How to Replace Brake Cables on a Road Bike | Halfords UK

You know you need to replace your brake
cables when they go an orange rusted color or when the brake calipers don’t
release fully after the levers are pulled. Before starting you’ll need to
make sure you have: a hex key, cable cutters, the correct replacement cable,
pliers and end cap and a screwdriver. This brake cable is fraying with no end
cap on and it’s rusted, so I’ll definitely need to change it. Firstly we
need to remove the cable from the calipers, so let’s use a hex key to take
off the bolt. Now we can release the cable from this bolt. Now pull on the
brake from the handle and release the cable up through the bolt and through
the handle. There we go, we’ve removed the cable. We can now fit our new brake cable
which I have here. This is a universal brake cable so we need to remove the
mountain-bike end as we only need to use the road bike end. So I’ll just cut that
off, there we go. Now we’re going to use this end and feed it through the brake
handle down to the caliper, just like we did when removing the old cable. Pull the
cable through fully so it’s secure. Screw the barrel adjuster all the way in and
put the cable back through and then through the pinch bolt. Now grab your
hex keys again, put your hands around the two brakes, pull them onto the rim and
then just tighten the bolt. Once you’re happy with the front brake and checked
that there’s equal distance between the rim and the brake on both sides, we can
then cut the cable end off. Finally we can fit the cable end on to the end of
our new cable and crimp it with some pliers just to make sure it won’t fray
again and there we go, you’ve successfully fitted a new brake cable. If
you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty, pop into your local Halfords where a
member of the team will be happy to help you in replacing the brake cables. Or to
see our full range of bike parts and accessories, head to the Halfords website.