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(upbeat rock music) – Right, big table tops yes bike parks have these things all over the place and they are big. And everyone wants to hit the biggest table top. They want to clear it just to show off to their mates. I hit the biggest table top out there. So why are table tops great? Well the best thing about the table top is you can case that and be completely safe. If that was a gap jump and you cased it, it’ll totally wreck your confidence. So table tops’ a great place
to build your confidence. You can concentrate on your pop off the lip, you can concentrate on
how much speed you need to clear that thing, just like these guys. Look at that! You don’t even have to jump it. He manualed it. This guys coming in with a bit of speed. Not enough to clear it, but he’s practicing his jumping skills. It’s a super safe place to learn how to build your confidence on clearing big gaps. And the best thing about this thing is if you can clear a 20ft table top like that one behind me, you can clear a 20ft gap jump out there on the trail. It’s all about building your confidence. And it’s all about being confident hitting big jumps. If you’re not confident you just going to stiff up and it’s not going to be comfortable. Right, a great thing
about this table top is that it has a really long landing. So if you coming in a little too hot a little bit too much speed and you find yourself flying at the end of that knuckle and landing quite far down you going to still to be landing on bit of landing you’re not going to be landing flat and that is going to
fill you with confidence. And that’s the biggest secret about hitting big gaps, is being super confident. Believing in your skills, knowing you can actually jump it. You want to be relaxed, you don’t want to stiffen up because that’s where it all goes wrong. But, another point is, you don’t wanna be too confident. You like, you see a big gap I can hit that but inside you’re like whoa man that’s too big. You gotta be careful. That’s the secret. Confidence. Let’s go hit a big gap now. Man, I’ve been thinking about this gap It’s pretty big, it’s across a big chasm, across a river It’s huge man. I’m gonna get down there and show you the thought process on how to hit huge gap jumps like that one. It is pretty big. Right, this is this gap I spotted from the left and first impressions is Bosses Only. I think I’m alright, think I’m alright. but I’m still intimidated because it’s a blind jump, it’s quite big so you don’t know how much speed you want to come into it until you jumpin’ off. The best about this thing is it’s quite a long landing so you can go a little deep. But another thing is, is the lift. And other riders are going
to be watching me do this so that’s another thing to take into consideration in my head. But looking at the line actually it all starts way up there. Right, yes the line coming into this thing is key ’cause there’s a big table top here and it turns into it so you going to be a little bit you going to be going quite fast to clear that big gap anyway so for me already I’m already spotting my line I’m going to jump right is right so I can aim myself straight enough into that you don’t want to go to far left because you got a little bit of a drainage problem going there and that’s going to hinder your entrance into that jump. And also if you feeling a little bit intimidated hitting that on your own, you can hit it with a friend training a friend We’ve got Nico Vink here I’m going to train him in ’cause I don’t know this speed He’s just jumped it so I’m going to follow him get the correct speed and I’ll feel a lot more comfortable following someone instead of just launching to flat. Yeah?
– I agree I’ll train you into it. (funky lounge music) – Wow! It’s, you know you trust in your mate to train you in and you mess up on the speed. I cased a little bit – Did you?
– Yeah I don’t know like just a– – Yeah yeah – …just a buzz but Should we do it again? – Yeah, definitely – Let’s do it again. (funky lounge music) – Yeah, first time we did it I thought we we were going to clear that table before but we didn’t. – I was a bit worried I was like why you manualing this table? – Yeah, I was having fun
and I forgot about it, (laughs) I think it’s better to
come in with trail speed – Yeah, that’s pretty key actually coming in with trail speed alot. You know you can over
jump this a little bit. – I would rather over
jump than come up short. – Than come up short that’s for sure. – Yeah
– Cos you don’t wanna land in the hole.
– No, you don’t wanna. – No.
– There’s safety netting. – Yeah – It’s not going to help a lot (laughs) – Even following a friend that’s a, you know. He’s confident. (laughs) But yeah, trail speed is key when you come into things like this, you don’t want to go to slow. – Yeah – And I’d rather over jump this than under jump it. – [Camera Man] What is trail speed? – Trail speed means you clearing every obstacle with ease. So you’re not casing it, you’re not over jumping it, you’ve got everything quite perfect. You got the flow. Trail speed is perfect. – Yeah No brakes, no– – No brakes, you chillin’. You not putting in some quick peddles ’cause that’s when your confidence is going to get shot out the window. ‘Cause you don’t know if
you’re going fast enough. – Yeah.
