How Much Faster Is An E-MTB? | E-Bike Vs Mountain Bike

– How many runs did you do? It’s something you’ll hear at coffee shops and bike parks around the world around lunch hour, or mid-morning. But how many runs can you actually do on an E-Mountain bike compared to a non-E-Mountain bike? (techno music) Chris, I reckon by the time you have this bacon roll and a cup of tea, I’ll have been to the top of the hill and back again. – No way. Get cracking, then. – Now we’ll talk about the bikes later, but one Neuron:ON, 130mm
travel, 29-inch wheels, top of the down track, and back again. (fast-paced guitar music) (relaxing orchestral music) A thing a lot of people forget is that you can still bury yourself on a E-Mountain bike. I’m now in trail mode, and I’m at 140, 149 beats per minute, which is zone four, zone five. (relaxing orchestral music) (fast-paced guitar music) (relaxing orchestral music) (fast-paced guitar music) – Well, that’s nearly the bacon roll gone, just got my cup of tea left, and I’m sure I can get this done before he even turns up. There’s no way he can do that. (fast-paced guitar music) (relaxing orchestral music) (fast-paced guitar music) Ah, stop the clock. How much is that? – Nine minutes. Nearly finished my cup of tea.
– Nine minutes. I mean, nothing too mental. – Doesn’t look like it. – That’s downhill. Down, you forget how much downhill riding takes it out of you. But I didn’t go too crazy on the up. You know, mix of trail and boost, but the conditions are absolutely prime. Actually, they’re a bit dusty. – Really? – Yeah, time Chris, for
you to hit the hill. – Ah, can’t wait. – Now, these two Canyon
bikes are essentially, pretty much the same. The Neuron:ON, and the
Neuron:OFF, I guess. Now, they both have 29-inch wheels, although this bike has got
30mm wide rims in it, because it’s obviously a heavier bike than the Non-E Bike. Even though Chris Smith is on it. Shimano Steps E8000 motor, wide bars, but critically, it’s got
low-profile Forekaster and Ikon tires from Maxxis which means that when you get
past that 25K restriction, the bike simply slips away. Now Chris is riding a
slightly different bike with 140mm forks, but there’s also differences
too, right Chris? – Yeah it’s a full carbon frame so it’s super light-weight this bike. 12.86 kilos to the size large versus 20, I think it’s about 23 kilos
out for the large bike as well, so nearly double the weight of that bike compared to this, so
that’s pretty interesting. – I see you’ve got 25mm
rims on your bike too? – Yeah pretty skinny setup on the wheels, it’s slightly more biased
towards cross country rather than enduro, so– – It’s a flying machine, right? – It’s an absolute flying machine. – It’s a full carbon flying machine. – Yeah, full carbon, 29 inch wheels, it is built to fly up hills, you see. – You’ve also got
low-profile tires, I see– – Yes, super lightweight
Maxxis CrossMark tires as well, so the rolling resistance of this bike is pretty much very minimal. – It relies on people
not having bacon rolls and strawberry milkshakes. So I’m on the Canyon Neuron
130mm Travel Trail Bike, 29 inch wheels powered by just me. (slow music) – I think I’m going to
start taking up knitting, by the time he gets back
would have 10 coffees. – Not good. 10 minutes. (uplifting music) The uphill stuff was like super hard, it felt like I was putting
in twice the amount of effort to go twice as slow almost. And then on the descents the
bike felt loads more skittish is why I wasn’t as well planted was skipping around all over the place. Definitely reminds me why I don’t ride a normal mountain bike off road. – I think that’s a little bit harsh. I think it comes down to adaption. You just simply adapted to your E-Mountain bike, simple as that. I mean, what you have
not adapted to is look, I have never seen you so wet. – Definitely pretty
sweaty, it is probably the hottest day of the year, I was swelling. I think that is something you forget about on an E-Bike is how deep you got to dig on those normal bikes. Like, your breathing, how
deep you go whereas obviously you have got the assistance on the E-Bike. – Well you speak for yourself
I was in zone 4 and 5 doing that climb on that
E-Mountian Bike yeah. And I think that is what
you do you just learn and you adapt differently
and still I think, that is what I think
is good to use a heart rate monitor to make sure you are pushing. Are you sure you are pushing
hard enough on that Neuron? – As hard as I wanted
to on a day like this. I have just eaten all those
bacon rolls and cups of teas like you saw on the video. – The bacon roll that took
you what, nine minutes to eat? – Yeah nine minutes, but I didn’t want to see that again on the way up. Hence not digging too hard. – So I think we have
answered the question. What is, you know, we
know what is quickest but I did one run in nine minutes
that means I could have done, well I have actually done
it, I have actually done seven downhill runs in a hour
and 1 minutes which means over 2,000 feet of climbing. On a non E-Mountain bike
you have done one run in 15 minutes
– [Chris] 14 minutes 30 yeah. – [Man] Whether you can replicate that over an hour, is best debatable. – [Chris] Yeah probably not. Yeah ’cause your energy is going to deplete as well isn’t it so.
– Yeah. So if you think about it, it
is a huge, huge percentage more riding you get – On a E-bike. – on an E-Mountain Bike
than you do on a non-E-Bike. – And a lot more enjoyable riding as well I think you can enjoy it,
you know, it’s up to you how deep you want to dig you
know on the E-bike roads. Because you got to dig
pretty hard on a standard mountain bike the whole time to enjoy it. – Yeah, I am glad you have been digging. Sounds like you have dug
yourself into a hole. But the main thing to think
about in this video is that that was just over one hour. If you think about what
happens over four hours on a mornings riding, you know,
potentially you have done and I have done it on a previous video. I have done 17 different
runs in two and a half hours. So you can get a lot done
on a E-Mountain bike. In terms of how much time do
you save, it’s quite short. It was 15 minutes plays 9
minutes which is 6 minutes so. That’s not very much but as
I said if you multiple that over a half a day or a
day that’s a lot of time. Lets have your thoughts
on E-Mountain Bike versus Mountain bike on time saved. For more videos check
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