How a Brompton is made

I will see you Brompton bicycle and we would like to show you with our experts how we make our bike we can thank Andrew Richie for the Brompton bicycle which he invented in his flat overlooking the Brompton Oratory right in central London just up from Harrods in 1975 but it wasn’t plain sailing he had all sorts of false starts trying to get funding trying to manufacture and finally it was one of his customers that came up with the funding to get him going in 1988 since then the company has gone from one little railway arch through lots of different buildings to our present site today 90,000 square foot and still all of our bikes are made in London so when we’re designing the bike we use a lot of digital tools because 3d CAD to create geometry use 3d printing to create prototypes that we can test and we use simulation to allow us to model the forces on a proposed product using these tools means we can iterate designs really really quickly make lots of changes and make better design decisions so Bromden we do a lot of work to make sure the product is tough and durable what we make is a tool mother delicate toy so we do an awful lot of testing some of that comes from industry standards some of it comes from the experience of building about 30 years France embraces a highly skilled men and women they are trained for 18 months and they’re constantly improving their skills we run an in-house apprenticeship scheme because it’s really hard to find qualified raises these are the CNC machines and they do six different hinges we have handle bar support handle bar pins handle bar support for degree and handle bar pins for degree mainframe and front frame if the hinge is don’t clamp together then the bikes not going to sit straight it’s going to be all off-balance once they have been done they get sent over to the oil base so this section here is caught of the bridging section so where we’ve tried to component together this machine we braised head of our supports and handlebar pins whereas on yet that machine with bridge mainframe and this one these two breads which with built and designing house our four processes when breaking apart they are so unique you can’t see them anywhere in the world after brazing we bring them in here to quality control to check the alignment of the parts I produce a program from the tag model to use the coordinate measuring machine to check the parts are accurate enough to go into production welcome to this part the factory which is the far end of the factory and this is an important part of our process where we paint our frame States from here we take the parts from the royal condition from brazing and we put them onto the line and we apply an electrostatic charge powder and we cure it at 190 degrees for 10 minutes we use an eco-friendly pretreatment called ox alone which is one of the latest technologies in the car industry and we’ve taken advantage from that from here we feed them into production here in pre pre assembly is where we make supper symbols that be completed on two bikes we currently have 51 different operations giving us an output of about 5,000 parts a day an example of that is where we currently fix our shifters on two levers we currently do 48 56 minutes so we have 16 million different combinations on the bike we have 14 colors we get a sales order in which we get printed out on to what we call a pink as we get the pink we scan into the raspberry system and each person individually will scan the pink and it will tell them which part on combination they have to put onto the bike and as it comes down each person will fit the bike and it will go all the way around until the bike is complete once our bikes are packed and built their paths over to our dispatch team we then send our bikes to 1300 bike stores across 44 countries once the bikes are delivered our staff are on hand to help you choose your perfect Brompton and provide ongoing support [Music]