How Much Do You Need To Ride To Be Really Good At Mountain Biking? | Dirt Shed Show Ep.188

– Yes, welcome to the show, we have Chain Reaction Cycles of course. Neil how are you? – I’m great, we’ve got loads of cool mountain bike news this week. Plus we’ve got an addition to
the GMBN team, exciting news. – Have we? (rock music intro) (gears grinding) Let’s get into this weeks news and then, quickly on to our topic. And the first bit of news is
this new video from Danny Mac. Have you seen this? – [Neil] Always good
to see him ride a bike. Especially in a onesie. – [Martyn] Yeah, he’s
basically riding in a onesie. Getting as wet and as muddy as he can. You’re desperate for one of these. – [Neil] It’s a great idea, I
can’t remember the name of the German brand that did these before. But they were like, short legs and a, – [Martyn] Yup, yup. – [Neil] Hooded top that was weird. However this I think looks like genius. – [Martyn] Yeah, it does that. – [Neil] What a brilliant
thing to wear in the winter. You’re never gonna get wet. – [Martyn] It does look
really cool, and he looks like he is having the best time. – [Neil] Sliding around,
slip and slides in the mud, with Stu Thompson of uh,
– [Martyn] Yes. – [Neil] Cut media fame,
he’s a great rider himself. – [Martyn] Yeah, a great
rider and if you’ve ever liked a Danny Mac video
chances are, Stu made it. – [Neil] That’s the man who made it. – [Martyn] Yeah yeah, very talented guy. Um yeah, great bit of riding by Danny. Good to see him back in the winter. – Well getting into the
swing of winter as well. Exposure have put out some new lights. So you’ve got the six pack sync. So it’s their brand new
top of the range light. 4,750 lumens, and a megabyte of sync also means that it’s bluetooth enabled. So it will talk to an app on your phone. – [Martyn] Wow!. – So you can give it, custom
burn times, things like that. – That is amazing, that is very, I’ve actually every been on
one night ride, actually. – Yeah love it, it’s good. – They’re good fun, have
you done that a lot? – Occasionally, yeah I use to be fortunate enough to be a pro Martyn. So I could ride whenever I wanted. – Yeah, yeah.
– Now I don’t get, so now I go for night rides.
(laughing) – They’re very nice. – [Neil] I’ve also got some
e-bike lights that will plug into your battery,
if you’re an e-bike rider. – [Martyn] Oh that’s neat,
I like the idea of that. Also this week, have you seen
the new Cannondale Habit? – [Neil] Yup. – [Martyn] Total relook this one. – [Neil] It’s a short travel 29er. – [Martyn] Yeah, 130mil travel. Let me give you some of the stats here. It’s got boost front and rear. So carbon and aluminum version. – [Neil] Yup. – [Martyn] Extra small
to extra large sizes. It’s the first bike they brought out with the horse link suspension system. It’s very very cool. – So we’ve seen this bike, actually sneaked a little bit, on Max from 50 to 1. I can’t remember his actual surname. But it’s, his name is. – [Martyn] His name’s Max Naruica. – Freedom is his handle on
Instagram, brilliant rider. – [Martyn] Brilliant
rider, and look at this video of him riding, some of that stuff from Whistler on the launch video. Of the habit, look at this. Great vid that, cool. Love that bike, Cannondale, super nice. (laughing) Right, have you seen
this Penny Farthing now, from Zebra Bikes. – [Neil] I’ve never
fancied a Penny Farthing before Martyn, but this is cool. – [Martyn] It is awesome, and it’s full, well, rear suspension. – [Neil] Yeah. – [Martyn] Front and disc breaks. – [Neil] You want to grab
that front break, surely. – [Martyn] I mean the spec
list is unbelievable on it. It’s got bespoke fat rent
from Fatbar is on it. – [Neil] Looks expensive. – [Martyn] I mean, well I tell you Neil. – How much is that front carbon wheel? – I don’t know, it was a
50 inch front wheel that. It’s the first 50 inch
wheel mountain bike. And it’s creator, Guillaume
BOUT, he said that you know, he saw that
now the regulation for different wheel sizes is coming. And he thought he’d get right on it. – Ah. – I mean he’s ahead a the game
and he’s really gone crazy. But, the only dissapointed
thing about this is Neil. – Yeah, go on. – It isn’t real. – [Neil] Really? – [Martyn] It’s a drawing. – [Neil] A drawing? – [Martyn] It’s a drawing,
yes Guillaume BOUT is not, well he is a rider but he
hasn’t actually built this bike. – He’s put them on the
computer now hasn’t he? – He’s, drawn it.
