Innovative New Motors And Tech | E-Bike Highlights From Eurobike 2018

– We’re here at Eurobike in Germany, and we’ve expected that
there’s going to be a mountain of new e-bike developments, where it could be batteries,
motors, or displays. But has it delivered in
terms of e-bike innovation? Let’s dive in and find out. (upbeat music) Now this is just one little corner on hall A1 at Eurobike. And this is a company which is typical, this is from Shanghai in China and it’s a company called Ananda, and they’ve got a whole
range of batteries and motors from hub drives all the
way up to mid drive units. And you can see this
unit here is 2.7 kilos, 250 or 350 watts, and then there’s a bigger
one which is 4.3 kilos, 250 or 500 watts. Now, obviously, there’s a
lot of brands from China and the Far East here hall A1. But this company, Fazua
from Munich in Germany, possibly has one of the neatest. This is actually the battery
and the motor combined. And it is super neat, this just fits in the downtube. Now check this out, there’s your battery. Your motor’s located inside here, and then you have the
torque and cadence sensors with all the communication parts right here, which fits
on the bottom bracket. 4.6 kilos for the motor
and the battery combined, insanely lightweight. Right, I’m gonna give you an example of the Fazua system. We’re here with the Focus Raven Squared. Now here is the motor
and the battery combined. I want to point out, it’s a
Swiss motor in the system, and it’s made all in Germany. Super neat. So here you go, the slot battery, switch it on. And simply, I hope it’s simple, oh my God! That is so easy! (laughing) Oh my God! That’s ridiculous! That’s probably the simplest
e-bike battery motor I’ve ever fitted. So then you just simply switch it on. Whoa, look at that! What a neat display. And then you have Breeze,
River, and Rocket modes on this bike. 250 watt of a battery, 60 Newton meters, and the key thing to this bike is that when you get past the 25 kilometer an hour restrictor, there actually is no restrictor, you can simply keep pedaling
as you would a normal bike. Okay, so we’re at the Comp booth, look at this little motor here. Super neat, 2.6 kilos. Either 250 watts or 350. Now, it’s currently
Japanese mechanical design made in China, but it seems that the manufacturer is gonna be moving the Czech
Republic in the near future. So it’s good to have another European motor manufacturer on board. So what am I doing with a
chassis out of a BMW HP4, you might well ask? Well I’m at the stand of Mubea, which is an Austrian brand who actually manufacture parts for such
companies as McLaren F1. Now, when it comes to innovations, you don’t really need to look
much further than this stand. This is their new e-bike, 200 mm of travel, and it’s got so many features
on it, it’s incredible. Now as you’ll notice, there’s quite a significant
downtube on this bike. And that’s because it houses
a 1,200 watt hour battery. You’d also see that this bike doesn’t actually have a derailleur, and that’s because the motor and gearbox are combined in the middle of the bike. And this is really big news, it’s quite a big innovation
when it comes to e-bikes. Now, when it comes to the
motor, it can either be run as a 250 watt Pedelec, or 4,000 watt in throttle control. That is just bonkers, and I’ve never seen anything like it when it comes to e-bikes. So, we’ll have a look
now at the actual motor and gearbox combined. Now the pedaling and the
motor are independent on this Mubea system, which means there is
actually no resistance when you get past any
restrictions whatsoever. Now, what we have here
is actually the motor and the gearbox combined. Under five kilos! Surely this is where e-bike innovation is gonna be going in the future. Look at it! Mental! Now, a bit of background on Mubea, they’re from Austria and they’re all about sustainable transport,
making simple, robust, and reliable solutions when
it comes to e-transport. And it’s just lucky for
us that a lot of the guys behind the company are into downhill and mountain bikes generally. So this bike here is 200 mil travel, and I can’t imagine the places
you can go to on this bike. It’s insane! It’s not just downhill, they’ve also got a 160 mil travel bike as well. As you can see, a one piece swinging arm, self drive, integrated lights, carbon bar and stem. I mean, it’s got it all, really. Now, this is exciting news. A specific e-bike brake from TRP. Now these are the brakes used by multiple World Cup Downhill Champion Aaron Gwin. Let’s go through the key
characteristics of this new brake. 30% more material on the disc itself, which means that there’s
15% more stiffness to this brake in terms
of that lateral flex. And the key thing is 9% less
heat buildup in this brake. Now, it’s made up of, it’s a four pot design,
made up of steel pistons, but the thing is, is
there are ceramic pucks inside those pistons which means the heat is not conducted
