Hans Rey Vs Chris Smith | Game Of E-BIKE

– Super excited today. I’ve got a really special game of e-bike lined up with a special guest. He’s just so a legend of the sport. He’s done so much for mountain biking and if there was ever to do a to-do list in mountain biking this guy has ticked off more boxes than most. Let’s go meet him. (upbeat music) – Yeah, Chris. – Hey, Hans. How’s it going, dude? – Alright and you? – Good, good to see you. So this is Hans Rey. Ladies and gentleman, if you don’t know who this guy is, he’s a true legend of the sport. He’s an epic adventure rider, trials, multi national trials champion. Literally anything on two wheels. This guy has done it all. Right, Hans? – Right on, yeah. And you’re gonna show
me around Bath today or? – Yeah, I gotta game of epic
e-bike action lined up for you. – Game of e-bike? – Yeah. Have you ever done that before? – Not on an e-bike. – No? – I don’t know what tricks
I’ve got up my sleeve? – You’ve got loads of them. I’m sure you got your
trick pack on your back. – Yeah. Pull the tricks out of the bag. – Let’s get into it then
and see what we can find. (upbeat music) So it’s a pretty chilly
day this morning in Bath. We’re gonna do a wheelie challenge just to warm things up
for our game of e-bike. First challenge, Hans. Okay, this tree to that tree. Coaster wheelie or any
wheelie that you want. Just get down there on
one wheel from this tree to that tree down there. – Coaster wheelie, huh? – Yeah, and if you front
wheel touches the floor anywhere between here and there you’re gonna get the first letter. Of course it’s gonna
be the “E” for e-bike. (Hans curses) – You got this? – Let me go, yeah. There we go. E! Hansy E and the place to be. (upbeat music) Aah, aced it. Aced it. Schooled me already. – You’ve got it. (upbeat music) Aah, yeah. (laughing) Nice (laughing) (upbeat music) – Alright, Chris. Here’s a challenge that I don’t
think any of us will do it, but we give it a try. Whoever gets the furthest up these stairs, – Yeah? – wherever the front wheel is when you put your foot or hand down that’s – Okay. The one that’s made the
shorter distance gets the – Gets the letter. – Gets the letter. – And where are we gonna
go from? Just here or – Just here. The goal is to make it up there, but I’d be glad if I
make it up the first set. – I think you got it. Got it, Hans. All the way. Wow. – That wasn’t very far. Only to here. – These muddy tires. – Yeah, these tires. – Aah. (Mark mumbles) (laughing) So you get an E? – I get an E, I guess. (upbeat music) – So, Hans. Nice big triple stairs are here. I reckon what we’re gonna do.
– Don’t tell me that, no. – No jumping down. – Okay, good. – This is gonna be a timed section. We’ve got a start line
where our front wheels are. Down the triple set of steps, turn around 180, climb back up. Fastest time wins. Looser gets a letter. – Okay, and you can’t put your foot down. – No putting your feet down. If you put your feet down, you’re gonna get a letter for each time you put your foot down. – Okay. – So this is a really important one. You got it? – Alright. – Right. I gotta get the stopwatch out. Okay, Hans Rey, are you ready? – I guess, I’m the guinea pig. – Gonna count down in three, two, one. (tires rotating) Nice. Yes. 11:41. (Hans gasping) Nice. It’s all good. 11:41. – These e-bike challenges
are all new to us, huh? – Yeah, they are. – Are you ready, Chris?
– I’m ready. – Three. Two. One. Oh, look at him. – Wrong gear. (laughing) (Hans laughing) – What was that? – I think you beat me by
one tenth of a second. – (laughing) no way. – 11.29
– Aah (bell pinging) So close. – 11:29 – Made the time up from the turn, I think. It’s got this smooth and then, but I had the wrong gear coming up. – I’d pressed when you
were already down there. – Oh, yeah? (laughing) – Nice. – Gosh. There we go. E-B. (upbeat music) – Now there’s one, Chris. – Yeah?