– Why? – It’s a, he’s a CGI artist.
– It loos real almost. – And isn’t that amazing? – I was looking for the price on it. – And I tell you what all
right, I’m gonna admit. I was totally sold on
this, hook line and sinker. I was emailing Doddy, “Doddy, I found some
incredible tech for you.” Oh my god I was a hero. And then he was like, “Martyn,
that isn’t a real bike.” – You’ve been fooled. – I totally fell for it, but I love it. And Guillaume, I think, I
hope I’m saying that right. Guillaume, he’s obviously into his bikes. He knows what’s going
on in mountain biking. So congrats, that is very very cool. – Now for the new team member news. – Oh, I’ve just got it.
– You’ve got it. – I have got it. – Big news here Martyn, what is it? – Bing Bong’s a dad.
– He is, well done. – Blake Sampson, GMBN presenter and all round nut job, is a father. Of, one young Charlie Sampson. – [Neil] Unbelievable. – Amazing yeah, last
week it all kicked off. Jen went into labor, an
hour and a half later. – Yeah. – It was a quick turn around, in a car. – Yeah. – They had a little baby boy, Charlie. Welcome to the team Charlie, yeah. – Congrats Blake and Jen. – I cannot wait to go riding with Charlie. – Yeah. – That is gonna be awesome. Right now, we’re gonna
get on to our topic, this week after all that good news. And this week Neil, our topic is, how long do you have to
ride, to get really good? And this comes from watching you. – Struggle. – Go back to your pro roots, and riding in the final round
of the Enduro World Series. At finale Leguire. – Ligure. – Ligure, I’m trying to get famous for my bad pronunciations,
can you stop correcting me? (laughing) And uh, and you did great. – [Neil] I didn’t do great, that’s the, – [Martyn] Well I mean, that’s for you. Because that’s your perspective of someone who wants to win all the time. But, I thought this was a brilliant video. And thought your effort
just take on that course, at that level which is, the top level. Was amazing, and it was so compelling. But, obviously it wasn’t that easy. – Well it was a roller
coaster ride to be honest. Cause after doing the first stage. Obviously I use to be quite good at it. And then the last race
I did, I was like 20th. At EWS, so that was a few years ago now. Definitely don’t ride as much as I use to. So I was expecting to be, okay. – [Martyn] Yes. – [Neil] But I, it kind of you know, in the back of my mind I think I’m still really good and I’m not. (laughing) So I don’t ride enough anymore, you’ve gotta ride all the
time, to be really good. – [Martyn] Yeah, I mean it’s
one of those things isn’t it. How much, do these pros ride? I mean there is a really famous
rule, the 10,000 hour rule. Have you heard of that before?
– I have. – Now that comes from, a
really famous, but the name has escaped me, let me
just grab that a second. It’s Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers. Now I’ve never read it, and
I’m a bit of a booky nerd. And, apparently it says
that you need to do 10,000 hours of dedicated practice – Yeah.
