How to Load a Bike onto a Rack using a Top Tube Adapter – Softride Accessories

Some bicycles have a really small front triangle,
and it makes it tricky to get it onto a bike rack of this fashion. So, the top tube adapter is really good in
this instance. It goes between stem and seat, and then you
actually end up strapping the rack to the top tube adapter, and then the adapter holds
the bike in place. This is a great solution for using a small
front triangle bicycle on a Softride bike rack. One brief consideration with top tube adapters
is to make sure that the stem and the seat post are both secure before operating the
bike rack with a top tube adapter installed. If these pieces aren’t secured, then you
run the risk of the bike coming apart while you’re carrying it down the road. So we’re going to install the stem side
first, as it says on the piece, and then we’ll install the seat post side back here, and
now we’ve created a false top tube to carry the bike by. To see more video content, visit