How to Buy a Bicycle : Learn About Mountain Bikes

Hi! This is Eric from Spin City Cycling in
Austin, Texas. I am talking to you on behalf of Expert Village and what we are discussing
today is mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are made for off road use. Not just mountains
but anywhere you are not on pavement, on rocky terrain, loose soil, mulch or anything like
that. Some characteristics that you will find on mountain bikes are that they are going
to have nice beefy frames with fit tubing and strong welts to stand up the abuse of
riding off road. Generally you are going to have a fairly upright riding position so that
you can see what is coming ahead of you. You will also find suspension on most mountain
bikes these days. So you’ve got either a fork on the front that soaks up some bumps. Sometimes
you will have suspension in the rear and we’ll talk about that in another clip. You may find
mountain bikes have suspension on the seat posts. This is all to absorb some of the bumps
that you will run across if you are riding. Thick knobby tires on mountain bikes designed
for traction and to give you stability when you are riding in mud or rocky conditions.
Also you will find that the gearing on mountain bikes is designed to allow you to go up very
steep hills so in contrast to some other bikes that are made for more top end high speeds,
mountain bikes are designed to give you lots of low end power if you are going up a hill
or through some mud or mulch or something like that. So hopefully you’ve learned something
about mountain bikes. Thanks for watching.