– To get good at something. Right, and apparently that’s the rule. That’s how long it takes, but. – I’ve heard it being
poopoo’ed before, in mind. – Yes there is a big but, because in sport there’s such a, a big part of being good at a sport is your genetic make up. – Right. – So obviously, Usain Bolt
was always pretty fast. – Yeah. – He didn’t, he was you
know, gifted in certain ways. And we all are in certain ways. And that’s how we excel at sports. So the 10,000 hour rule
doesn’t really hold up. So, I think it’s more about,
how do you personally get good. How do you use your time,
to improve your riding. And Neil, I’ve come up
with a bit of a recipe. Okay, so this is my recipe for success. This is base on all of
our training at GMBN, and how we got good on our bikes. And it’s, simply summed up
with, practice makes perfect. But we all know that, but
what does it look like? And what is practice, made perfect. What does that actually mean? Well it means, one thing, progress. Progression. Okay, and that’s got two elements. The doing and then the
reviewing, all right so. What is the doing, of progress? Well, it looks a bit like, fun and failure. That’s the doing of it. And you’ve got to balance those two things, to make it all work. Now how do you balance fun, and failure. Well there’s a graph,
that you can look at. It’s really famous actually, and it’s from a book I read by a guy
called, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Which is actually a book called Flow. And this graph is something
really good to think about. Okay so if you draw a graph, like this. And you make this your
skill, and your confidence. And this is your uh, challenge. And you’ve gotta stay
basically, to progress, within these lines down here, is boredom. It’s gotta be above that to stay exciting. And up here is, anxiety,
how do you spell that? Anxiety, uh okay and that’s,
where you don’t wanna get. You don’t wanna keep banging
your head on this line. So you’ve gotta stay in here your, riding has got a plot a path, though here. It’s like, oh I got good,
then I banged my head and I kept going and, it’s good ideas. You’ve just gotta stay within
these two lines, to progress. Okay, that’s the doing. (sped up squeaky voices) Now, what does that mean,
you’ve got to progress. But once you’ve finished riding there’s an important element that
helps you move along. You’ve got to think about,
the review of the riding. What you think about the
riding after you’ve done it. Once you’ve done it, you’ve
gotta think about it. And that drives you on,
to keep yourself in that pattern on that graph, to ride more. And then you need, variety. So, you’ve gotta do that
riding, in different places. And if you keep riding,
staying within that graph, reviewing it, and keeping
the variety interesting. Neil, you’ll be a pro. (crowd cheering) See now, it’s that easy. – It stays, I love it when you get all deep and hip on us Martyn. But that’s good, that’s good stuff, I definitely agree with that actually. The thing what I’ve done
is I’ve dropped down the level of challenging myself. So I don’t progress anymore.
– [Martyn] Yeah. – [Neil] I think half that is cause I’ve, beaten myself up too many times. And I’m getting too old and I think, I’ve had enough of this. I think, just leveled it down a bit. – [Martyn] I think you’re
being hard on yourself. But yeah, once that
confidence goes it’s hard. It’s hard to keep the old path going. – [Neil] Yeah. – [Martyn] But let’s
hear about your riding. Are you pushing yourself,
how much time are you putting into your riding each week? Or have we missed the point? Is it not about getting good and success? Is it just about having, a great time riding your bike, seeing the world. Let us know in the comments
section, down below. Get involved. (gears clanking) – My mind, fact of the week. – Yes.
– Who do you think, were the first ever mountain bikers? – Oh it’s easy, it’s a Gary
Fisher and that lot that, Marin county, Marin county. – Way older than that Martyn.
– 70’s and 80’s. – Back to 1896, the Buffalo Soldiers unit. – What, dread lock rastas? – No not them ones. Military in the US tried
to ride from Missouri, to Montana.
– What? – Or the other way round,
on a mountain bike. Well on “bikes”, they
weren’t mountain bikes of course back then. – That is incredible. – Failed miserably, it
was a military exercise to see if they could use them. (laughing) It’s quite sad actually.
– Wait! So mountian biking’s been
around for over 100 years? – Pretty much so.
– 130 years nearly. – Yes, use bikes were there,
people ride’em off road. – Oh my god that is
incredible, good fact Neil. (gears grinding) Now it’s time to have a little bit of fun. Let’s interrupt Doddy while
he films his tech show. I love doing this. Now we had that great
bike drawn by Guillaume. – Yup. – That really cool, Penny Farthing. Let’s see if Doddy’s got
any a, bikes from the history of mountain biking
that can surprise us. Some weird concepts. – Hi Martin, yeah actually
I’ve been waiting for you this week, you haven’t
inconvenienced me at all. Because, like you I’ve
been looking at that weird concept bike, except I
clearly realized it was a concept bike to start with
I don’t think you did. Who on earth would make a
50 inch envy wheel when a, what was it a thunderbird
