How To Cycle Like A Pro | Cycling Tips For Triathletes

– When you watch the pros ride, they aren’t just strong. They ride smoothly and efficiently. So to be a pro triathlete,
it isn’t just about being able to put out a load of power. – Yeah, I agree. It’s about being able to ride a bike well, and get the small things right. So we’ve put together a few
pro top tips to help you. (upbeat music) – Pros will spend a lot of time working on their bike position to make sure they’re really dialled in, but being super-aggressive
isn’t always faster. You want to work out
what’s comfortable for you and allows you to put out
as much power as possible. This is especially true if
you’re gonna be on the bike for over four hours. So, try and spend as much
time in the TT position during training to make sure
that you’re really prepared for race day. (inspiring music) – Nowadays, it’s unusual to find a pro riding without a power meter. Being able to monitor
your power whilst training and racing is proven
to be a valuable tool, as it can instantaneously give
you feedback on your effort, so you don’t have to rely on guessing, or waiting for your heart rate to react. – That’s right, and not only does it
keep you pushing hard, it also highlights when
you need to back off. To add to this, a lot of
pros will analyse their data to see they’re improving, or
to see if they can emulate race intensities into their training. Now I understand not
everyone has a power meter, so heart rate is still
a really valuable tool to make sure you’re riding
at the right intensity, so to help this, you can do
a simple 20 minute FTP test to get your zones, so that you
can train and race smarter. (intense music) – Something you certainly
won’t see the pros doing is half wheeling. It’s infuriating! This is when the cyclist stays
half a wheel in front of you on a training ride. Now, if you were to keep matching them, you’d just end up cycling
faster and faster, and well, it’s a pretty quick way to lose any cycling friends. (gentle music) Eating is eating, right? Well, actually, there’s a
lot more to it than that. To find two pros that
fuel the same on a race is hard because every
athlete responds differently, but they have one thing in common. They will fuel frequently
throughout the race. It’s important that you
keep your hydration levels and your energy levels high because once you start lacking in energy, or you’re feeling thirsty, then it’s just too late. – Also, it’s important to think
about when you take fuel on. Say, for instance, you’re on a hard climb. It’s probably not a great idea to shove a tonne of food in your mouth. So try to be smart about when
and where you take fuel on. (ethereal music) Okay, it’s not quite cycling, but the transition to and from
the bike is still important. A flying mount and dismount
can save you valuable time, especially in a short distance event, where every second counts. Whilst they can look quite dynamic, they’re aren’t as hard as people think. The mount is a simple skip
and hop onto the saddle, whilst the dismount just
takes a little preplanning and stepping over the
saddle before running off. Pros make this look quite casual, and the key is to stay relaxed rather than rushing and tensing up. We may not all have the pro gear, but we can certainly make
the most of what we do have. – And with these tips, you
should be a little closer to cycling like a pro. – [Mark] And remember, you can subscribe to the Global Triathlon Network
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