybe for a future video I tried their controller and see how much power we can
get but if we look inside on this bike we can see all the beautiful guts all
the fiddly bits of this bike and what I can tell you is that I’m actually pretty
impressed with the quality of the components so
let’s go piece by piece on here this is the battery hopefully you know what a
battery is if you don’t tell me down below but this battery is indeed put
together with 20 cells like I thought so it is made of 18 650 cells it even says
on the side made by Hani power comm hae ni power comm and it is actually rated
for 6 volts or I’m sorry 6 amp hours so surprise surprise the battery on the
inside of the bike is actually what the manufacturers telling us that the bike
is rated for a lot of times what kind of fudge those numbers so it’ll be like 5.5
amp hour and they’ll call the bike a 6 amp hour bike but whatever this time
they didn’t that’s pretty cool so it’s yet just rain made of regular 18 650
cells it looks like we got you know probably three rows in here and then
battery management system shoved in here somewhere I’m not gonna take that apart
because a lot of times you take a part of battery you can’t get back together
but I would assume that we could probably pull it a little bit more from
this battery and why would I assume that because it has really nice silicone
leads coming off of it right here and they look to be about 16 gauge who would
even send it on the side in really tiny letters but it’s a nice silicon jacketed
wire which means that you can actually get the wire pretty hot and it’s not
gonna melt the jacket off yes 16 gauge wire going through an xt60
connector that is really cool so here’s our connector it looks yeah it doesn’t
have gold plating on it so it’s not the best xt60 connector but as long as we
don’t get water inside we’ll be cool do you run xt60 s on your e bike or on your
RC car you probably do because I do and a lot of people do I think it’s the most
popular plugged right now but let us know down in the comments what you run
on your a bike or on your RC car on my big e bikes are on XT 90s now they’re
pretty cool so next up we have the battery now we have this little control
board up here this actually turns on our lights it’s like you know your your
interface so to speak and not really much to say about it has a couple of
MOSFETs on their little transistors to turn things on and off like the lights
probably has the logic for our dumb horn during the lights on this is three times
and hey now we get two lights on and our
rear blinks maybe or no our rear blinks when you hold when you hold the brake
down that’s what you get that’s what you get what do you get YouTube let me know
in the comments all right on with it so the next thing we have and
arguably the most important piece of any bike
besides your motor and the rider not being an idiot is the controller so this
controller has nice silicon jacket and wires going all the way through it on
all the phase wires on the power wires it’s actually a nicely constructed
little piece of kit there are no bad solder jobs on here and on top of that
it uses st electronics or st microchip whatever they call themselves these days
st brand-name MOSFETs inside that was actually surprised it’s six to-220 size
MOSFETs and that’s pretty typical for any e bike or something this size now if
we went with a nicer mosfet in there like a and i don’t even remember what
they are I’m not even gonna try if we went with the nicer MOSFET we could
easily pull about 35 amps through this controller right now it’s only set up
for seven amps and more than likely these are either 20 or 25 amp fence so
we don’t want to push it too hard or else it’s gonna overheat and then you
know you got a fire underneath your legs and the last place that we want to fire
is right in between our legs so I’m probably not gonna modify this
one I say that but I might let’s take a look and see if it’s modifiable a lot of
times these are going to know what amperage is going through it because of
a little bitty shunt and what we can do is add a little bit of material to the
shunt to freak the controller and it will think that the amperage is lower
and so we can actually get more power from it but we got to find that shunt
and I am not actually seeing one on here so yeah maybe alright so this has you
may not be able to see it a little surface mount resistor right there and
that is most likely our amperage shunt I’m probably not going to end up
modifying this controller just because I plan to put a front hub motor on this
one and I can add power that way but case being if I wanted to modify this
guy there is usually a way to do it and it would be beefing of the shunt so
maybe that’ll be a future video as it sits I think this will do just fine for
what I want it to maybe play some disc golf on it
help me rehab my knee and still be able to play disc golf because I’m probably
ought to be able to walk a whole lot of distance at first without getting tired
so I can just hop on this thing and go this would also be excellent for anybody
looking for in the last mile sort of vehicle I call these trunk monkeys I
don’t know why but it seems it’s very suitable for the size of them and so
let’s say you live 15 miles away from work you can drive you know mile or two
away from your business and then pull this out of your trunk ride the last
little bit maybe save some park and probably save some traffic depending on
your city a lot of people commute like that and if you do let me know in the
comments I used to go to college here in town and that was perfect because
finding any sort of parking on campus is pretty much it’s just nearly impossible
or impractical because you got to pay a lot of money so what I did is I actually
built my own trunk monkey it was a lot more powerfulness I still have it it
goes a lot faster than this but this thing was only three hundred dollars I
ended up spending up about a thousand dollars on my custom-built one that
looks like crap so overall I would say this is actually a really good value
three hundred dollars you can save that parking on a year you know so if you
could use this to go last like extra mile or two even five miles because this
probably has a ten mile range then obviously this is gonna be a good deal
for you and after looking on the inside and seeing the quality of components no
bad solder joints silicon jacketed wires name-brand components on the inside they
have a big enough a big enough power cap on there even I mean everything on this
bike says that they actually know what they’re doing and they probably don’t
want returns or fires in between your legs
so overall two thumbs up I don’t know about any star rating on this one
because I mean it’s a three hundred dollar electric bike so what do you
expect from what I expected this would actually be a ten out of ten and I think
we could get a pretty good value out of it at that so I don’t know maybe you
have one of these guys and you have some other thoughts on it maybe you have one
that caught fire between your legs if so let me know in the comments and I will
definitely take that into consideration before I go riding this with flammable
pants on so John Holmes is gonna sign out on this one thanks for tuning in
today have a good one you