Indoor To Outdoor | 5 Skatepark Skills To Practise On Your E-Bike For Mountain Bike Trails

– It’s cold, it’s gloomy
but I know just the place where I can ride indoors nice and warm and be brushing up on
those trails skills too. (upbeat music) We’re doing something a
little bit different today. We’re here on the E-Bike, we’re here at Rush Skate Park in the UK. We’re taking a look at
some skate park skills that you guys can learn
to take to the trails. Loads of things in there from
drops, jumps, steep shoots, everything that’s gonna
translate out on the trail. The bonus, we’re not gonna be getting wet. We’re not gonna be getting cold. It’s nice and warm and I’ve
already got a sweat on. (upbeat music) First thing’s first, a high tail’s gonna be better
than a full suspension bike in a skate park. If you are riding a full suspension bike, just make sure that suspension’s
set up nice and firm. As firm as you can get it, front and rear. If you’ve got soft
suspension any transition or any part of the skate park can be loosing a lot of
energy in those transitions. So just make sure it’s hard. When talking about hard, make sure your tires
are nice and hard too. You want at least 40 psi in those tires if you’re riding in the skate
park, just allows that tire to stay a lot more predictable, and a lot more less rolling resistance when it comes to hitting the ramps too. Get that saddle dropped
down out of the way as well get that nice and low, you don’t want to be
getting tangled up on that. You want to be able move
behind the bike and forward. Think about what power
mode you’re in as well. You don’t need any power whatsoever really in the skate park. You can run a nice low eco mode. Make that battery last all day. If you’re a clip-less pedal user, think about sticking a
set of flats on as well, easy way to get off the bike then. And also think about
how clean your bike is. Don’t turn up to the skate park with a dirty Mining bike with
all mud falling off of it all over the place, ’cause the first skateboarder
that hits that clump of mud from your tires, isn’t gonna be happy. (upbeat music) Normally it’s a pretty casual environment so a T-shirt and a set
of jeans should suffice. But underneath that I always like to run knee pads, shin pads, full-finger gloves, and a helmet. It’s up to you how much
protection you want to wear, a skate park can be a
really dangerous place. So think about what you’re wearing when you come to the park. (upbeat music) So if you come to ride at the skate park, there’s a thing called
skate park etiquette. In here usually there’s
going to be BMX’ers, skateboarders, scooter riders, you name it, they’re all here, and they all use different lines as well. So just be super aware when you’re riding that you’re not going
to crash into someone, or someone’s gonna drop
in in front of you. Skateboarders can use a
lot of different lines to bikes as well. Bikes usually wait their
turn for each rider to drop in and do their run. Don’t take the minute when it
comes to doing your run too. Think of all the other park
users, not just yourself. (upbeat music) So in each skate park,
you’ll find a street area, normally lots of ledges,
rails, things like that. Behind me, you’ve got three
different sized ledges, an ideal place to learn how to drop off. Start small, start
medium, then work your way up to the bigger, on the other side, we’ve actually got a land in so we can do like a proper drop off, like
we find out in the trails. Let’s start with the small one first. (upbeat music) So these drops are exactly the same as you’d find out in the trail. The technique’s exactly the same too. We just come up, nice rolling speed, your good foot forward, get that speed set before you enter the drop,
come in, give that fork a little squash, pick that
front wheel up nice and high, get your weight back and keep
that front end nice and high as you can come into the landing. Don’t forget this is to flat, so ideally, you need to be landing rear wheel first, absorbing that shock as you land, and ride away nice and smoothly. So what I’ve been doing on this ledge set is riding it one way, but
I’m looking at riding it the other way, I can see this way, there’s a nice drop into a bank. Also, if I ride it back the other way, I can jump up onto the box and land in the landing down there. To mix up my lines, getting
creative, mixin’ it up, just like it was on the trail. (upbeat music) The key to riding in skate
parks is all about line choice. I mean, if you look everywhere here, I can see there’s a drop
off there to a landing, a drop off here to a landing,
a nice, big, long drop into another landing there. Literally, everywhere, open your eyes and make that park work for you. (upbeat music) Let’s take a look at how we’re gonna drop into some of these ramps. Some of them can be
really steep over vert, especially on the quarter
pipes, things like that. But these flatter bank’s a really good way of learning how to tackle
these steep descents. First thing’s first,
if you got a hard tail, just wheel it over, make
sure that your chain ring’s actually gonna clear the
