Hottest New Road Bike Tech | Taipei Cycle Show 2018

– I’m here at the Taipei bike show, which is Asia’s largest
cycling trade show. I’m on the hunt for the
hottest new cycling tech. So, let’s go find it. (jazz music) A cool new piece of tech here
that’s actually won an award at the Tai Pei show. So this is the zero drag
silent hub from Foss Worldwide. And, well I think I’m gonna
show you what it does. So I’m gonna turn the pedal here. Nothing especially remarkable about that. But when I stop turning the pedal and let it free wheel, it’s silent. There is no free wheel ratchet sound. It has a special kind of free hub design where the ratchet is able to disengage and then go into silent
mode, as you can see here. And because you don’t
have the added friction of that ratchet still engaged as you would in a traditional free hub mechanism, there’s much less friction. And so that’s why you can see this wheel is just continuing to spin
and maintain its inertia because it’s now just
running on the bearings. And there’s no drag there. So that is, well it’s
just continuing to spin. I mean, you could stand here all day. I mean go make a brew, come
back and this would still be, still be spinning. For display purposes, this rig doesn’t have a full cassette on. But you could fit a full
cassette on there still. But it’s really interesting to think that we’d be riding along
with silent free hubs. I mean you wouldn’t be able to hear if someone was behind you. And they were sat on
your wheel just coasting. They’d be silent, stealth mode. (jazz music) Another really exciting product here at the Tai Pei Bike Show are these Digirit carbon chain rings. Now everyone loves a carbon chain ring. They’re quite possibly one
of the most bling things you could put on your bike. But in the past carbon
chain rings have been, kind of form over function. And there is a tendency for
them to be a little bit brittle, flexible, and for the teeth to splinter. But Digirit recon they’ve
solved that problem with a brand new manufacturing process that really is quite innovative. So using a heat
compression mold technique, they actually have the chain ring as a single carbon piece, and the teeth are
compression molded there. And then cut out and machined. But there’s no structural
weakness in the teeth as you would get on a
traditional carbon chain ring. But the interesting thing here is that they’re not saying that this is a super super light chain ring, which is what you might expect
from a carbon chain ring, in actual fact, the main advantage of this kind of chain ring is its lateral stiffness. And as a result, Digirit recon
that these are really popular with track riders where
there’s huge amounts of torque and huge forces involved. Because I mean, well, I’ll have
to pick it up and show you. (jazz music) One of the hottest new
bikes at Tai Pei is this, the Look 795 Blade RS aero bike. Now, this is Look’s latest aero bike. And it’s got some really cool features. So Look has aimed to
make this more versatile and more comfortable
than existing aero bikes. And one of the key areas it’s done that is with the seat post. So Look’s previous aero
bikes tended to have an integrated seat post that
you had to cut to length. And then you had a few
little spacers on top to fine tune your saddle height. But this offered quite a few limitations if you wanted to travel your bike, you couldn’t take your seat pin out. Or if you wanted to sell your bike, you know, it limits you there as well. So, they’ve done away with that and they’ve got a traditional seat post that slides inside the frame. They’ve also lengthened the effective seat post length as well, which improves compliance and deflection of that seat post to
make it more comfortable. But my favorite thing about the seat post is that the top of it here
is actually adjustable. And this means that you
can alter before and after position of the saddle
relative to the bottom bracket. Why is this important? Well it means that you
can replicate a TT bike geometry on the road bike. So what you could do is stick
some tri bars on the front, or you could get Vision’s new cockpit and stick that on the front, flip the seat post so the saddle is more over the bottom bracket
and then you’ve effectively converted your road bike
into a time trial bike. Which you could convert
it back into a road bike when you don’t want it
as a time trial bike. It’s like two in one which is great. (jazz music) Like any cyclist, I love
a good pair of sunglasses. But these new glasses from TriEye, they’re not any old glasses, oh no. They’ve got a clever feature built in. So you may have noticed
this little black bit here. And that is actually a rear view mirror. So I can see what’s behind me
over my left hand shoulder. How clever is that. It’s one of those things
where people think, how has no one thought of this before. So the idea is it’s like having
a rear view mirror on a car or a motorbike and just
makes it a little bit safer. Rather than having to always
look over your shoulder. You can carry on looking forwards. And if you’re in a part of the world, such as the UK, where
we drive on the right, do we drive on the right in the UK, well we drive on the
other side (laughing), and you can actually get
the mirror on the other side of the glasses as well. So, interesting. And they’re available
in well white or black. But I think that’s a really
neat and simple idea. And also as an added bonus, if you’re a secret agent, these glasses are excellent for spotting if people are tailing you. (jazz music) I think there’s a guy
