How to Repair a Bicycle Tire : How to Remove the Front Bicycle Wheel

So, you’ve realized that one of your tires
is flat. We’ve gone through removing the brakes, opening them up. The next step would be to
use your quick release lever to remove the wheel from the bike. Now, most quick release
levers are labeled “Open On One Side”, it would be hard to see but it is usually there.
So, you’d actually turn this lever outward to expose the side that says open. Now on
most bikes at this point, the wheel will not come out in the front, that’s because there’s
little recesses that hold it on, little flanges down here. So the next step is to unscrew
it enough so that the quick release skewer clears the fork blades. Once that’s free you
can remove it and begin working on the wheel. However, we’re going to put this front wheel
back on and we’re going to work on the rear wheel because, not only do you have to know
how to take both wheels off, flats are almost always on the rear.