How Not To Maintain Your Bike With Blake Samson & Sam Pilgrim

– [Blake] Welcome back
you beautiful people and today it’s all about how
not to maintain your bike. We’re here to show you how not to do it, so you don’t learn the hard way. (soft music) Oh Sam? – Yeah? – [Blake] Can’t wait to work on bikes. – I love it, it’s so fun. – [Blake] Have you got the right tools? Cause I need a few. – Yeah I got all the best stuff here. (metal clanking) – [Blake] You can have every tool, right? Wrong. As tempting as it is to
use a brick or a hammer, you’re just looking for trouble. The best case scenario is
that you’re gonna make a mess. The worst, you’ll ruin everything. – Hey, Sam? – Yeah? – You got any grease for my head tube? It’s a bit rusty. – Let’s have a look. Don’t need any here. – Don’t need any grease? – What’s the point? Just get it in, you don’t need that. – Alright. – Just right. – Just put it, okay? – Yeah, sure. Yeah I’ll help. Make sure it’s not on there. There you go my friend. – Thanks, Sam. – You’re gonna be way faster now. Look at that, awesome. – Clean. – [Blake] Grease is relatively cheap. One of those things you always have handy. Even if you don’t regularly
maintain your bike or rely on bike shops for that, you should really know how to add a dab of grease into bearings. Grease them, maintain them, and prolong the life of your bike. – Sam you got any grease? It’s a bit rusty in here though. – Yeah you want me to put some on for you? – Yeah just a little bit in there. It’s a bit greasy. – Alright. – Just a little bit. Just a little, just a little, oh wow, just a little bit I said. – No that’s what you have to do. I read it online. Cause while I do some stuff and I watch this guy called Doddy. – Oh, GMBN Tech is it? – Yeah he always puts it on himself. – You’re putting it in there as well? – Yeah. That’s like perfect there, you know? – Is it, yeah. – There’s no hole. – Oh and then you push it through. – Yeah and it like perfectly does it. Watch this. – It’s too much grease. I don’t want it to go through. – No if you just – Smash it. – Push it through. You want me to get that brick thing? If you just hit it with
I think you hit it here with the brick. – Oh like that. – Yeah just there. – Oh yeah. Oh there. It’s in. – Oh that looks, that’s perfect. That’s exactly
– It looks like a mushroom. And then you just put that on? – Yeah that’s exactly
what Doddy said, yeah. – And then that? Aw look at that. – So you can even feel like there that it’s like perfect, you know? – That’s not gonna squeak, is it? – No that’s gonna be real good. I’m just gonna put it on
my frame a bit as well to stop the squeaking of the
carbon in that, you know? It’s like the best thing to do. – Thanks, Bilks. (squeaks) – Nice, nice. – [Blake] Not too much, not too little. Just right. If you’re grease-crazy, it’s going to collect crap off the trail. Don’t want to get grease
pouring out of those bearings and looking nasty all over your bike. It’s all about the Goldilocks ratio. I need to change this chain. Hey Sam you got a chain tool I can borrow? – Oh yeah I have it here actually. – We just need to cut this chain. – You’ve not done it before? It’s quite easy. Chain tool. – Those are cutters? It’s not gonna work. It’s not working. – Alright one minute then. – Just a chain tool, dude. That’s (loud buzzing) (Sam screams) (loud buzzing) – See? Perfect. Chain tool. – That’s, alright. Well it’s done. – Yeah.
– Thanks. Oh so your pedal looks
like it needs a bit of a (loud buzzing) – [Blake] Unless you’re
looking for a rockstar way to remove your chain and throw it away, you really shouldn’t be using bolt cutters to cut your chain, or an angle grinder! (futuristic music) – Blake how tight you on these? Like as hard as possible, yeah? – Yeah those ones you go as hard. You don’t want your bars to spin or twist when you jerk it really hard. I reckon I go as hard as I can. – Yeah? Alright. – So you can’t twist the bolt anymore. – Really? That sounds crazy but alright. I’ll try it. (snaps) (crowd groans) – What was that noise? Oh you snapped, not that tight. – What do you mean not that tight? – You said as tight as possible. – Just tight. – I snapped the bolt now. – Your fault. – I hate biking. – [Blake] It’s important
to have your bolts tight, but it’s even more important to make sure they are tightened correctly and safely. You can damage your bike
from over tightening. Always check your
manufacturing guidelines. (upbeat music) – Alright my bars seemed
a bit long on there. So yeah, I’m gonna cut these down. About there. Yeah that will do. – [Blake] Cutting your handle bars by eye and not measuring properly is a great way to have uneven handle bars. True story, don’t do it. If that’s your thing, enjoy. (futuristic music) – That’ll do, wouldn’t it? Sand them down. – [Blake] So you cut your handle bars, or you stare a tube down
to the correct size. Now what are you gonna
use on that rough edge? Just grind it away on the floor, right? No! It’s a sure fire way to make Doddy cringe. Files, facing tools, or
even a bit of sandpaper will do the job just fine. Just not the floor, please. (futuristic music) – [Blake] Rusty chain? Dusty chain. You can hear it from miles away. It’s unsightly. The super rookie error. Always keep your chain maintained. Keep it lubed, keep it clean. Get rid of that rust. (futuristic music) – [Blake] Dirty bikes
just don’t work as well. It’s a known fact. Dirty bikes also have problems. You’ll never know it by hairline crack or a lose spoke unless you clean your bike and give it a once over. Thank you very much for
watching this video. Hopefully this is giving you a little bit of an inside on how not to
maintain your bike at home. If you don’t want to do it, send it to your local bike shop. If you wanna see more great content, don’t forget to hit
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