over there tailing me. (jazz music) Us road cyclists often get accused of liking carbon fiber everything. Well, we do. And this is the coolest carbon
fiber thing I’ve seen today. This is a carbon fiber brake rotor, right. And it weighs just 42 grams. Now to put that into context, a Dura Ace rotor that’s
also 160 millimeters weighs 119 grams. So, well that’s about a third. Which is absolutely incredible. And being carbon the makers also claim that it has another advantage
over an alloy rotor, which is that it doesn’t deform as easily. So you’re not gonna warp this as easily as you would with an alloy rotor. Which is an interesting
proposition indeed. But how have they achieved this? Well the construction is made up of heat compressed layers. But they’ve actually
impregnated graphing powder into the resin and in doing so they recon that this helps
with heat dissipation over a standard carbon fiber, which is well quite interesting. But also there is a Kevlar
layer that’s on there as well. Which acts as a wear indicator. So when the Kevlar layer becomes visible and you’ve worn your brake down, then some small fluff starts
to appear on the rotor and that is a sign that
the rotor is worn out and you need to replace it. So this is a fresh rotor that’s unworn. And then I’ve got a test sample here of one that’s been worn down and you can see the Kevlar layer there. I’d be really intrigued to try these out and see how they compare
to an alloy rotor. But part of me wants
them to be really good because how awesome would my
bike look with these on them? I’m over at the Topeak stand. Now Topeak are masters when it comes to multifunctional gadgets. And I love gadgets. And they haven’t disappointed me because they’ve got this. Which is called the TubiBooster. And it’s a new cylinder
that they’ve developed which is designed to help
inflate tubeless tires. So the way it works is you
get any regular track pump and you pressurize this
cylinder by connecting it up. And then you take the cylinder off and you can inflate a tire. So I’m gonna do that now
and show you it in action. (jazz music) I’ve now got the charged
cylinder in my hand. With 140 psi banged in here. So let’s inflate and hopefully
seat this tubeless tire with a big blast. Let’s do it. (jazz music) I was, well, I was
expecting like a huge bang. Quite relieved that didn’t happen. But that was incredibly quick and easy how that just seated
and inflated that tire. And yeah, it’s just on. Yeah, really smooth. But, it doesn’t end there. As I said multifunctional gadgets right. So if I just release the rest of the air out of here I’m now gonna take the nozzle off the top of the cylinder. (jazz music) So I’ve detached the cylinder. And the idea is that
when you go out on a ride you leave the cylinder at home. But, you can take the nozzle with you because it doubles as a CO2 inflator, which is a really neat and clever idea. So I put my CO2 cartridge in there. And the neat thing here is it’s got the same nozzle on it as the
MicroBooster CO2 inflator that Topeak makes which I love because you can control the
flow of the air as it comes out. So look at this. I’m a, my thumb’s freezing
like the Terminator. (laughing) Like the T1000. Yeah, how cool’s that? This way. Lloyd is always hogging the camera. I love a bling pair of carbon wheels. And over at the Vision stand
they haven’t disappointed. They’ve got their new 2019 wheels. Plus, this rather interesting disk wheel. Although there’s not too
much information on that yet. I think it might be a prototype. But the whole Metron range
has been revamped for 2019, which is really cool. So they’ve got new rim shapes. Completely new rims. Gone are the brake track
that was found on the, the one from last time. And these are now disk specific rims. There’s a new shape and
they’ve gone wider as well which is great because it
helps the tire sit wider and is in line with the
trend for wider tires. Also, all the new wheels
are gonna be tubeless ready, which is awesome, and
they’re available for Shimano Campi free hubs. And either six bolt or
center lock disk brakes. Oh my god mate that is
absolutely beautiful. I’m lost for words. Excuse me. This is, oh wow, look at that. Unbelieve, wow. This absolute stunner is the Rhinoceros, which is the top of the range model from luxury Italian brand Pedemonte. Now the first thing,
and most important thing you need to know about
this absolute weapon is that it costs $40000. Yeah, that’s right. $40000. Now it’s got actual gold leaf on this completely custom paint job, but the frame itself is
also completely custom and limited edition. So depending on the size you need, that’s the size that it will be made to. But it’s also got loads of
amazing luxury components, including a fully
integrated aero handlebar with an absolutely beautiful
leather cover on it. Which is well straight out of the interior of any super car. Pedemonte actually have
expertise in this area. They actually make carbon fiber components such as wings and spoilers
for cars such as Ferrari. There’s a lot to talk about on this bike, so stay tuned for another video, where I’ll go into more
detail on all the fancy bits on this absolutely beautiful machine. I hope you’ve enjoyed
our look at the hottest new tech here at the Tai Pei bike show. And stay tuned because we are
gonna be putting out more, because there’s so much here to see. And if you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. And if you’d like to see more tech then why not tech out the tech show. And click here.