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– Welcome to another episode of Ask GMBN where we’ve been going
through all your comments and questions so we can
have a go at answering them. – We’ll try our best at least. – Yeah. Now, one of the questions
we’ve got coming up is: should I sell my bike and get another one or not sell it at all? (loud bass and cracking) – Alright, starting us off we have Jay Kan, that’s actually
helping me out from last week. We were talking about wheel sizes and how the 650B is the
same as 27.5, which it is. So he’s talking about a BSD, which is the bead seat diameter. So where the tire sits, that diameter. So 650B, 27.5, identical. 700C to 29 is the same as well,
as a BSD of 622 millimeters. We all knew that. – Obviously. – But the BSD does not consider
the thickness of the tire so when you put on a
wider, larger-volume tire, i.e. a mountian bike tire, a 29er, that makes it bigger, wider, and taller. So in practicality if
you’ve got a road wheel and a mountain bike
wheel with a tire on it they’re gonna be different. – Yeah, of course. – There we go, a proper answer. Thanks. Jay Kan. – Next up we have Javed Ameen Shaikh. – I hope, Shaikh? – That’s pretty good. – “Hi guys, I’m living in Singapore. “Here handlebar width
max limit is 700 mil. “I am thinking of buying
Controltech Terminator “handlebar end extensions
which I can put on “after reaching my local trail. “Is it a good idea to use these extensions to increase my handlebar width?” What do you think? – I’ve heard this before; in Singapore, that you can’t run
anything wider than 700 mil for riding around the city, I guess. Extensions; I know people have used these. – I’ve never tried them myself. – So going back 10 years
when bars weren’t that wide, people invented these things,
you just slide them in, so your grip sits on top of these. If they were lock-on grips,
it’s completely fine. The only thing is, once you get there, you put these in, you’ve then
got to slide your grips out and move your bars, your
shifters, your levers. So it’s a bit of a pain to me. – It’s a bit of a faff. – To do that every time
and then taking them back off the road back into the city. My sort of inclination
would be just to put them on and run them wider anyway. And are you gonna get caught? – Yeah. – I dunno, who knows? – Who knows? – They do extend the
bars by 40 millimeters, those Controltech ones, it’s quite a lot. – That is quite a lot. – Going from 700 to 740, that’s pretty reasonable, I would say. Right, next question
comes from Parker Jones. “Hey guys, love the videos. “I’m looking at buying a
YT Capra but I’ve noticed “it doesn’t have a water bottle mount. “I’ve previously been riding with a pack. “After riding packless once, I’m in love. “Any solutions to carry
water whilst on my new bike?” – Now I love riding without a pack. I don’t really like having
that weight on my body. I try and get it on my
bike as much as possible. So there are a number of things, there’s certain frame straps
where if you’ve got a bottle and you’ve got the space on the frame you can use a strap to wrap
the bottle around there. – Yeah, you see people
do it underneath the bike and then the giant tube of the bottle does get covered in mud. I’ve seen people with
running drinks packs, they’re sort of slimmer and you can slide them into
one of those enduro-style bib shorts where you’ve
got a bit of a pocket. I actually really like using a bum bag. Have you tried a bum bag recently? – I haven’t, no. – It’s like an ’80s thing that’s returned. It’s really good. Obviously you can get
them with bladders as well and it’s much different
to having a pack on and potentially getting sweaty so I would recommend that, to be honest. – Give it a go. – So next one is from Riggerman10. “Can you explain to me
what the differences with “trail bikes, downhill bikes,
endurance bikes, et cetera, “and what they’re meant for?” – Well, we get that question an awful lot and we’ve done a video
to try and help you out so check it out. – There’s all sorts of disciplines now that fall under that
mountain bike umbrella. So we thought it would be a good time to explain all the
different types of bikes and what their intended use is. (rhythmic electronic music) – Next one’s from Kristjan Posavec. “Has any of you ever tried
riding a downhill bike “with Direttissima”– – Direttissima, I’ve heard of them. – (mumbles word) “brakes or Magura MT7s? “Because I’m thinking
about buying one of them. “Or should I just stay
with my Shimano Saints?” – Shimano Saint’s gonna be good. Make sure you stay on
top of the maintenance to make sure they’re still working. So bleed them, replace the pads,
they’ll be really powerful. I have tried the Magura MT7s, I’ve got them on one of my e-bikes, and they’re flipping powerful. – Oh yeah? – The most powerful
brakes I’ve ever tried. So I could recommend those, but I’m sure the Saints
are powerful as well. I know the Specialized team actually run Maguras now, don’t they? So I’m sure Bruni has them on his bike. Yep, next question comes
from Piotr Dubicki. “I’m very tall, around six foot seven.” And he likes to blast around
trails, most of all jumps. “Would going from 27.5 to
29 have a big effect on me “since I’m so tall? “And also, which brands
make the biggest bikes?” – This is really a question
for Doddy, isn’t it? Doddy’s quite tall. – He is, although I saw
an interview recently with Steve Peat talking about 29ers. And he would’ve loved to have a 29er bike back when he was racing. So I do think they’re gonna
suit the bigger riders. Santa Cruz do build a big V10. Nukeproof build a big– – Big Mega. – Mega. I don’t know what type of bike– Well, I think for jumps a
Mega’s gonna suit you faster. So you can get a 29 in Mega,
that’d be an XXL I think. (mumbles indistinctly) are massive. – So next one’s from Buck Rodgers. “How can I bring myself
to sell one of my bikes? “Especially after just having finished and respray and re-spec’d it?” It’s hard to put a price