– Should we do it again? – Yeah. (funky lounge music) – I’m buzzing the seat though. – Are you?
– Yeah – You bottoming out or is
your seat just too low? – I think it’s to low, maybe. – Maybe – It’s quite flat that. – Yeah, it’s quite flat landing. – So downhill bike worthy. – Yeah (laughs) – Trail bike. Nice, that was better. – Yeah, way better. – A bit more trail speed. – Yeah Smoother for sure. – Mission complete. – Yeah. – Should we go hit some more gaps? – Yeah, let’s find some bigger stuff even. – Alright Nico, we’re at the top of Chatel This is your line it is huge, it is fast There’s some two big tables right behind us right here. Man, tell us the do’s and don’ts on how to ride these things. – Yeah, I will (laughs) First of all like always check it out like roll down the hill and scope like–
– Yeah – Check out the steepness of the lip, how far you got to travel in the air because like riding or watching that thing definitely changes your perspective. – Alright, also I think a good tip is to see who’s riding the trail and then when they come back up to the top wrack their brains ask them a few questions on how much speed you
need to hit this jump or do I need to scrub
speed to hit this one ’cause it’s a little bit of a jump here ’cause you coming in to fast. All things like that are pretty good. Also again following a friend in. I hit this kind of blind
but I did ask you a few questions on what’s coming up on the trail step by step so I kind of remembered that and I just followed you to check my speed. – That’s what I do as well even like any big jump usually when I got I’m not sure I just follow in a friend. – Yeah. – Or someone that’s done
it before that I trust. – Yeah. – And that’s one of the main… – Yeah yeah. ‘Cause it is super scary when it comes to big jumps like this, You don’t want to mess up ’cause you’re going really fast and the consequences are quite high. – Yeah, definitely. – And also, another thing So if someone comes in and he cases the big one at the top there, the first table top would you go for the next one, would you try would you put in some cranks to get speed to hit this or? – No I would shut it down and just like roll it go up again take another lap and build your way up to
clearing the jump, like safely. Like especially when you
hit a jump the first time, make sure you nail your run in. – Yeah. – And your jump before. – Yeah. – Everything’s dialed.
– Yeah, yeah. Talk about being dialed suspension on a a full suspension bike especially on a downhill bike you want to get that set up quite well. Talk us through how you
set yours up for jumps. – Yeah, my suspension’s
a bit different from most people riding because I’ve got all
the fast serious stuff and all the big jumps I’m used to running a way more ridged setup – Yeah. – Hard set up, slow rebound – Yeah. – And it’s the same for
this kind of riding. – Yeah. – Like so if you’re
riding a downhill trail and your suspension’s ideal for that it’s probably not going to be for this with the high compressions
and all that stuff. – Yeah and the rebound you don’t want to have too much rebound on that rear shock ’cause
when you come into a lip you going to suck it up and it’s just going to ping you. – Yeah. – Kind of send you a bit front heavy. – Yeah. – Into that nose dive so you want to slow down that rebound slow down that compression slightly so don’t boggen the lip and kind of get the bike nice and level in the air. And also when you actually
jumping a big jump you don’t really want to work a big lip do you? – No. – ‘Cause its going to kind of send you in that way as well. – Yeah. It depends like if you’re high speed you’re like gentle on the take off. If you got the margin to over clear if you’re not if you’re a bit slow you can pull back but that’s depending on your skill
and what kind of terrain you’re riding–
– Yeah yeah – and everything. – I saw on a big long
one like this 15 meters kind of go up with the front wheel a little bit high as well, I wouldn’t wanna kind of level up quickly ’cause that could also send you nose heavy so don’t be to worried about getting a bit front heavy, I mean front high–
– Yeah – And land a little bit back wheel and front wheel. – Definitely, fully agree. – Yeah. – If anything front wheel up if anything happens tap the rear brake to get it down again. But if you’re nose heavy there’s nothing you can do–
– You’re dead. You cannot get out of– – Yeah
– You cannot get out of going over the handle bars. – Yeah
– Right. – So you don’t want to…
– Yeah. – You don’t want that to happen. – So go front up. – Yeah. – Is pretty safe if worried about hitting a big jump just do that.
– Yeah – Get a few tips on hot
to hit humongous jumps just like these ones in this video. Hopefully this helped you out conquer that fear helped you with the technique it’s all about being super confident don’t be too over confident ’cause it could end in tears. Thank you so much to
Nico for helping us out get us through this little tutorial. But if you wanna be at the stage where you want to hit some huge jumps, click this video right here because it can help you. I’ll give you the right
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