tire or racing ralph. I forget but, either
way it’s pretty insane. But there’s loads of cool concept bikes that have happened over the years. And actually one of the
biggest mountain bike brands of more, is really famous for it. And that’s Cannondale of course. Now Cannondale have done so many weird and wild bikes, we can’t even
go into all the detail. But here’s just a few of them. So this, awful thing
display now can only be called, the roller skate
bike, this is the R4000. It was a time trial prototype. And I have no idea what
they were thinking. When they decided to
put little tiny shopping trolley wheels on the front there. It must have sounded awful,
and it kinda looks kooky. But in a weird way, I
really like it actually. There’s something about it,
it’s so bad that it’s cool. Now I think it’s the only one as well. And it’s insane the other
projects they’ve made. So look at this bike, this is the V4000. It’s the only one on earth,
it is fully CNC machined, it’s got rotational suspension on it. So, use some sort of torsion
or spring technology. Don’t even really know but it’s insane. Would love to actually see it in the flesh and have a play with
it, I know a few people who have been lucky enough to go and play with that one, at Cannondale. But they’ve also done
some other obscure stuff. So just completely out the blue, they start making
motocross bikes, and quads. Now um, it’s a pretty unusual
thing to just go into. Design the suspension,
design the frame the chasis. Even the engines, they
designed everything. They couldn’t, I think
they’re really bizarre. Had like dry sumps and all sorts of stuff. On screen now is a shot of the quad. And I’ve never even seen one of these. And I went to a bike event
last year and this turned up. It’s almost immaculate. So much so the people
from Cannondale there, I think they were nearly going to buy it. Because it’s so rare but,
they are, you know they. They weren’t without their
problems, let’s put it that way. And this bike on screen
now, is the Fulcrum. So this is one of their downhill bikes. And it was one of the
very first downhill bikes to have twin short linkages on it. Massively over complicated,
loads of chain rings, loads of uh, sections of chains and stuff. But at the same time,
really really quite cool. And there’s a lot of other cool concepts in this bike as well. It had adjustable head angle on there. It was just like, from the future really. This stuff that Cannondale would do. But I love the fact they’re quite famous as a concept manufacturer. They’re still developing
all this odd stuff behind the scenes to see if it’s, worth investigating in the future. And, you know, really out in the lefty that kinda came from,
all that concept work. And, the mad scientist
behind the scene pretty much. Butchering forks to see if
they can make something work. But there you go Martyn, so back to you. Hopefully you enjoyed this
weird conceptual sort of thing. I’m pretty sure there’s some
other odd bikes out there. How about you guys let us
know in the comments below actually if you’ve ever
seen a weird concept bike. And you wanna know about it, we’ll pick it up on next week’s show. – Now talking about testing yourself Neil. And pushing your level,
a little bird told me that you uh, got a little
bit, of the competitive streak coming when you
saw the EMBN slab video. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I’ll show them. – Let’s have a look at this. – Hi guys I’m here on the slab. The famous slab from the EMBN video. And Martyn’s actually ridden down this in the past on a road bike. To have a go, on my normal mountain bike. As I stand here I’m not sure it’s doable. It looks gnarly, and riding bad dyno on a cross country bike
is gonna be horrendous. But I think this is the
bike to try and get up it. So, here goes nothing. Let’s try and put Steve
and Chris to shame. So the bottom of the slope is actually still in the shade and it’s wet. And it’s the slippiest thing ever. So I’m not going to be
able to get a run in. So I’m gonna have to start from above it. Ride across it then
commit to turning into it. Which is, crazzily scary. I think I’m going to
use the same technique as the boys did and stand
up and just, crank it. (bleeping) hell. (bleep) can I, it’s quite scary, see. Ohh ho ho ho, oh lad? It’s way gnarlier than I thought. I just thought it’d either be doable, or it wouldn’t be doable and that’s that. I didn’t think about sliding back down it. Ah, so I was scared to commit,
to going straight up it. It’s scary, I don’t wanna slide back down on my ass, some ways. I don’t wanna clip a
peddle, going across it. The wheel spinning! I’m doing it. (strained) Oh, (bleep). Oh my, god. (hard breathing) It’s like wheelie-ing. And wheel spinning. (hard breathing) Imagined if you changed that. Right it’s actually,
pretty grippy on this rock. As grippy as it’s gonna get to be honest. So that has got to be the steepest thing I’ve ever climbed up, on a mountain bike. (gears grinding) – Fails and bails, you ready Martyn? – I am. – Our first one comes from
Brian in, Ballyhoo trail center. He manages to have three crashes in one. (laughing) I mean we’ve all done it. So here’s number one crash, bang! – [Martyn] Whoa! – [Neil] Two, bang!
