GOPRO HERO5 black – first test  [ mountain bike POV dark forest ]  german – subtitled –

GOPRO HERO5 black – first test [ mountain bike POV dark forest ] german – subtitled –

tadaaa…. gopro hero5 black …I’m owning now as you can see: touchscreen, a mode button, record/quickcapture button a little display in front. …a lens protection which is removable I think… but havn’t figured that out yet 3 mics to prevent wind noise I’m curious what it’s capable of what I don’t like: the recharge cable is a different one… not microUSB anymore… that’s annoying… I won’t start talking about the gopro app…. you have to sign in now… mounted the cam as you can see it here.. cause I like it this way first negative point: because I have mounted it this way I can’t access the display and there is no option to change settings from the front anymore… you can change between photo, video burst and timelapse but can’t do specific changes…. it’s not possible to change resolution without display or app size comparison with the hero4 session well it got a bit bigger and heavier in comparison to the hero4 black because of the waterproofness a hero4 mounted with the frame was smaller and lighter and it looks a bit like the cheap hero model… also in terms of size… but the inner values matter well lets begin… I’ll ride the same section of trail several times and change settings after each ride maybe I’ll test the image stabilisation and…. well… weather is perfect.. it’s cloudy and dark 2,7K 60fps nice corner nice corner now… 2,7K with 30fps and now I can activate image stabilisation crops down the view a bit.. but I’m curious stabilisation: show me what you got same settings without stabilisation nice drift… have to get some slowmoshots there later 2,7K 30 but 4:3 mode… that should be the widest angle the cam is capable of some kind of a… raw superview but this should be the maximum depth of view… I’ve always used this mode with my hero4 session and streched the file in post.. let’s go… it got even darker… wouldn’t be suprised if it starts raining soon sandpit! ok… this video will be interesting 2,7K 30 with superview basically it’s the setting from before but with that gopro superview algorithm to get an enormous wide angle I’ll do kind of the same thing with the 4:3 footage I’ll fly over that thing soon… this corner is so nice getting slippery Now a little slowmo test… set the gopro to 1080p 120fps and I’ll turn it on now the dslr (current view) is set to iso1600 manual time!