How To Fall Back In Love With Cycling | Enjoy Riding Your Bike Again

(explosion) – You know what? Last
night, I went to bed early and I was really excited
about getting out on my bike. I set my alarm and I was ready for it. But, when I woke up this morning, I’m just not feeling it anymore. – Yeah, a lot of people have that. You know, when you end
up falling out of love with the one thing that you love doing. – Yeah, that’s kind of exactly how I feel. There must be a way to fall
back in love with cycling. – I think you’re right. (funky keyboard music) First of all, we need to
find out why we’ve fallen out of love with cycling. – Hm. Maybe you’ve worked really hard over the last few months
and you’ve pushed it on the bike, and you’ve stagnated. And you’ve lost the love of it because, well, that’s just frustrating, isn’t it? – Yeah, or you’ve moved to a new place and you’ve got rubbish roads and you haven’t got anyone to ride with. Or you’ve been sick for a while, there can be many things. – Yeah, or is it just
the fear of crashing? Especially if you’re racing,
I mean, no one wants to crash. – No, exactly. – [Chris] The first thing you need to do is highlight what it is
that you’ve stopped loving about riding your bike. (funky music) You know what, mate? I
just can’t do 350 watts for half an hour today. – Dude, stop taking it so seriously. – Actually, that’s a really good point. Cycling doesn’t have to be all
about average power numbers, lap this, interval that, TSS here. It can just be good fun. So, you could just head out the door, ride as fast or as far as you feel like, and, hey, why not even stop? – Yeah, and group rides
can be so much fun, also. Get out with your mates, have
a joke and just enjoy it. After all, cycling is good fun. – Yeah, and if you feel like
racing them up the climb, – Do it.
– why not do that, as well? – Race ya! I can’t get it! (grunts) (funky music) – [Chris] I’ve often found it difficult to stay motivated when riding by myself. I know there are lots of people who love riding by themselves. That feeling of solitude
can really help, for some, to clear your mind after
a difficult week at work. But for most people,
finding the motivation to go for a long, or hard, ride
by themselves is difficult. If you have just moved
and you don’t know anybody where you live, then it’s pretty hard not to end up riding by yourself. So, if you are finding it
hard work riding by yourself, then that sounds like
the perfect opportunity to find a cycling club. Almost every city will have a number of different cycling clubs these days, and if you can’t decide
on which one to join, then why not try them all? Most cycling clubs will be very happy to have new people come and join. But, it’s often a good
idea to drop someone in the club a message before you do. That way, you’ll know when they meet, and what their rides are like. – So, stick with cycling. It’s a great way to meet friends, go out on group rides,
and enjoy the outdoors. Soon you’ll love it… again! (funky music) Why don’t you try new things? In cycling, there are loads of disciplines to get your teeth stuck into. – [Chris] Yeah. Cyclocross, track-racing. Hey, there’s even that weird thing that people do called gravel-riding. – Or mountain biking,
or fixed-gear racing. Loads of stuff for you to try out and keep it nice and fresh. – Yeah, the whole idea is
to mix it up a little bit, really, because if you
spend your entire time doing one discipline, it
can get a little bit stale. And it’s also a really good thing to do, to practise new skills on
different terrains and surfaces. – Agreed. What are you getting your
teeth stuck into, then, mate? – I’m gonna go and join GMBN, I think. – I’m gonna do a bit of Cyclocross. – Oh! – Or running! Should
I do a bit of running? – [Chris] Can’t run from your problems. (funky music) You know what? I’m gonna
take back my comment about gravel riding
because this is amazing. Look at the view, and
there’s not a car in sight. That makes it more fun, for me. – Yeah, keep it fresh.
Try all the disciplines, After all, cycling’s all about enjoyment. So go out, and enjoy it. – Yup, how ’bout we go
and get some cake, there. – Yeah, I might go mountain
biking after lunch. – Oh, yeah, I quite like that
idea. Let’s get something to eat.
– Let’s do it. (bicycle gears turning) – So, Chris, do you feel a
bit better about cycling? Have you fallen back in love with it? – You know what? I kind of enjoyed looking at my cycling in a different way and kind of seeing it
as something I could do with my mates for a bit of a laugh, and not just, you know,
power numbers and results. – Yeah. So if you’ve fallen
back into love with cycling, then let us know in the comments below. And, if you wanna see more videos on mountain bikes,
Cyclocross, or fixed-wheel, then click down here.