How to Charge an Electric Bike Battery | Halfords UK

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you
need to know about charging your e bike. Firstly the exact method of charging
your e bike battery can vary depending on the make and model, so before anything check
your owner’s manual. It’s important to only use a charger that has come
straight from the manufacturer, not doing so poses a potential risk to yourself and
the battery. Now, if you’ve just bought an e bike you’re going to need to give
it a full charge before riding. This can take up to 24 hours. After your initial
charge your battery will fully charge within three to eight hours going
forward. As with all charges we recommend that you do this inside. Performing a
charge outside, especially in the cold runs the risk of reducing the power
capacity of the battery. When using your e bike regularly, try not to let the
battery fall under twenty-five percent. It’s best to recharge within 24 hours. Not maintaining
the charging level can affect your warranty. If you’re not going to use your
bike for a while it’s best to store the battery inside. Check it at least once a
month and try to keep it above sixty percent and remember only use the charger that came
with the bike. Finally, don’t forget after charging to leave the battery for 10 to
15 minutes before refitting it to your bike. If you have any questions about
charging your e bikes battery, pop into your local Halfords where a member of
the team will be happy to assist you. To see our e bike range, head to the Halfords website.