How to Replace a Bike Tube | Bicycle Repair

So, we’re going to learn how to replace your
bicycle tube. Which is very important if you have a flat
or if you need to replace your tire. Basically what you’re going to do first is
you are going to figure out what size tire you have and also what size valve you need
or what type of valve you need. So this tire, basically all tires will say
on the sidewall what size they are. This is a 700C by 28. Really easy to get at a bicycle shop. So get the tube. The tube says 700 by 25-35. So it’ll have a range. You can usually go a little bit lower than
the range. This is a 28 so you could do like a 23-25,
but this is a very good range for this tire. Also for this wheel we are going to need a
Presta valve. Which basically means a French valve that
looks like this. The other valve that’s most common in the
United States is this valve which is called a Schrader valve. It’s very important that you get the right
valve because it’s a different size hole in your rim. To inflate the Presta valve, what we’re going
to do is we take this little screw on the top here and unscrew it. It won’t come off. It sticks at the top. Release the air a little bit. Use your pump that’s made for a Presta valve
and start pumping up the tube just enough so it inflates it so it makes it round. Then you’re going to start with the valve. Put the valve in first. Once you have the valve in, start pushing
the slightly inflated tube into the tire and the rim. Once you have the tire and the tube pushed
into the rim and the tire, then you can start at the valve by using the back of your hand
and pressing the other side of the tire up onto the rim making sure that you’re not pinching
the tube so you don’t get a hole in the brand new tube that you just installed. So now that you’re coming to the end, sometimes
it gets really hard so you have to take your tire lever to push the actual tire up onto
the rim. You just have it upside down, hook it onto
the rim, and start pressing it up over the rim making sure that you not pinching the
actual tube. Once you’ve installed the tube, make sure
that the seam that goes all the way around the tire looks the same all the way around. You want to make sure that it’s not pointing
out too much or it’s not pushing in too much or else you’ll have a blow-out. Now you can pump up your tire to the recommended
inflation pressure. Basically it will say on the sidewall of your
tire, say, maximum inflation pressure to 85 psi. So you can obviously do a range. You can do 60-80 psi. Somewhere within usually 10-20 psi is pretty
good. Once you get up to pressure, you take off
your pump, make sure that you take the screw down the top of the valve if it’s a Presta
valve, or if it’s a Schrader valve make sure you put on the cap so it stays clean. That is how to replace your tube in your tire.