How to Order an Uber-First Time User Instructions

hey there this is Laurie from rideshare
silver and I am doing a really quick video to show you how to order your very
first uber ride so let’s get right to it now I am going under the assumption that
you already have the uber app on your phone if not in the description below
there is a fast link that you can click on with your smartphone it’ll take you
right up to her and it has a free ride credit for your first ride already
embedded in there so it’ll get you set up for your first ride up to $15 for
free or I will add a video at the very end of this to show you exactly how to
do that but let’s just go ahead and assume you have the uber app on your
phone so we’re going to go right into ever now the first thing that ever does
is you can see that address up there and that is normally going to be where the
GPS says you are at your current time so it defaults to your location where your
phone is right now so I’ve actually put in a different address because I’m
trying to protect my home them address because that’s where I am right now so
I’ve done voodoo donuts in Portland now you can actually tap on to that upper
address line and you can manually enter your pickup address or you can actually
move this pin around and you can set it wherever you are and like the white
outlets picked up the address so let’s just go from the white owl and so now
you need to set a destination you can click on here where to and you have a
couple options once again you can manually put in an address here type it
in or you can if you see this set location on map down here I’m going to
tap that and I’m going to use my pin we’re going to go over to Pok Pok
very popular restaurant so um I’m gonna scooch in a little bit more so it’s a
little bit more detailed address so there we go that picks set up a little
bit better okay so now I have a pickup address and now I
have a destination done okay this is going to tell you a lot of
things right now you see up there next to your pickup location is a
two two minutes that means that if you were to order your uber right now
your driver will be there to pick you up in two minutes also if you look down
here you can see uber pool now uber pool is an option that you can take if
you don’t mind carpooling with people on going to the same area that you’re going
to along your waves the good thing about that is it’s cheaper but looks like
about a buck fifty to choose that option the bad thing is well it’s not even bad
some people won’t consider bad but you do have to have a little bit more
patience because your driver can be routed to someplace else to pick up
another passenger going your way so you have to have some patience so it just
depends on how much money you’re willing to save in order to have a little bit
more patience and share the ride I’m the most popular and the default option is
uber X and uber X is a four seater basically for passengers and the driver
so five people can fit in the car you can bring up to four people with you on
your ride or you can choose the XL and the XL will allow you to have up to six
riders one to six riders that’s a little bit more expensive but it’s a larger van
and more more people can fit in there then you can do the select the select is
a much higher end car you know really really fancy if you want to go in style
you can do that they also have Assist where the driver will help you if you
have special requirements or if the wave is if you have a wheelchair and need
some help so but the default is going to be the uber X and that’s the most
popular one so if you are ready to go and everything looks good and you’ve
figured out that you got your X and you can see that this ride is costing me
zero because I’ve entered my promo code which I’m going to give you if you do
the fast link down at the bottom or if you have not it but if you’ve already
downloaded the app then then you still might be able to use it so but so look
at the fast link below for that for that promo code so anyways if you’re ready to
go you would request over X you just hit the request uber X and what’s going to
happen now is as you can see the drivers four minutes away it’s going to send the
driver your information and it’s is going to send you the drivers
information you’re gonna find out the name of the driver the car they’re
driving their license number and the drivers rating so you will know exactly
who’s coming your way and the great thing is is this will also show you in
real time as the driver makes his way or her way towards you to pick you up so
you can see them as they come once the driver gets near you you’re going to get
pinged by the app saying hey your driver is almost here come on down and you have
from 2 minutes from the time the driver arrives to get down to the car before
they start charging you for wait time so be ready get out there so uh it is a
best bang out of your book for your ride as you can so that’s as simple as it is
and you can get in the front or the back of the car whichever you’re more
comfortable and as long as you’ve set up your app of course you have you wouldn’t
be able to order right unless you have there’s no money exchanged unless you
want to give the driver a a cash tip but you just get to your destination hop out
and then you’re given the option to rate the driver please give a driver of five
unless there’s a problem because if a driver has a 4.6 or lower they will be
deactivated as a driver so you might think a four star is good but it really
isn’t it can get a good driver deactivated so I hope this was helpful
please share with your friends please subscribe to my channel if this was
helpful and like my video and I hope to see you on the road