How To Make The Perfect Espresso

Coffee and cycling go hand-in-hand Seemingly, the perfect ride will always start with the perfect brew But, how do you make the perfect coffee? Well, we thought we will find out So, we came to Rocket Espresso Who supplied coffee machines to Some of the world’s best cyclists And also, GCN To find out– *MUSIC* To make the perfect espresso What we need to do is We need good beans We need a Burr Grinder And we need a decent machine What we’re trying to do is We’re trying to get from a double porter filter 50 to 60 mils of espresso And 30 seconds And that’s basically the key to good espresso So, we start with a clean hot dry porter filter We grind the coffee to order So, the coffee shouldn’t be sitting in the grinder going stale From the double porter filter, we need about 14 to 16 grams of coffee Grind that into the porter filter Then, we tamp down using the tamper With that 30 kgs of force Okay Clean off the edge of the porter filter And, put it straight into the machine We don’t want the coffee getting hot and burnt there So, we start the extraction immediately And what we’re looking for is As, I said For about 50 to 60 mils of espresso in about 30 seconds So, what we’ve got there is a nice slow pour That one’s getting a little bit Which looks a bit like a mouse’s tail Okay, we’re coming up to 30 seconds Right now And if we were to put both of those together we would get 50 to 60 mils from the double porter filter Or 30 mils from the single porter filter And that should be the perfect espresso Well, now you know that is how to make the perfect espresso But, with good coffee you need to have good cake as well