– Hang on. – What do we got? – Ooh, I don’t know. How about up this? – Yeah. – And what about who can get
the furthest on the wall? – The wall after as well? The little skinny, slippery wall? – Yeah. (laughing) – Tricky, slippery, tight turn. The bike not even fits on that wall. – I hear you might be going
into that river, Hans. (Hans laughing) So we’re gonna be warm? – Wouldn’t be the first time. Wouldn’t be the first time. (upbeat music) Nice. – Super slippery that wall there. And this one. – Is it? – Yeah. (upbeat music) Yeah. Nice. Yeah. (laughing) E for me. (upbeat music) So, Hans this grass bank, anywhere I wanna see one of your legendary no-foot stoppies. Looks very slippery. Loads of leaves and mud. Anywhere on this bank. Front wheel. No foot, all the way down. You still got it? – I don’t know. It looks very slippery. Let’s give it a try. – Let’s see it. (upbeat music) Nice (laughs) – I need to find somewhere grippy. – I found a little grip. – You found a little grip? – Right, Chris. The pressure is on. – It is on. – I can tie this game. (upbeat music) – Oh. I haven’t done one of those in years. Does that count? – That was good, yeah. – Yeah? – I don’t know. We were probably about the same. What do you think? – [Cameraman] You were about the same. – Yeah. – So Hans that was a pretty
close call on that one. I think we were both the same. – Pretty even. – Let’s take it to this bank and let’s do a stoppie contest down here. Let’s see how far we can
go from that white spot all the way down this bank. – No footed? – No footed, as well. – Wow. (laughing) – Looks super slippy. – Aah. My God. I nipped my knees on the
handle bars. (laughing) I think you’ve got it. – Yeah? Just. – Those young lads. (upbeat music) Chris, have you ever tried
back wheel hops on the e-bike? – Not too many on the e-bike. A can on my usual bike, but these things are pretty heavy. – It’s pretty tricky. It’s not easy to do, but I tell you what. Let’s dual it out. We both go up at the same time and whoever last guy standing, doesn’t get the mark. – Oh, my God. I can feel some intense
arm burning coming on. You’re gonna count us in then? – One. Two. Three. (upbeat music) – (laughing) You’ve got it, Hans. My arms are burning. Trials World Champion, what can I say? I’m never gonna beat this guy. Nice. – I think I’ve won that. (Chris laughing) – Alright. E-B for me. – Next challenge. I got E-B-I. – Let’s go. (upbeat music) So, Hans, we all know how capable these bikes are going upstairs. These are a nice quadruple set of stairs. Four sets of stairs in a row. Think we can clean this one? Limited run up? – Yeah, they’re pretty steep and they have big steps too. So luckily it’s dry so
that’s a good thing. – All the way to the lamppost? – We’ll see, yeah. – Turbo mode engaged? – I would have probably clipped in if I would have known you’re taken me – No, we can’t clip in this GN. – Right. You’re going for it? – Think so. Oh, my God. Are you going? – Oh, you are maybe in the lead anyway. I still have to make it. Okay? (upbeat music) – You’ve got it. How easy it looks. Oh, a little trouble with hop. – Hey. – Yeah. Nice. – Amen. – Classic Hans Rey. Nice work, Hans. Nice. – That was tough work. I like your little charms of country hop. – Are we even now? – We’re even. You need to step up, though. Lets go and get some – Alright, let’s go the pub who can drink the most beers. (Chris laughing) (upbeat music) Okay, Chris, this is a good one. We go up this muddy bank over the roots, around the tree, but you have to stay up on that ledge and then try to make a
circle around the tree and exit this way. – Oh, my God. This looks pretty tech. – (laughing) I know. It’s gonna be not easy. Whoever gets the furthest. – Okay. Let’s see. Hans Rey, goes first. [Cameraman] This looks so hard. – Wow. No way. No way, mate (laughing) That was amazing. How the hell did you do that? That was awesome. How the hell did you get past the roots? You’ve got this one, Hans. You absolutely, absolutely made it. (upbeat music) So, Hans, a nice steep bank here. I know you’ve got good break modulation. Let’s just stop the challenge down here. – No-footed one. (laughing) You’ve got it all the way down there. Oh, my God (laughing) – Nice. – I needed more grip on that. – Of course, Hans, Now let your trials fly by this wall gap from the ledge to the wall to the grass. You’ve got that? – And if we run short, the motor would be in pieces. (laughing) Let’s go for it. That’s the last one,
whoever looses this one. – Who doesn’t make it to the wall, right? – Yeah. – I don’t bang my head
on the thing either. – Nice. – Nice. – Tie. We both did it, now we need another challenge. – So Hans, it’s pretty
level at the minute. I think we’re both on E-B-I-K. So I think we’ll take it as a flat land. I’m gonna call three
different disciplines out. So we’re gonna ride backwards
sitting on the handle bars. See who can go the furthest. Longest pedaling wheelie and then the longest stop here. And whoever wins two out of those three, wins it overall. – Right. So it’s good. Bring it on. – Just don’t get changing that power or you’ll bum on this stem. (Hans laughing) – Right. Ready? – Yeah. – And go. (spikes spinning) Oh. (laughing) The winner takes it all. I could never do that backwards. (Chris laughing) Right. It’s not looking good for Hans “No Way” Rey. – So next up is a wheelie contest. We’re gonna pick the
front wheel up roughly where Hans is now by the white van and hopefully gonna wheelie
all the way up here, round the corner and
gonna see who’s gonna win. Wish me luck. (upbeat music) Yeah. The toys win the race. The master. How the (laughing) Yeah, Hans. Nice. – I was in a really low gear
and I was afraid to shift. (upbeat music) – And I’ll stand right
here for good measure. [Cameraman shouting] Not very far, but will it be enough for the win of the grand
prize, grand (mumbles). All good? – Yeah. – One handed. – One handed, stopping. – Schooled me (laughing) Alright. I’m buying beer. – (laughing) You’re buying beer? – That’s fine, man. That’s fine. Good job. – Yeah, thanks a lot. – Good job. – So you’ve proven to
me on this one as well. – It came down to the last – Last challenge. – Yeah. – Whoever sneaks in there. – Whoever’s still standing after the pub, is the real winner. – (laughing) True, true. So you guys, our game of e-bike’s over. It’s been really good
fun challenging Hans. Hans is a real big childhood hero of mine so today was extra special getting to battle him in the game of eBike. He literally taught me
everything I learned back in the day on all those
VHS tapes and adventures. Charles ride them, Tim’s ride them bikes. Right now you know this man
is literally done it all. So it’s been a hell of a challenge today. Enjoyed that, Hans? – It’s a different ball game doing these tricks on an e-bike, you know. Some things are actually easier, but most of the stuff is
actually a lot harder. And wet and cold conditions
certainly didn’t help. But, hey, good fun. Thanks for taking me out.
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