– [Martyn] Whoa! Jesus. He smacked his head. – [Neil] Have you ever hit the back of your head on a tree, that’s a new one. – That is a new one, well done Brian. That was a good crash. – Right, roll VT. (silent film whimsical music) (gears grinding) – Okay, time for hacks and bodges! ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪ ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪ – I get it, I like it yeah. It’s all hacks this week that I think I’m alone, so just hacks. – Yeah, I’ve got a few bodges for you and of course this, is
a competition, Neil. – It is? – This is serious because (ring cowbell), Chain Reaction Cycles are
putting a hundred pound voucher up for grabs for
the best one this week. – That’s one of those things,
it’s so serious Martyn. – It is serious, you’re right.
– Serious money. – Right so, we’ve got some
good players in the game. First up we’ve got Tommy, who has got, his crank from his peddles stamps. – [Neil] Yup. – [Martyn] Yup, look normal don’t they? – [Neil] I know them well. – [Martyn] But they’re not, look closely. And he’s winterized them, he’s created little rubber seals using zip ties and inner tube cut, sealing
the seals effectively. And making them basically, weatherproof. – Nice little hack. – It’s good isn’t it?
– Yeah. – In the running. – Or were you gonna say bodge? – I think it’s actually, pretty good hack. It’s pretty good hack though, it’s clever. It’s a good idea, winter’s coming. Protect those seals. – All right, all right we
all know Game Of Thrones. – Next up, Travis, has done this. Now this, is in the bodge factor. – [Neil] Jubilee clip goes,
straight in the bodge bin. – [Martyn] Jubilee clips are never pretty. But Travis has basically
attached a jubilee clip to make his derailleur
work, cause he didn’t have a mount on his seat cheap. So it’s clever, but it’s a bodge. – It is. – I don’t think, I think at
the moment Tommy’s leading. – Ah well, you should check this out. It’s from Karen, this is
amazing, is in New Zealand. It’s a home built wheel truing stand. It’s made from plywood, sheet metal, and various screws and bolts. Can adjust to any hub style,
used with sliding brackets. – [Martyn] Wow! – [Neil] It’s got a
dial gauge, it’s got a, homemade G clamp, made
by his father in-law back when he was at school. – [Martyn] Whoa! – [Neil] It’s got a spoke nipple driver made by grinding away the
back of a jewelry screwdriver. You know, so that’s genius, I love that. It’s got everything, he’s
built a few wheels with it. Hope you like it, it says, I love it. – I tell you why I love
it, it comes in it’s own box he’s made that turns
into like a stool for him to sit on in his workshop
when he’s not using it. – Yeah, it is brilliant.
– That is. – I’ve got a truing
stand, they’re flipping expensive if you want to buy one. – Yeah, yeah, that is very good. That is very good.
– That is, definite hack. – Kerin, you are doing well there. What about a bit of art, we’ve got a bit of hacks and bodges, Yes! – I’ve got something, this comes from Carlos in Portugal, recently moved in with his girlfriend, they’re
both bike enthusiasts. And they got that thing
to hang their keys on. – Which is obviously
shaped like a bicycle. All though, I’d love to see the real version of that bicycle,
it’d be hilarious. Um, well Neil you pick.
– What? – It’s a hundred pounds Chain
Reaction voucher up for grabs. – Come on, It’s going
out to Kerin, genius. – [Martyn] Kerin was next level wasn’t it? It was sort of like, the other guy’s just got, smashed out the park then? – I think he spent that
hundred pounds, on tools to you know, get some
more good tools to work on your bike, so
obviously super key on it. – Yeah, congratulations
Kerin, you are our winner. Hundred pound, voucher for Chain Reaction Cycles coming your way. If you’ve got a hack or a bodge, make sure you can send
it in, onto our uploader. There’s the link just
there, and you can put in you bikes for the bike vault there, you’re viewer edits.
– Yeah. – Anything you wanna give us.
– Give us. – It’s all there and you
can uh, enter the game. And of course, try and win
that hundred pound voucher. (gears grinding) – Let’s talk about Blake’s balls. – Shall we, shall we
talk about Blake’s balls? (laughing) Let’s do it right, it’s time
for the caption contest. This is last week’s photo yeah, it’s Blake with his balls.
