How To Jump Higher On Your Mountain Bike – Get More Air On Your MTB

♪ [music] ♪ So, how to jump. I’d say the most common thing I see with people I coach is…what
they need to improve on is trying to make height on a jump. So that comes down to
good bunnyhop technique. So if you don’t know how to do a bunnyhop
yet, just click up here and check out our video on how to do that first. Basically,
what you want to be doing is using your weight to lift the bike in the air. If
you’re relying on your arms to pick the front wheel up or your feet to pick up the
back wheel, then that’s not going to work very well for a jump. So look at getting
your weight for a nice bunnyhop first. Once you’ve got that, great. It’s then all
about timing and using that bunnyhop on a jump to make height. So the very first
part of lifting the bike up into the air, the bunnyhop, is the manual. You’ve got to
pump and then slide the bike forward. You get that L shape. Your weight’s nice
and low to that rear wheel. And really important that your arms stay
straight. If you then rely on a pull to lift the bars, it’s really common for the
front wheel to go a little bit sideways, and that’s the most common reason why
people hit a jump and go sideways when they don’t want to. Because I’ve gone nice
and low with my hips for the manual, I then stand up and forward, and that pops
the back wheel up. So I’m really using the weight to lift the back wheel. If you rely
on pulling with your feet, either a scoop back against your pedals or
a pull on your clips, you’ll only ever be able to pick the back
wheel up that amount of bend you’ve got in your legs. So if you use that on a jump
and you pull the back wheel up, and then you’re coming up short on the
jump, there’s nowhere you can go from there. If I’ve used my hips to lift the
back wheel up, I can then choose to scoop and pick that back wheel up a little bit
more. So if I’m in the air and realize I’m going to come up short, that’s a great
technique. So it’s all about doing most of this with your weight and then relying on
your feet a little bit if you need to. So now you’ve the feel for the bunnyhop,
let’s talk about timing. That’s really important. So start us off
with a pump and a manual. You always pump a transition, so that’s
that down-to-up transition here. I’m squashing the bike into the face and
then I’m driving the front wheel into the air. So I’m not manualing, but I should be
heels down, arms pretty straight, driving that front wheel up into the air.
And then I only think about lifting my hips up and forward to lift up the back
wheel at the very top of the jump. So I’m going front wheel, pausing. As my
back wheel gets to the top, that’s when I then stand up to lift the
rear wheel up. So I’m not… there’s no real secret to this. I’m just
exaggerating what’s already happening. For something that is really common, I see
it a lot, is people going toes down as soon as the front wheel takes off. So
they’re actually picking that back wheel up really early. If you’re struggling with
not clearing jumps, video yourself. Look in slo-mo. Is your
back wheel going right to the top of the jump? If not, give it a big pause. Once
you’ve done your manual, wait, wait, wait. Then lift your back
wheel up. What you’re aiming to do is nose the bike in, try and match the angle of
the downslope. Nosing the bike in so that your weight is actually over the back
wheel so that when you land, you can then give it a big pump on that
transition if you need to. Another good trick for
nosing the bike in is once both wheels are up in the air, you can
then decide whether you want to nose it in by pushing the bars away from you. That’s
going to dip the front wheel and pick the back wheel up. Just be careful. That’s
almost like that tuck I was saying about. So you’re then quite close to the back
wheel. So once you’re there, you can’t then bring the back wheel up
anymore, should you want to. So there’s how to make height on jumps
using good bunnyhop technique. Obviously, there’s other things you can do
with a jump like squash jumps or even tricks, and they’re videos we’ll do soon.
But leave your comments down below for what you want to see related to jumps. For
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