INSIDER TIP: BIKEPARK CHUR!!!  Roadtrip Day 2 | Downhill in Switzerland

INSIDER TIP: BIKEPARK CHUR!!! Roadtrip Day 2 | Downhill in Switzerland

Welcome to day 2 of our roadtrip. The forecast for france was crap, so we are currently driving to chur, switzerland. We have no clue what we have to expect, so it’s gonna be interesting. Hope you enjoy! Welcome in the park, it rained all night and I’m here for the first time on warm up run on the blue trail. I hope this gets more grippy, but rain is foretold for the afternoon. I think the Bikepark could be an insider tip. That loamy ground doesn’t feel save.. quite sketchy. We are somewhere on the red trail, first ride like everything else today. I have ZERO grip. But that looks interesting over there! That turn looks weird. Turn on your fog ligth. You can’t even see whats coming. Sketchy!! I nearly lost my front wheel. Shoutout to this dude for showing us around! Thanks for guiding! That way. Should we ride that? – Nah its too foggy… Why not? I was a tiny bit too slow. Let’s keep going! It has rained a lot and now everything is super slippery. There were some more jumps up there, where i stopped. But now it’s too sketchy to hit them. Problem: our 400$ fridge is outside of the car, and if it gets wet, its destroyed. You can’t see it but I’m sliding clipped out into every berm right now. Let’s check out the blue trail which goes down from the mid station. We rode the black one earlier. That was it from the bikepark chur, hope you enjoyed! RIP fridge. It started raining so we’re done earlier now. We have some more jumps left for the next time. All in all it’s such a nice park, but 40 CHF is quite expensive. Now off to Brandnertal! It’s so comfortable! We’re now in Brandnertal, weather is on point. I’ve never been here before, so tomorrow is gonna be interesting. Hopefully the sun will shine a bit.