Get Fit Fast: 5 Quick Road Bike Workouts

if you want to ride your bike faster next summer you would be well-advised to spend this winter doing the correct training sessions you would but we haven’t all got loads of time to Train so coming up we’ve got five short potent and beneficial sessions they should have have you dropping your mates next summer I think he’s got a head start yeah he hasn’t got much time to Train [Music] this first one to these you in relatively gently have a nice warm up for about ten minutes then it’s time to start what we call the ramp so for the first ten minutes of this session ride at around five out of ten perceived effort level then every ten minutes increase that effort level by one until for the final ten minutes of the hour you’re riding at a ten out of ten effort which is pretty difficult of course then at the end have a nice five minute warm down [Music] khempo is a rather well used word in our world of cycling but there’s little doubt if you’re it strapped for time you want to get fit quickly it’s very effective indeed so this next session is all about a ten-minute block warm up again for ten minutes and then start the first of five ten-minute blocks at tempo now if you’re going purely on field you feel like an 8 out of 10 effort of using a heart rate monitor you get around 85 to 95 percent of your functional threshold heart rate or do you have another parameter between 75 and 90 percent of your FTP now the interesting bit of this session regards our recovery so between the first and the second set of 10 minutes we’re going to get 8 minutes of riding easily but then between the second and third sets just 6 minutes then 4 minutes and then only 2 minutes between the penultimate and the final set of 10 minutes then the price price you get 10 minutes to warm down at the end and then you’re all done Gustav in just an hour and a half when you’re doing the effort so you need to really focus and keeping it smooth so smooth pedal technique staying seated and thinking about a rock-solid upper body for this session you need to rope in a mate and you’ll need to be at a reasonably similar standard but you can tailor the session to accommodate any variance in fitness we want to start with a 10 minute warm-up and then we’re going to do long turns on the front at sweet spot intensity so that is about 9 out of 10 on the effort level meter and about 88 to 95 percent of your functional threshold power and about 95% of your functional threshold heart rate and those long turns he talks about 10 minutes I’m going to repeat them until you’ve done a total of 40 minutes riding after your warmup and then when a shorten them down to 5 minutes ends will keep swapping until you get an hour of riding try to choose a relatively flat or gently undulating bit of road so there’s little in the way of disturbance now if one rider is from than the other make sure the stronger rider spends just a little bit more time on the front and equally the weaker rider spends just a little bit less time on the front you do a bit longer mate just keep going a bit longer more yeah this is a training ride which you can get done in an hour and you can do it out on the open road if you’ve got suitable roads and suitable trade or you can easily get it done on an indoor trailer to once again as ever warm up for around ten minutes for starting the first of three micro interval blocks yeah now the first session is 10 minutes of 40 seconds hard and 20 seconds easy now this is a really good session to do on feel so the 40 seconds hard should be done around 9 out of 10 sort of perceived effort level whilst the other 20 seconds should be done at around 3 perceived effort level just depending on how good you’re feeling after that first 10 minutes do 10 minutes a fairly easy riding then repeat it again and do another 10 minutes a fairly easy riding before starting your final block which is only 5 minutes long but this time you’re going to do 20 seconds hard and 10 seconds evening again with the 10 seconds being a 3 out of 10 effort level but a 20 seconds benign or even 10 out of 10 effort level 35 minute cooldown and your session is done that’s good there is definitely no harm in doing some sprint training over the winter in fact we would definitely recommend it either just trying to maintain or indeed improve your top end power yes this next one is a good again a good one to do with a friend and the idea is it’s lightly longer warming up around 50 to 20 minutes before doing the first of 20 Sprint’s 20 that’s right you heard that right 20 sprints luck it’s definitely achievable so for the first 10 you want to have one person on the front leaning out sprinting in the saddle for 10 seconds before the second rider then there’s a 10 second sprint out of the saddle and also late for the first 10 three each one have three minutes a very easy riding then your final 10 Sprint’s we think you should have a bit of a wreck 10 seconds flat out head to head now if one rider all the way with three minutes recovery between a court one rider will inevitably I’m sure be a slightly stronger sprinter and they need to be handicapped so start sprinting maybe one or two seconds later and then the weaker Rider tries to hold them off and the stronger rider tries to catch them up through set off inside smile we’d love to know how you get on with these sessions and you can do that or leave me a comment down below yep now bear in mind that these are pretty tough sessions I and so that you probably don’t want to do more than two or three a week and make sure that you get enough recovery between them and then what else is left where you’ve got to sit cracking it so know what don’t know what session he’s doing but certainly intense I produced really quite a few as well to go well come so anyway what we’re saying subscribe to GCN to do that just click on the globe now for video on how to calculate your functional threshold power FTP and your functional threshold heart rate 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