How Hard Can You Ride An E Bike? | Smashing A Ride In 1.5 Hours

– [Neil Donoghue] Now this
is my type of a bike ride. Often I don’t have much time,
so if I go out on my normal bike, I’m not going to
get much riding done. So, I grab my E bike and I see how much I can rip, roost, and
smash myself physically in just one and a half hours. Now this is going to be fun. I am wearing a GPS and
a heart rate monitor just to put some numbers
to it at the end of a ride. But for me, this isn’t
necessarily a work out, this is about how much fun can
I have in an hour and a half. The by-product of that is
actually max heart rates and a lots of sweat. ♪ (lively music playing) ♪ Before I get out there,
I’m just gonna let you know a little bit about how I
prepare for this sort of ride. First thing is to make sure your battery is charged off, see? This is all about turbo
so for an hour and a half I leave it in turbo the whole time to rip up hills fast as I can. It’s all about doing the
most on my ride as I can. Hour and a half, the battery should last. Also, I do quite often put a bit more air in my tires, so I
would rather sort of err on the side of caution
and just have too much too much in there. I’m not going to get
the same amount of grip, but if I puncture that’s
gonna massively eat into my riding time. I also give my bike a quick bolt check so all over. I have found occasionally that things like linkage bolts can rattle loose. Nothing that a bit of
Loc Tite’s gonna stop. Um, check the rear mech bolts, as well. That can come loose. Also, make sure your
chain is clean and lubed. Actually, that can stop it from snapping. For an hour and a half’s
ride, it’s definitely worth taking some water. One thing, I have a half hour really, you should be taking a drink with ya. I’m not gonna worry about bars, gels, or anything like that. I’m also gonna try and ride really light so I’ve got a multi-tool but I’m not going to take a tube or anything like that. I also plan my ride so it’s
not a big out and back. I try and loop around so
I’m never too far away from base, so from my car. If I do have a mechanical I
can get back there easy enough. And I don’t have to worry
about carrying any extra weight with me. It’s all about traveling
light and having loads of fun. Right, it’s cold, it’s wet,
but I’m gonna have some fun. And I’m gonna take the
direct route up the hill. Stop watch and try to record this right. Here we go. ♪ (Electronic music) ♪ I’m gonna go straight down this. How fast do you think I can go? Pretty fast. Oh, that’s it. That’s one hell of an intense ride. Hour and a half. Take care about battery, I’m spent. Right, I’ll have a look at
the numbers and I will get back to you with some stats. ♪ (Tinkling music) ♪ Right, so that was it. An hour and a half’s ride done. I was completely spent by
the end of it to be honest. It’s a real good workout
riding back up the hill but also coming down those downhill runs. It’s a full-body workout. My average heart rate
was something like 150, I think, and I maxxed
out my heart rate when I was on the downhill. But how far did I go? So, I did 20 kilometers. And its got to be said
that I definitely go further than that. The climb that I was pretty
much using every time was 18 per cent back up so
its super steep and I was definitely draining the battery. If you went for a more
mellow limb you would definitely ride further. So, the meters climbed was 1429. To put that into perspective,
Ben Nevis, the highest mountain the UK, is 1345m. So course , Everest is 8,848,
so it’s a long way off that. But, so I’d say my average normal ride I would climb between 600 and 1,000 meters over a couple of hours. So 1,400 meters in an hour and a half is a big ride out for
me and I definitely felt like I was punished in
my shoulders, my hands at the end of the day from
doing all that descending. Average speed was 13.2 kilometers. Pretty slow on the ups. It was pretty muddy, so that’s quite slow, I’d say, for an average speed. My max speed was 82 and
a half kilometers an hour at Dyna bank. Couldn’t believe how fast you get on Dyna. It’s super fun to try and
do that a couple of times. I think the best way of
getting a good ride in in an hour and a half is to do like I did. So try and find an area where you’ve got a good variety of trails. Where I did the video is actually probably six or eight different downhills runs in a very small area. And I can just repeat them.
Go over. Try something else. If I’ve definitely got to stick to an hour and a half schedule,
I’ll look at my watch and think, well, I’ve got 10 minutes left, I can go and do two runs,
or something like that. Course if you are doing a big loop out, or a big ride and back, you
might find you get back early and then you can’t ride
much more in 20 minutes like doing it the same again. So, I definitely think
planning where you do ride is the best bet. Ah, if you want to see
another video a bit like this check the video up there,
which is Are E-Bikes Fast, where I race Steve on my normal bike. Give us thumbs up if you like this video and hit that subscribe button,
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