edge of that ramp first, bearin’ in mind if you’re
on a full-suspension bike, it’s probably gonna sag,
especially with your weight on it, meaning that chain ring’s gonna catch. It might run the risk of diggin’ in and flipping you over the handles bars, something like that, so just check that that chain ring clears first. As we come into the shoot, we
just need our pedals level. We’re not doing any
peddling, we’re just rolling, focused on the entry point, get
that bike nice and straight. Keep the bars straight,
keep the weight back as you drop into the ramp,
keep that weight back all the way down as you approach
the bottom of the run-in. As you hit the bottom of the ramp, there’s usually quite a
jeer out in a skate park. It’s quite a nice, smooth transition, but when the wheels hit that, the bike’s really gonna accelerate so just be ready for that at the bottom. (upbeat music) So in front of me here, I found this really nice, mellow bank. This is ideal to learn how
to ride that steeper stuff at the skate park, nice run out. Not gonna hit my chain ring,
it looks really perfect to me on my first drop in to those steep shoots. (bike clicks)
(upbeat music) Another great feature you’re
gonna find at the skate park is these roll-in shoots,
they’re really steep. They’re often used for
getting your speed up for big jumps in the foam pits, ResiRamps, things like that. But these transfer across
to the trail really well. They’re the equivalent
of riding a steep shoot out in the trails, let’s
take a look at riding it. (upbeat music) So what do you do when
the ramp’s too steep that your actual chain ring hits the edge. This is how we’re gonna do it. Basically, all we do is turn
our entry into it sideways so we need to approach a ramp sideways and do like a side-off end, making sure lifting that front wheel
up, scooping the back end up and then dropping into ramps
sideways, lookin’ ahead. It’s a bit of an advanced technique, but if you drop into these ramps forwards, your chain ring is gonna hit. And you are probably gonna
crash or damage your chain ring. It’s not all smooth plywood
here at the skate park. Often, if you’re in a street section, you’re gonna find a big set of steps. Steps are a really good way
of recreating those steep, rocky shoots that you find
out there on the trails. (upbeat music) Talking of steeps, it
doesn’t get any steeper than this thing, this
is called the vert wall. It’s actually vertical at the top. So if you get used to riding
this thing at the skate park, next time you hit that little tiny shoot at your local trails,
it’s gonna become a breeze after riding down this vertical wall. (upbeat music) When it comes to climbing on your E-Bike at the skate park, you’re
gonna be pretty impressed at what you can get out
of harnessing that power from the motor, even things
like this massive vert wall in front of me can be conquered. Let’s give this one a go.
(upbeat music) So even a little section like
this can really good fun. If this was in the woods,
this would be a little climb littered with some roots,
rocks, things at the top, little technical thing. You can limit your run up,
you can get more speed into it and jump up there, or you
could start where I am and make it more technical. You can also flip it around,
it becomes a drop off as you come backwards,
loads of fun to be had on the street section, just
use a bit of imagination. You’d be surprised what
lines are gonna be there. (upbeat music) Jumping, we all love jumping. That feel of getting air
underneath your wheel and your E-Bike feels amazing, and the skate park is a
perfect place for this. In front of me here, we got
a nice, small table top. It’s exactly the same as
you’d find out in the trail. Nice, smooth transition going up. Nice, smooth transition going down, and a nice run out, perfect. If you wanna take it to the next step, there’s bigger jumps, there’s ResiRamps, there’s foam pits, skate
park is full of jumps and loads of places to get
air underneath those wheels. (upbeat music) (bike clicks) So here, I’ve found something
that’s gonna replicate a double out in the trail. This is a jump with a gap in, so this is a nice, predictable
take off, no rocks, roots, things like this on the run-in. Nice, smooth, predictable all the way up. Big landing for me to land on. This is gonna help me loads when it comes to hitting the doubles out in the trails. (upbeat music) So once you’ve got
those basic skills down, it’s time to think about lines. Lines is where you link
one obstacle to the next, and then, that obstacle to the next one, doing a whole run, much like
you do out in the trails when you link one ramp to
another jump to a drop off. Getting those lines down is gonna make you a really good skate park rider. It’s gonna make you an even
better trail rider too. (upbeat music) There you go, I really hope
you enjoyed today’s video on learning things at the skate park that you can take to the trails too. Really good work out, I’ve
definitely got a sweat on, and I’m definitely out of breath too. If you’ve enjoyed today’s video, be sure to check out Trails to
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