How to Buy Cyclist Clothing : Learn How to Buy Baggy Bike Shorts

When we’re choosing a baggy padded mountain
bike short, something that’s maybe a little bit more fashion and propriety conscious for
folks who aren’t so comfortable with walking around in skintight clothing. We’re going
to look for a couple features that are really going to make a difference. There’s a lot
of brands that offer these padded shorts. The first thing that we’re going to look for
is quality shammie. Something that has different thickness and durabilities of padding. We’re
going to look for quality stitching. You see here we’ve got some seams that are starting
to rip and stuff like that. That’s something that you can tell by just looking at a garment
whether or not it’s fairly stitched. These are fairly well used. You want a very ventilated
liner. You can see here that the inner of this liner is perforated and that there’s
also some mesh on the outside to create airflow between the inside and the outside of the
short. As I turn the short inside out or proper right side out, you’ll see that there’s some
other features that are nice. Front vents. We’ve got a little pocket down here, which
is good. You don’t have pockets in normal road style shorts, so having a pocket to carry
stuff can be nice. A nice feature for those of us that fluctuate body weight a little
bit from time to year to year is we have adjustable synch for the waist, which allows us to really
get a proper fit. When we are wearing baggy shorts, we don’t want to wear them all low
on our waist. We want to wear them as high up as is comfortable to keep the liner in
contact with us at all times just to make sure that we’ve got a good solid, positive
connection that isn’t going to chafe and move. Fit of the liner is the most important part,
and then everything is sort of icing on the cake when choosing a baggy short.