(laughing) That’s what it is, I’m
just saying what it is. – [Neil] Darryl Bradley says,
“And this is what my balls look like after riding dark
crystal on a hardtail.” (laughing) – [Martyn] That’s a good
one, that is a good one. Right we’ve got, Pho3nixmatt who says, “One power ball to rule them all.” Nyegh, myeh, myeh. – [Neil] What’s that, a
Lord of the Ring stuff? – [Martyn] Yeah, yeah. – [Neil] You got a Lord
of the Rings tattoo, never mind that. Bundlesofjoy, (He-man)
“I have the power balls!” (laughing) – [Martyn] This is good caption gold. – [Neil] Definitely an
80’s theme going on. – [Martyn] Yeah, Bo
Vrijland says, “If you want them in the form of a
hamburger just drop them.” – [Neil] Do you want them
in the form of a burger? – [Martyn] What, my balls? (laughing) I don’t know, I think that
first one was brilliant. I think that was the best one. – [Neil] All right, Darryl Bradley. – [Martyn] Darryl
Bradley, you’re a winner. – [Neil] You win a GMBN water bottle. – It’s just over there. – It’s gone.
– It’s just over there. – It’s all ready gone your way Darryl. – It’s flying over your way, but I do, just summon it back quickly,
just so you’ve proved we’ve got one, it’s here,
it’s on it’s way to you now. – Bwah! – Well done Darryl. This, is this week’s photo,
look at that, what a mess. There’s your caption
contest photo for this week. Put it down below, see if you can win yourself GMBN bottle, like this one. (swish) Well you got this far in the show, one thing you must do, if you’ve got this far in the show and
you’re having a good time. Is subscribe, to GMBN. – [Neil] I’ve all ready done it. – [Martyn] Yeah, I’ve done it. If you haven’t, make sure you subscribe so you get, an alert
when we’ve done all our videos and you get to
see them straight away. And enjoy yourself, and get
inspired to ride mountain bikes. And make sure,
– Hopefully. – You subscribe to GMBN. (gears grinding) – Loads of great comments
this week, on our videos. – As Always. – Elliot McFarlane says his unsung hero is his best bro Dylan because riding wouldn’t be the same without him. – Absolutely, I love that, I love those kinds of stories.
– Good stuff, sounds cool. – What about this one, this is great? From Brian Mansfield, “My
ex wife is my unsung hero, I would have stayed married,
um If I would have stayed married I wouldn’t have
got into mountain biking. When I got divorced I
started thinking about what I did before I was married, that I really enjoyed and it was riding bikes. And I’ve been mountain
biking now for 29 years.” This bit’s great, “Life begins when your
first marriage ends.” (laughing) – Wow. – That is, that is a crazy one. You’re brave writing that one
Brian, thank you very much. – Um, on the finale, or
my finale video I raise to Ryan Heath says, “One of
the few times Neil laughs or smiles… while eating breakfast.” – [Martyn] That was a good joke. – [Neil] I rarely do laugh
or smile, that’s very true. – That isn’t true, it’s a lie. On the how far do downhill people travel, Lee Harrold says, “Gee is
the cause of global warming. Between the Atherton
clan, I bet they’ve killed a whole polar bear…” – [Neil] Oh no.
(laughing) – So Neil, what are you
looking forward to this week? – [Neil] Well I shot a pro
bike check with Sam Hill, uh finale, so on his
custom Day Of The Dead inspired painted bike,
really cool actually. – [Martyn] Yeah I like that. – [Neil] Came out on Saturday, that video. – I tell you what, this
one’s gonna a banger what I’m looking forward to, Chris and Blake on an enduro trials challenge. – [Neil] Both good
trials riders, actually. – Yeah yeah, they can
both handle their bikes. But I think Chris is
probably gonna take it. But I’m looking forward to finding out. (gears grinding) – We are in.
– Brian. – Quite opened early that time, Brian. – That is a beautiful,
Brian’s riding a Bronson. – Yeah.
– Flagstaff, Arizona. – Oh, started out high haven’t we. – Brilliant, love that.
– What you think? – Good looking bike. – Super nice.
– It’s gotta be in it. (cowbell) – Bronson in Arizona, nice. Okay, next up it’s
Tommy in his uh, canyon. – East Petrol.
– Look at that. – It’s got that little, sort of tool pouch that tucks underneath the top tube. – I love it.
– Look at that water bottle. – This is in, uh can’t
even, this is in Piehyavie, in Finland. Um, Tommy Sourland’s, lovely
looking bike, 14 years old. – Tommy Sourland, he’s a big
supporter of the channel. (cowbell) – [Both] Super nice! – Super nice bike. – Yeah, I thought I knew that name. – Cheers Tommy. – Yeah that is a very nice looking bike. Next up, Trek from Andrew,
it’s his Trek Remedy Nine. – Mary’s Peak, in Oregan. – Yeah, I really like the photo. – It’s cool.
