How to assemble a survival tool kit for your bike.

Anybody who has ever had a mechanical failure
on the trail knows the importance of carrying the right tools. We’re going to show you some simple things
you can do to make sure that you don’t get stuck. Getting a flat on the trail is inevitable. For that reason it is a good idea to carry
the tools to fix it. First thing that we’ve got is a spare tube. Just in case your having a really bad day,
it’s a good idea to carry some patches with you. We’ve also got a set of tire levers and something
to inflate it. We’ve got a couple options for inflating your
tire. The first one is a traditional hand pump,
this little guy is going to take a little bit to get up to pressure, but you can use
it an infinite number of times. Secondly we’ve got a Co2. It is quick and easy but you do only get one
use out of it. The last thing that I recommend having in
your bag is a good multi tool. You standard multi tool has got everything
from a 2.5mm to a5mm allen key, as well as a phillips head and a flat head screw driver. These are enough to get you back on the trail
if you should experience any difficulties. All of these tools are available at Folsom
Bike or Town Center Bike & Tri. A properly maintained bike is not only safer
to ride, but less likely to have a mechanical failure. For that reason we recommend bringing your
bike in for service at least once per season. If you not sure if your bike is in need of
maintenance, feel free to stop buy for a free estimate.