GMBN Bloopers 4 | The Best Outtakes & Fails From 2018

– I feel like I’m camping. – You always think that. – It’s cause we’ve got these
metal cups, look at that. – Yeah.
– Listen. (cups banging in tune) (liquid splashing) (cups banging in tune) Ooh you broke it! (cups dinging with music) – Crackers.
(upbeat music) – Ooh you broke it! – A pierogi. (upbeat music) (crashing) – Oh, you! (gulping) (whistling) (laughing) – [Man] Oh, (bleep). – [Man 2] You alright? (laughing) (laughing) – Huh. – That’s a chick dog. Lot of pink color. (belching) – Over there for that one? Thumbs up if you liked it. (mumbles) – Right. If all those weird,
fandangled, creative lines… Like, no. – [Man] I’m going in. (air hissing) – [Spectator] Oh my. (laughing) (air hissing) – [Spectator] What happened? – You haven’t seen one of
these before, have you? This is a very happy ending for this tire. Yeah, it was a bit feisty. – It’s not the first time
you’ve felt that one. – Oh you bast– – You alright? – Yeah, I wanted a coffee, not a pint. – Or a whiskey. (mumbling) (upbeat music) – Almost as planned. (upbeat music) (laughing) – [Man] Name that film! – Does that work? That was Robot Fight 2. That was Danny Mac. That’s looking through the thing he does. – Oh get it! I see it! – When you look, when he’s
gonna do the loop de loop. I got it. Manchester. – [Man] Manchester! – Oh forget it Jack. No way, we try and do– – [Man] What are you doing? – We try and do something funny for you and you (bleep) ruin it. (banging) – Mate, you got coffee everywhere. – Well it’s got no impact
if you (bleep) do it, is it? – [Man] See if you can actually nail it. (laughing) – You can obviously manually… (tongue clicking) (laughing) – Oh my God. (laughing) – You actually chested, and then the saddle way up in your bum! In the saddle way up in your bum! – Get waterproof and
breathable jackets for– (water splashing) for a couple of videos
on this sort of stuff. Thanks for that. – [Man] Sorry. I’m so sorry, I didn’t think about it. – No, I was still rolling with that. You ruined it by talking. That was perfect. (upbeat music) – They’re really good for you. (mumbles) Smell it. – Smells gross, doesn’t it? – Smells frickin’ amazing. – What’s that– (laughing) (moaning) – That dog’s taking a (bleep). There, on the hill. Look at that. He is, I’m not lying. Yeah, he’s gonna have
a little sniff of it. “Yeah, I’ve done this (bleep). Yep, great, okay off I go.” – What are your choice, young man? (screeching) Oh, ye’s hungry are ye? Yeah. (belching) – The chain obviously wants to pull the rear derailer in this order. – And a used inner tube, might some– (bleep) A used inner tube might make– (laughing) Mike. – To Mike. (laughing) (snorting) – And a used inner tube to
make some nice decoration for his apartment, (bleep). (laughing) – I’m gonna move this hand. – Yeah, don’t let all that– No, (bleep) what was it? Don’t let not having. Don’t let not having. Don’t let not having having
the right having having having having the right
having having the right gear (stuttering) Yeah, don’t not having the right gear put you off from riding mountain bikes. – [Man] Don’t let. – Yeah, don’t, ready? Don’t let, don’t net– – [Man] Don’t let. – Yeah. Yeah, don’t let not ride (bleep). Don’t let not, don’t. – Some of them I just, I don’t even want to waste my breath on to be honest. Some of them are awful. Feel like you are peddling a rubber ball. So words can’t describe how badly this thing handles and peddled. Mud clearance, there’s
enough where you can get a gnat’s pube through there. It was also quite ugly as well. It had a paint job that looked like one of those Ikea carrier bags. Kinda like, imagine
driving a rear-wheel drive forklift truck through a wet warehouse the day after a Christmas party. Something like that basically. And they kinda thread their way through, like a slippery noodle. – ♪ Little Dan Lloyd, little Dan Lloyd, ♪ ♪ he can manual all
day, backflip and 360. ♪ – Ha! Everyone loves to jump,
and I’ve seen this happen so much out there on the trail. People get out of their, get a bit too… Like a lost. Scrub that thing, yeah. You’re drinking wine, (mumbles). That was nice. So there you go. There are some cool stuff– – [Man] Let’s try again. Ready? – So there you go, some… Just a little bit safer. – When did Shimano Di2 become available for mountain bikes? – [Phone] Okay, I found this
on the web for “when did”– – You should (bleep) off. Shimano. – [Phone] I’m not sure I understand. – Shimano. – [Phone] I’m not sure I understand. (laughing) – She doesn’t understand me. – So when braking on the trail, you don’t particularly want
to brake on top of obstacles that you’re scared of
riding, especially if you’re going a little bit fast. You wanna brake, for
example, if you’re going up a technical section and
it’s all a bit rough, you don’t wanna start
braking on top of it, because if you do brake and
it slows you down too much, you’re gonna put your foot down, and if there’s nowhere for
your foot to be put there, you’re gonna topple over. So what you wanna do is
brake before the obstacle. Come in with enough speed to go over that technical section
and through the trail. What about this? The Hardtail. Oh my God. Maybe a little bit softer, yeah? Hardtail. This– The Hardtail– Oh you (bleep). Hear about this thing. (laughing)