– I really like the photo. Actually, but I don’t. No I do, I do really like it. – Yeah obviously. – I think the bikes
before have clouded me. But that’s just plain good isn’t it? – Yeah. – Super nice. – All right, hit it. (cowbell) – Super nice.
– Great bikes so far. – Richard and his Transition Sentinel. Carbon build, look at that. – Carbon, yeah.
(whistling) – I tell you what, we’ve got
some banging bikes this week. We’re not going to do a full
super nice round are we? – We can’t do a full, it’s
not, I really like that. – But Richard’s bike, it’s good isn’t it? – Envy bars, that’s a very cool bike. I’m going to have to do it. – It’s super nice, it is super nice. (cowbell) – That’s right up my street, don’t mind. – Yeah yeah yeah, we’ve
gotta be real, that is good. Here we go.
– Ooh, look at that. – Wow, finally a great
bike that’s just out shop. We might get away with
doing just a nice here. (laughing) This is Sean’s Trek Roscoe Eight. – But, that’s a great bike as well. – South Australia, it’s a
love, I love that matte gray. – That looks like an adventure bike to me. It’s quite long isn’t for a sort of modern hard tail and look like that. – Yeah, that I, is super fun to ride. – But does it, is it good
enough to be super nice bike? – Ahhhhhh, god I, it sort of is. It is, it’s super nice, another hard tail. (cowbell) I do love a hard tail. – Did you pick these
bikes this week Martyn? – No this was, this was Jess this week. – Ooh man, look at that.
– Whoa! – Life fork on the front of this bike. – Yeah, this is.
– Pretoria. – This is Comtrend, this
is Ben’s Comtrend Rose. – So actually, coming soon to the channel, is my Iceland trip and I
visited the Life headquarters, it’s in Reykjavik, was really impressed. Couldn’t believe it, it’s sort of one of those forks where it looks so crazy that, I just don’t know how it’s gonna work. But, it really makes
sense for the right bike. They’re cool things.
– Well I mean, If there was ever the right
bike, this is the one. I mean this is,
– Yup. – This is a proper cool hard tail. – But are we in the ball cage? – I just can’t imagine not
giving that a super nice. I just can’t imagine it. It’s stupid to have not,
given that a huge super nice. (cowbell) It’s, looking good. (squeaky toy noise) Oh, stop it! – That looks good man.
– Oh my god this is crazy. – Demo eight carbon, look at the color. – This is Gunner’s, beautiful. – I guess the photo is
a little bit blown out. The color’s so bright, I don’t
recognize it I think it’s, – It’s nice.
– Is it? Martyn, that’s so, – Well mate, if you wanna go
to more, go to more, I mean. – I’ve got to hit him up with that. – Oh my god this is.
(cowbell) This is insane.
– Super nice. – This is insane.
– That’s cool. – Next up. – Oh yeah!
– Wow! – Here we go. – Man I love that. – Really? – Man you can’t beat a fat bike. You can’t beat a fat, they’re
just funny, look at it. – My, fat bike infatuation
has been and gone to honest. – This makes me smile. – All right. – I mean, look how comfy that seat looks. – It’s got Manatee fork on the front. – It’s nice, it’s nice. Joseph, your fat bike is nice. And I thank you for giving us a nice. Cause we we’re getting, some.. – I mean, where is is, where is this? – This is in, lake Vermilion.
– Minnesota is that? Probably gets cold up there, surely. So that’s probably the right
bike for that sort of thing. – Wait wait, let’s move on before you talk yourself into a super nice. Right okay, next up is Hamish’s Polygon. – Where’s he, Victoria, Australia. – This is in, Victoria, Australia yeah. – The tires, is that plus
tires, look pretty chunky. – That’s a nice looking bike there. – That’s good looking.
– Nice, nice, nice. We’ve found some normality but, very high quality normality at that. – Well, I think that has
to be a nice from me. – Nice, nice when they’re, oh we’re out of the bike
vault. (gears grinding) – Good bike vault. – Whew, that was tense, I
thought we were gonna go. Do you think we’ll ever go right through and it all be super nice’s. – I’m sure we will, cause
we’ve got some amazing viewers. And amazing viewers bike’s.