through to the oil, thereby overheating the system. Now you have heard that
earlier in the week, Bosch added to the
displays in their range, and it’s going to be sitting
alongside the current Intuvia, Purion, and Neon systems. It’s called the Kiox, and
there’s a load of super neat features and controls on this system. Now the first thing I need to point out, that it’s going to be sitting
in the middle of the handlebar on top of the stem, it’s super compact. The features that it’s got is amazing. Such things as distance,
time, rider watts, cadence, speed, tripometer,
time, heart rate, the list simply goes on and on. And they’re really cool
features you can use on the trail or when you get back home to measure your ride. So there you go, Kiox. Fresh from Bosch. Box Components from Anaheim, California, have got a new e-bike
specific drive train system. It’s made up of four specific parts, the derailleur obviously is in the one, the shifter, the cassette, the cassette made out of steel and it’s like I said, it’s nine speed. And that’s because that gives
it increased durability, and also the cadence involved in e-biking. But the key thing is is the chain, it’s a heavy duty chain. And that’s really quite
crucial when it comes to e-bike parts, ’cause the high turnover and the high mileage you do with e-bikes. So, I’m interested to keep
an eye on Box Components and how this system develops. The Brose Drive S Mag,
quite a big impact here at the Eurobike show. 15% lighter, 15% smaller, and you can actually see
the difference between the old casing and the new casing. Its goes from 3.4 kilograms down to 2.8, so it’s a significant saving on weight. Now when it comes to
performance and integration, then look no further than
Haibikes e-performance fly on system. This is a first time ever for Haibike. And it simply rammed with details, and I’m gonna go through
all of these with you, so you might as well sit
down and get a cup of tea. (upbeat music) Right, let’s start off with
the heart of the matter, the chassis on this new bike. Four sizes available, from
small through to extra large, and large, tall riders
will be glad to know that the reach is 497
millimeters on this bike, so K’s for everybody. It’s a largely carbon chassis, although there are a
few alloy parts to it. Some great features though, up front is an air intake system, which means it’s continually
cooling the battery when you’re on the hoof. 180 mil travel for the Enduro version, but they also do an All Mountain version, which is 150 mil travel. On the 180 bike here,
it’s 27.5 front and rear, whereas the All Mountain bike has a 29 inch wheel front wheel, and a 27.5 rear. Now obviously, you guys
really want to know about the motor on this
bike, and it’s come from a little used brand called TQ. Crank length is 160 millimeters, now if you look at that, it is super neat, it is super elegant, but the power, it’s got 120 Newton meters of torque. It’s pretty much next level! So, I’ve talked about the motor, I’ve talked about the chassis, and now I’m getting into
this 20 page booklet on the details involved in this new bike. I can’t go through all
this in one sitting, so a couple of things, fully integrated seat dropper, which Haibike have not had before. 630 watt hour battery,
and the battery’s charge have left 80% in one hour. That is absolutely insane! That’s one of the fastest
charging on the market. Obviously, there’s fully
integrated cable routing on this bike. Everybody’s just jammed round
here looking at this bike, look at them! They’re practically
falling over themselves getting involved in it. Now, obviously you can see that there are lights on this e-bike. And in my eyes, that is
absolutely, total common sense. Because most people are
gonna be riding this bike in the dark and making most use of it in the winter months as well. 5,000 lumens from that light up front! It’s even got lights in the back to remind people how far
you are in the distance. Mental! Now earlier on, we talked
about the Fazua system on the Focus bike. This time, we’ve got a
Lapierre 150 mil travel trail enduro bike. So again, it’s the same system, you have the battery and the motor, and then you have the
cadence and torque sensor which is located on the
bottom bracket here. Now look how neat this bike is, 17 kilograms, that is
probably one of the lightest e-mountain bikes on the market, certainly when it comes to mid-travel. Some great touches when
it comes to geometry, as ever from Lapierre. You got a 430 mil chain, so super short. 65 degree head angle, and it’s available in four sizes. The reach on the extra
large is 495 millimeters, so it means there’s something
in there for everybody. Full carbon chassis, front to back. (upbeat music) And that’s it from Eurobike! It seems that Haibike have totally stolen the show this year. Now, don’t forget that if you
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