How To Do A Tuck No Hander | Mountain Bike Skills

(loud bang) – Welcome back to my
class, today’s how-to is “How to tuck no hander”. Super basic trick, a little bit technical, there’s a lot that goes into it, but it is a basic trick to learn and it’s a good trick to learn. I love this trick. (bright electronic music) Right, where are you gonna do this trick? Where are you gonna learn it? What are you gonna do it on? Basically a good flyout
just like this one here, mellow take off enough, it’s flat landing, basically you don’t wanna have one that has a gap in the middle because you don’t wanna concentrate
on clearing a gap, you wanna learn that manoeuvre. Talk about manoeuvrings… Right, I find laying on the
floor to get the good technique of whatever trick you’re
learning is perfect. So when you’re doing the tuck you can see you bring in the bars into your lap, it’s not to your chest, it’s to your lap. Put the bars on your thighs
so your knees will be directly behind your
forks or on your forks. That’s a good way of doing
it, on the floor, put it out. Good technique, push out,
straighten up for landing. But you can see that your
back wheel is gonna drop. So you’re gonna drop like this in the air so you wanna get a little bit of height to get that back wheel
clearing the ground. Right, first things first,
you’re not gonna expect to just like throw the bars into your lap and throw your arms out like a ninja, maybe you are, I don’t know. But first things first,
you gotta learn the basics: dropping those bars into your
lap, bringing the bike to you, bringing it to you. Just remember, that rear
wheel is gonna be low so you’re gonna get that
little bit more height just to clear that wheel, it’s important. So you’d think this
technique is a bit like the progressive one handed, learning. So your hands are coming
off and going back on, like I’m doing right here. Fingers are coming off the
bars, then going back on. And you progressively get bigger. I like to cut that out completely, get a bit of confidence, commit to it. So when the bars are in your lap, you go straight into the crane. So your arms are straight
out, straight to your bars, straight out, like that, super easy. You’re not gonna miss those bars. Now you can progressively
get bigger from that point, or you can go super big
and just go fully extended, and come back straight on. So when it comes to landing
your tuck no hander, it doesn’t matter if your
rear wheel lands first as long as your hands
are back on those bars, and you can control
that bike when it lands, and you can ride out. So when it comes to landing on
a bigger jump like this one, the technique is different,
because you don’t wanna land back wheel first because that
will end in catastrophicness. You’re gonna land and loop out, not good. So basically, you got enough
time to do this trick, you can do the tuck, grab the bars, and you can push the bike
forward to match this landing. Okay so there’s two very
very common mistakes that you can do when
learning the tuck no hander. And that is, the first one is
pulling so hard on the bars that you’re gonna loop out
cause you’re super excited you wanna get your hands
off, you pull too much, and it doesn’t work. You just relax, let the bike go… When you’re going up just take off let the bike drop into your lap, and then get those hands off. The next one is you, going to the bars. You going to the bars is
gonna send you over the bars, it’s not gonna work you’re
gonna land nose-heavy. So let the bike come to you,
it’s all about coming to you. But it’s the same old saying
“Practise, practise, practise.” Practise makes perfect. The more you do it, the
better you’re gonna get at it. And you can do it
anywhere, you can hop bar, you can hop tuck, you can hop everywhere. Right, when you’ve practised
this trick you can basically do it on the flat, just like this. But, it’s just practise practise practise, but that opens up a lot of doors, you can do a flip tuck for instance, (exhales) who doesn’t wanna do that? Don’t forget to click this globe if you don’t wanna miss a
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