How do I know   Buying spin bike shoes

How do I know Buying spin bike shoes

Hi, this is David from Bruces Cycle works. And today we’re gonna talk about spin class shoes For those you in winter who are looking to stay on your bike a bit; some of you joining a spin class When you go to the gym, you’re gonna hop on a bike. You may see something like this pedal. You’re gonna see one side That’s nice and flat And then on the other side you have this goofy thing that when you try to step on your foot slides off This is a clip Okay, so to clip into those pedals, you’re going to need a special shoe And they’re going to need the two bolts on the bottom of that shoe Which is where the cleat is gonna go to clip into that pedal Okay, so when you’re going to buy your first pair of spin shoes You’re gonna be tempted to buy the cheapest pair of shoes you can because you just want to try it We recommend trying something with a little bit better quality Something with a nice stiff sole that way on the bottom your foot you’re not gonna feel that pedal break through the bottom and you’re not gonna hurt your feet. Like with a good runner a Good biking shoe pays for itself in comfort These are two shoes that we offer at our entry-level price point Very similar shoes. They both have the same connector on the bottom You’ll see that the soles are a little different but they both really stiff in the bottom So you’re gonna be able to transfer power into the pedal and you’re gonna enjoy your spin class If you are interested in going to that next level We do offer something that’s a dedicated Spin shoe Specialize has come up with something same thing similar bottom. It’s a rubber sole for walking around on the gym floor It’s gonna be nice and comfortable. You’re not gonna slip, it’s got that nice sole and it’s super breathable you know, it’s got that mesh upper that’s As you’re working in those rooms it can be really really warm This is going to be comfortable on your feet Once you found that shoe Then we’re going to show you the cleats that are gonna clip to those pedals Which we install free of charge so you don’t have to worry about how to put these on once you get home Okay, so it’s winter and you’re ready for spin class; pop by the store and let’s get you ready for that next workout Thanks for watching