– Lovely looking bikes. – Keep sending them in. – Yeah, there was a lot in this week. – Hundreds.
– So you did very well to get into the bike vault, so make sure you send yours in to the uploader. Get involved, I tell you what. I know it feels great
when you get a super nice. Cause my wife gave me one the other day. (laughing) It was a great cake I baked. (laughing)
Very nice. (gears grinding) (bulbs flashing) Instabangers and shout-outs,
and I’m gonna start with, basically a well deserved shout-out. This is to, Guillaume BOUT, I hope I’m saying his name right. But he’s the great CG artist that created that Penny Farthing at
the top of the show. You can go and check
him out, on his website., he’s got a space on there. The link is in the description down below. Go and check out his work, cause he’s done some amazing bike concepts. – My shout-out this
week is to a rider down, this is Kirillbeneroni, one
of Blake’s friends actually. A Russian free rider. – [Martyn] Yeah, incredible rider. – [Neil] Known for his,
gnarliness basically. Yeah so, he’s got an injury so, trying to help him out, that’d be great. – Okay, this week’s grom
of the week is Francis. Neil, check this out, it’s
Francis he’s six years old. – Oh. – He lives in Fairly. And this is, basically his progression from five years old to six years old. – [Neil] Wicked. – [Martyn] And you can really
see, as he tries to start, pushing his limits a little bit. – [Neil] That’s wild cool. – [Martyn] Do you know
what I really like is that a lot of the things he’s riding on are narrow, and that’s really good idea. Little drop off, he’s isn’t there yet. – [Neil] Cool little bike as well. It’s proper made, I bet
on that, disc brakes. – [Martyn] You can see
he’s really progressed. Look at that, little
front bump up that curb. – [Neil] What is it, what’s the bike? – [Martyn] It is a Common
Side, cool looking bike. He’s doing really great, he’s
entered into local races. Progressing on his riding
step rides, look at that. Wow Francis, I think we’ll be
seeing a lot more from you. Great Grom of the week. Right, let’s look at some post. – Yes.
– Got some post in here. – I know what’s in it.
– I love getting post. I absolutely love it, right we’ve got a really cool, little note here. I’m gonna read it out,
you unpack this Neil. – It’s from, it’s part Avion. – Yes. – Come in the, come in the airplane. – This is from Mirran and Travis. These guys met Blake over at Crankworks. Gave him a pair of their socks but didn’t want us to feel left out. – Yes. – So these are send it,
Send and Commit’s socks. And there’s a pair for, Jess, and Doddy, and for Neil, and myself. They’re also going to be watching Blake’s new kicker ramp video,
and making a ramp soon. – Got some, stickers. – So we’d like to see
some evidence of that. Hey stickers, let’s get it on the old. Get it on the old box there, Neil. – Send and Commit on the back or, Send or no?
– Send and Commit socks. Great stuff, if you’ve
got anythings you want to get into the shed,
then please send them in. Right, let’s do a little
bit of a shout-out to some really cool stuff
coming from the GMBN shop. It’s, turned into winter here.
– [Neil] It has. – [Martyn] In the UK, so we’ve got some of the winter clothing coming out. We’ve got our, coats we’ve
got our beanie hats, and – [Both] New socks! – [Martyn] We’ve got
some great, I love these. – [Neil] I am sitting
there, check these out. – [Martyn] GMBN, socks
are, these are so cool. – Ah?
– No I’m having these ones. These are my ones.
– Check mine. – Look at these.
– Good logos. – Look at that, and look at all the stuff we’ve got in the shop. – Nice.
– Look at that stuff there. Make sure you check it out, it’s a great way of supporting the channel. And of course you look cool on the trails. So’s, no losers. – Thanks for the support.
– Yes, absolutely. Right, make sure you subscribe before you leave today, we’ve had a great show. – Yup. – We’ve got some great
videos coming out this week. Like we said, but the videos
we mentioned this week that you cannot miss, if
you haven’t seen them. What about Neil riding in Finale? – Yeah, cheers mate, I enjoyed doing that. And if you want to see
the G-atherton video, high falls of pro travels,
super interesting. Loads of good numbers in there Martyn. – Very good. – Click over there and follow him. – Absolutely, there’s
the old subscribe button. Give us a thumbs up and We’ll
see you next time, goodbye. (gears grinding)