How to change a tire on a rear hub e-Bike motor

I’m Kirby I’m David and this is our bikes so today I’ll be changing my rear tire and my 1200 watt ebike I got a flat because my tired worn down significantly over the 4000 miles i put I’d as you can see your e bike tires taking much bigger pounding on a regular bike do the extra weight and vibration in order to remove the wheel the first thing I have to do is disconnect and motors wire connections to the controller to do so remove the battery got to remove the battery and depending on your connections remove all connections from the controller related to your motor once that’s disconnected you can then remove your rear wheel make sure that all the washers and lock washers are in the correct order now that I removed the wheel I’m going to remove the punctured inner tube I’m going to put a new tire on the wheel and I’m also going to insert a plastic protector to help prevent from future flies I’ve inflated the new inner tube so that it can conform to the tire and the plastic protectors form will help prevent punctures when stealing the tire to the rim once the new tire and super installed i’m going to inflate the tire to about half of its final pressure I am now going to put the wheel back on the bike making sure the washers are in the correct position the flat washers go on the inside of the frame this is really important and the lock washers secure the wheel from the outside of the frame so really make sure you’ve got that correct once the wheels secure and the bolts are tightened reconnect the motor wires to the controller secure the battery in turn it on once you check that all of your connections are secure throttle the motor to make sure that everything works once you make sure that everything’s worked problem solved