How To Improve Your Average Speed On A Road Bike

– Since most of us started cycling, there have been one common obsession: How fast can we average on our bike rides? – And this is a really good natural marker and one that you will see progress on over the months and years of your cycling. But how can we squeeze out the extra comes power? – Ooh, I’ve got few ideas on that. – Let’s find out. – Maybe you can start
riding the same route. If you aren’t still seeing progression in your average speeds then maybe you aren’t mixing up your riding enough to actually increase your
fitness like you want to. So in other words, you
could be becoming stale. So try some different
routes with more variation. And a good place to start, is doing your favorite ride backwards. [Music] – A common reason people see
a plateau in their progression is they’re simply doing the same session each and every time they ride. This will not work. – Now, this is all too common in cyclists and they tend to stick at the same tempo and on the same route. But this isn’t going to force good fitness adaptations. So try and mix it up
and get into intervals. [Upbeat Music] – By this we mean, you’re not going to be getting the variety of
effort into your training. And you’re going to be working in that dreaded middle ground. And your fitness is going
to have the same effect. You’re not going to be able to stimulate your body enough to be
able to gain fitness. You’re merely going to maintain it. And no one needs that. Start your variety by
freshening up. If you really want to get some extra
speed for free, try and take a day off two days
before your big effort to set that new average
speed. Do a short amount the day before to wet your
legs up and then get stuck into your ride feeling fresher and stronger than ever. [Upbeat Music] Cycling is an air aerobic
sport. Meaning more benefit from those effort of
around twenty – sixty minutes. So working on some high
intensity efforts during that time period will increase
our aerobic fitness. Allowing us to ride at
a fast average speed. – This will help paint
a picture of the effort you are required to make
in order to increase your average speed. It
will help you understand when you need to slow
down a little and see the little time or speed but also when you can effectively
push on to re ramp up the average. [Upbeat Music] – So focus on all aspects of your ride and what that ride entails. – How long is your ride? And
will this alter the speed that you are able to maintain
for the entire duration? If you start out too
fast, then you’re going to get slower aren’t you? – How to fuel for your
ride and making sure you’re fully fueled for the
entirety of your ride. And if you need to refuel on route. – What about the terrain?
If its hillier then you’re going to have to go a little bit slower. – And if there’s anything
on route that are going to stop or slow you down
because that is going to impact on your precious average speed. – And finally, gear and equipment choice. Having the right equipment
and gear and clothing is only going to help you in
your quest for a higher average speed. – If you haven’t got the
right gearing to where you live or where you ride, it’s quite quick and easy things change. Isn’t it? [Upbeat Music] – In order to improve your
average speed, you need to think about your pacing structurally. So this is how. [Upbeat Music] – Something we see all too
often and personally have done myself is sprint
out the bottom of climbs and reach the top completely
depleted of oxygen forcing us to back of and slow down to catch our breaths. What happens then? Panting and slowing down
over the top of the climb and losing that precious
average speed that you’ve been working so hard to gain. – Instead, aim to build
momentum as you go into the bottom of a climb and then
you want to settle down into a sustainable effort
during the middle part But the hardest effort is yet to come. And this when you want
to hit it hard over the top of the climb or
into the next down hill. This is the most efficient
way of building good speed and holding on to that
precious average speed. [Upbeat Music] – If you do live on
flatter terrain, then you might want to consider
how to pace your ride. We recommend starting
out at an effort that you know you can sustain
for the entire duration but with a little extra
space to really ramp it up towards the end and if
its windy on the day you’re riding well then
you’ll definitely need to think about how to
reduce your effort into the ride. Whilst it may feel
amazing to ride flat out with a tail wind because you’ll be going seriously fast, it’s
not the best use of the energy. Is it? Because when
you turn around and hit the head wind, you’ll have
nothing left in your legs. – Now I’m not saying back of completely. But if you exert yourself too much and get carried away with the
speed in the tail wind, you’re going to have less
energy to fight when it comes to the head wind. [Upbeat Music] And now, while we’re talking
about wind and riding into the wind, something to think about is to change your position on the bike. Make yourself more
aerodynamic, so you cut a small hole through the wind. A little changes make a
world of difference in saving energy and saving
energy equals speed. [Upbeat Music] – And finally, answer yourself
this question honestly: Are you really trying as
hard as you think you are? You can’t possibly set a
fast average speed on every ride you do. As we mentioned
before, freshening up could be something that
will really help you if you do want to set a fast average speed but don’t expect to do one more than once or twice a week. Is an average speed something that you target on your rides? Let us know on the comments below what speed you try and average. – And if you did enjoy
this video, give it a big thumbs up.