I FINALLY GOT IT! Full day of Freeride! – I Sent Fist Full of Dollars!! | Jordan Boostmaster

It’s the second day of our
Kamloops trip and our main goal today is to link up all of Fist Full of Dollars
the biggest double black jump trail in the bike ranch But first we got to do
some warm-up we’re gonna ride some really fun trails that I’ve actually
never ridden before they’re all really nice and flowy out here at the ranch
there really is something for everyone Ya, Three Amigos really fun! These are some pretty
cool trails they’re all flowy and not very difficult here until you get to the
bigger jump trails it seems the way they add difficulty is
by adding bigger jumps there really aren’t any rocky or steep sections to
add difficulty to the trails So we’re about to head to Fist Full of Dollars soon
but it’s always a good idea to prime ourselves up on the dirt jumps first, get
a little loosened up you know? Okay time to hit Fistfull of Dollars
and see if I can connect the whole thing pretty nice looking day today cloudy out,
not too hot it’s really nice all right Crap! That was lame! yeah I’d love to like connect the whole
thing! I think I’m just going to do Wrangler quickly though Any time you ride Fistful of
Dollars you got to warm up on Wrangler! wrangler, lets hit this up this one always is a fun one go high on this one oh yeah Oh perfect nice oh boy that was awkward and that’s about all thats fun on Wrangler. Wrangler does continue lower but we don’t ride that as often Oh is Wesley going for it? sending it nice! Let’s see what I can do crap that was bad well you know what at least
I remember how those all go I think connecting this whole line is
pretty doable okay dropping in Oh now we’re thick I’m getting it Josh
Wesley and I we’re all practicing the jumps and getting the whole line figured
out I’m sure you can tell this is not the easiest trail to tackle we need to
learn what kind of speeds are required for each jump and how and where to land
them to keep our speeds up yeah I’m still able like when I do it I still
hit the brakes a little bit coming to that berm and and I can still do I
definitely limit how much brakes I’m doing like pretty light yeah baby whoo with the practice we had yesterday and
the way things are looking right now I’m confident that I can get this line today
it’ll just take a little more practice oh okay I need goggles when I’m behind
you was it I felt it all right we’re gonna water these jumps they need a bit
of love this is looking a bit crackly watering these jumps is quite important
to keep them in shape this is a desert out here so things dry up very fast yeah
we’re like getting it all right it’s pretty much all watered up ready to go
I’m gonna pretty much do the entire line if I can all right let’s do it wha-ho baby that’s a big jump that is a
big jump that is also a big jump Oh oh man that was that last jump Wow
that’s sick dad I can do them better though but otherwise that was pretty
much the first time I’ve ever linked them all in one go so that is good it
feels great to at least connect the whole line in one go but I want to
practice these until I get them perfectly we had a local guy named Luke
riding with us today he was quite familiar with the jumps and
he was sending them pretty good okay I’m gonna try going on a harder gear this
time maybe I’ll just go in my hardest gear are you ready to go then okay whoo ha ha I’ll taste it okay that thing is weird like this one I
last year I could clear pretty days I realized the secret for this last jump
was in the one before it just land in the right spot to get the
most speed out of it it’s worth more than the pedal strokes you could fit in
yeah baby what’s going on like this thing yeah it’s kind of weird you gotta
like stay so low I know this jump is so nice and big the thing about some of these little pre
hop jumps is you don’t want to go too far you actually want to land pretty
much as high as you can over here so you can get as much speed downward as you
can for that jump what can happen a little easily with this jump got so much
speed end up launching that thing almost a flat and then you’re probably gonna
case that next jump so you really want to stay low on these old pre-op jumps Breck whoo Luke was pretty comfortable on
these jumps as you could tell brick yeah I was doing something I’m good but I was
a bit awkward on some of those he was taking a lot of tries a lot of casing
and awkward jumps but I was determined to hit everything flawlessly it’s just a
matter of time better man that is harsh it’s impossible I don’t know how to do
that one it was getting a bit frustrating I mean I did that last time
fine last year I know I can do this Wesley and Josh were both having a good
time too other than the fact that Josh broke his chain at some point and had to
go fix some of his spokes but fortunately for him you don’t really
need to pedal on this trail how shameless are you Josh
holy chainless that’s how nitro Wow yeah all right send Josh all that practice
finally paid off when Josh Luke and myself got a sweet
train going this is my best run I have ever done on this trail oh yeah buddy yes I can well I was I actually didn’t Wow
oh man that was easily my best run that was so sick I made it I totally made it it feels absolutely amazing getting that
entire trail down everyone was just having a blast and I am so satisfied
that I finally got it I’ve been wanting this for quite a while so what else
could we do to top a day like this well we actually decided to go out to
one of the most iconic gravel pits this is the same place that pratip e Richie
Schley and Wade Simmons discovered a long time ago in they would just
freeride down and have a blast so that’s what we’re gonna do now these kinds of
fast smooth speed runs I’m never really that comfortable especially considering
the big crash that I had in Utah a while back this is gonna be really interesting well you should probably get it up yeah
I think so yeah specint and it so crazy okay Wow actually I couldn’t go left dude I was like stop going straight down
the whole time yeah I didn’t you guys do if it is exact I’m like I got to try I’m
like no I’m too scared it was really sketchy and it was good our Kamloops trip is over what an
awesome time we got so much riding packed into just two days the next video
upload should be featuring my new sponsored bike I just got the new bike
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