on something so personal. – So this is getting into the,
how many bikes d’you need? Should you just keep them? Do you need to sell them? – Why are you selling it? – We did a garage tour in my
garage a little while ago, and people told me off
for hoarding things. And I definitely got to a point
where I had too many bikes. I had like five or six mountain bikes, three motorbikes and there
just wasn’t enough space. – Yeah, but your mountain
bikes, out of those five, did they all have a different kind of– – They did, true. – Purpose? – But it was at the point where I just couldn’t deal with everything. There would be two or three
bikes that needed work and it annoyed me enough
that I just sort of started getting rid of them. But can you have too many bikes? Let us know in the comments down below, I’d love to know if you think
you can have too many bikes. I would say keep it, especially
if you’ve just resprayed it. – Yeah, and if you’ve re-spec’d it then you’ve clearly put
some time into it, keep it. – Right, next question’s
actually about concussions. So, Smashy says, “Neil, I know you’ve had “multiple concussions in your career. “Do you ever find
yourself lacking in skills “you might’ve previously had on a bike “such as balance and coordination
or was that short-lived?” I would say yeah, a bit short-lived. I do have a bit of a thing
with balance and memory, my memory’s not that great. I’ve not had that many concussions but it’s a dangerous thing to deal with and you should definitely
ease off the bike riding and anything where you can hit
your head again soon after. But I feel now that I’ve
probably got over them, although how do I really know? Don’t really know, difficult. – It is. Definitely if you’ve had any head injuries do take your time when it comes to getting back into mountain biking. Take it slow and build yourself back up. Don’t go straight back
off the drops and jumps. – There’s reaction tests,
I think rugby do it, and maybe motocross as well,
where you do a baseline, so before, and it’s thought
that you do a reactions test and then after a concussion
you can do it again to see how much that’s affected you. – That’s interesting. – Yeah. – Cool, next one is from Matej Lukac. “Hi guys, is a conventional
chain suitable for high pivot “bikes or do you need to
join two chains together “to be able to get the correct length?” – That’s a very good question. I don’t know the answer to this. Yes, the chain must have to be longer, you can buy chains in
certain amount of links I do know that. Whether they go long enough, I don’t know. So potentially you would have
to put two chains together. Not ideal, because I always think the more you split and join a chain, the weaker it’s gonna get. But yeah, I don’t have a
great answer, I’m afraid. But that’s a very interesting question. But if you wanna see how
to replace your chain, check out this video. – So here’s three ways
to rejoin your chain. Tools for the job,
you’ll need a chain tool or a multi-tool that’s
got a chain tool on it, particularly one with
a second set of jaws. You also need a bent spoke
or a third hand tool. – Now it’s time for quickfire and to kick us off we’ve
got Travis and Tamara ask “Neil, what gear do you
normally use whilst wheeling?” – Wheelying. – Wheelying. Wheeling. – Must be wheelying. Something kind of in
the middle of the block, I don’t know exactly what gear. You want it fairly light so
you can get the front wheel up but if it’s too light you’re gonna run out of gas straight away
so somewhere in the middle. – Brilliant, and Ennaro Festa. “Hi, I’m 15 years old and
I would like to do enduro “but is it too late for starting?” – No way. – No. – I started racing when I was 15 and that’s quite young, really. – There’s loads of people getting into it, even in their 40s and 50s
and older now, isn’t it? – Smashy says, “How tall is Doddy?” – Like six foot 500. – What is it, is he six-five? Rings a bell, six-four, possibly. – I wanna say six four, five. – He’s pretty tall. – He is tall. – Buys very big bikes,
as we’ve said already. Grady Baxter, “Hey guys,
I just wanted to know “why there are exposed
sections of gear cable? “Would it not be better
to have it all enclosed?” Yes, I think so. – Yeah. – I used to do it on my downhill bikes ’cause it just stops– – Dirt and stuff, and grime getting in. – Your gears are lighter for longer. But bikes always used to
have the relative, sort of– they have stops sometimes, you have to put a bit of bare cable. But you don’t have to use them, you can zip-tie your cable to that side. Time for Correct Me if I’m Wrong. This is sent in via our amazing uploader. So for anything, bikes for the bike vault, Correct Me if I’m Wrong, Hacks and Bodges, get uploading them. This one comes from someone
with the username Ahwellletsrun. He rides a Bird Aeris 150 bike. So let’s check out the video. “When my dad and I were riding “we came across this dropoff
where I was a bit front-heavy. “Didn’t feel that my weight
was in the right place.” Yes, a little bit. Decent-size dropoff, three, four feet. Rocky run, eh? Yeah, a little bit of a front wheel land, though what do you reckon, Jess? – There really wasn’t
much of a compression or a push out of the bike to really get it onto its back wheel enough, so he kinda just, flopping
rock those rocks a bit. – So I’m looking at that
bit where you go just off– the barrel’s just about to come off and I would like to be a bit further back so dropping heels,
sliding the bike forward. I would also keep your head up, I obviously noticed that you’re sort of, you see your peak dropping a bit. And that actually drops your chest, it makes quite a big difference to where your weight is on the bike. But not a bad effort at all,
and not very front-heavy. Nice one. If you wanna send us your
Correct Me if I’m Wrong, just use the uploader. We’ll check them out and
try and help you out. – And that’s it for today’s show. So if you want to see
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