How To Ride Big Jumps | Mountain Bike Skills In Whistler Bike Park

– [Blake] Oh, here comes
a rider now, two riders. – [Neil] Nice. – Big jump. Steezing it out. Another one. Oh! We are in Whistler. This is the famous A-Line trail. – Probably the most
famous jumps in the world, we’re going to talk about
how to ride big jumps. – Mm-hmm. (relaxed hip-hop music) – Big jumps are loads of fun but just because you’re in the air for longer than small jumps, if you get things wrong, the
consequences can be worse. ‘Cause you’ve got more
time for it to go wrong and you’re higher up. So, make sure you’re confident with what you’re doing before
you ride the big jumps. Also get kitted up. Today, me and Blake are
riding downhill bikes, not a complete necessity but they do, sort of,
really give you a lot of, room for maneuver on heavy landings, also fully kitted up. I’ve got all my pads on
today and a full face helmet. (upbeat music) ♪ You are my sunshine on a rainy day ♪ – [Blake] Yeah, watch this! ♪ You are the one who
takes my breath away ♪ ♪ In the vast skies of love I’m free ♪ – Another big mistake is
people, especially using clips, pulling with their feet
to lift the rear wheel, that’s going to be a really
limited use on a big jump. ‘Cause you can only ever
pull your rear wheel up as much as bend you’ve got in your leg. So, on a jump this size that’s really not going to make enough difference, probably, to help you clear it. You’ve got to be able to pump the takeoff, judge how far you’re going, and use those skills to make the distance. Also, of course, confidence
is a really big one with big jumps, so make
sure you build up gradually, smaller, you know, get
bigger, bigger, bigger. Tabletops are good, these
are really nice on A-Line. Lots of pretty safe jumps to learn on. So, when you’ve got those
things, what’s the next step? (upbeat electronic music) Sent it. I talk about using the bunny
hop technique for jumping. That definitely works
really well on small jumps where you can, sort of, pop and make air. On a bigger jump, it’s
going to feel different, definitely different to a bunny hop. But still, you need to be able to control what each wheel is doing
on your bike separately. So, how much you pop the front, how much you pop the rear. If you can’t do a good bunny hop, then you can’t really control
what each wheel is doing. So, super important, do that first. (whistling) (rhythmic electronic music) – Right that next step, how are
you going to get comfortable and confident to hit a big jump just like this one on A-Line? Well, look at this takeoff,
it’s really mellow, but when you’re coming in with speed, this thing can be a
little slightly daunting and feel like it’s going
to throw you to the Moon. Now, the best thing about this is you don’t want to compress too much. ‘Cause the speed you’re coming in to a big jump like this is
going to carry you through. So, you just want to under-exaggerate all those tips we’ve been teaching you on how to hit small jumps. Now, when you come to this, the best thing with a big jump, is a tabletop. So, you look at this. A lot of people are landing in the middle. They’re probably clearing about a bike and a half lengths of
travel there on the table. Well you take a look at
this guy, just popping it. Lovely, and landing on that sweet spot. So, it’s a progressive thing. When you’re going on a big jump like this on a table it kind of
brings in the confidence ’cause there’s no big gap in the middle. And you can land on top if
you don’t feel comfortable or you’re going a little bit too slow. That’s the next step. The best thing is to work your way up to getting that landing on the other side. It’s always about looking
ahead, spotting your landing, and keeping focused on
the trail ahead of you. (ambient electronic music) – It’s been a little while since I’ve done any big jumps like that. So, I’m trying to relax,
not get too nervous, and also it’s really nice
just following in Blake. Sort of, just copying his speed, copying his pop, and taking my time. I mean, A-Line is perfect for this. Loads of jumps, we’re
just seshing this bit, it’s so easy to jump on a
lift and just lap it out. And keep doing that. I’m going to keep doing that,
myself, until I feel comfortable. Then we can go bigger. (relaxed music) – [Blake] Yeah. – [Neil] That’s Cody Kelley. – Neil, this, my friend, is Dirt Merchant. – Oh, I’ve heard lots of things
about a new Dirt Merchant. – The famous Dirt Merchant. This trail is full of big jumps, step downs, big drops,
big hips, a big hip. We should talk about that hip. – [Neil] Yeah, I’ve seen that. – A little pro tip, if
we have anyone out there that is actually wanting doing big jumps, is to follow someone. – Yeah, well we’ve both
warmed up on A-Line. And, yeah, I’m feeling pretty good but I definitely feel
like I need your knowledge for these jumps, never hit them before. – Yeah. – So, I’ll just follow you in. – I’ve done the same before in the past. Right, dropping in. (intense rock music) – [Blake] Yep. It’s coming to a drop, Neil. Neil, second go in, slightly
more familiar with the trail. – Yeah, I’m just trying to
remember which jump’s which now. – Yeah. (he laughs) It’s so good when you nail a whole trail. – Oh man, I really enjoyed that. – So good.
– Yep. – Right, I’m really going
to lay off the brakes a little bit on that hip. – Alright. I’m not. – No? (both laughing) – And then we’ll carry on. – Yep.
– Oh. (intense rock music) – [Neil] Yep, that’s
how to ride big jumps. Absolutely love it. – [Blake] Yeah, what’s next? (Neil whooping) (Blake whooping)