GCN’s Italian Cycling Phrases Vol.1 | 6 Types Of Cyclists

(bright, Italian music) – Ciao! The giro d’italia
is upon us once more, so we thought we’d help you out, with a few handy, Italian
cycling words and phrases So you can tell your scalatores From your velocistas and your ventaglio from your gregario. First up, types of riders. – [Italian Voiceover] Passista. – Essentially the Italian equivalent of the French word roeleur, the
passista is a type of rider who’s generally but not
exclusively, of a larger more muscular and powerful build, suited to spending hours riding hard on the front of the bunch,
on flat and rolling terrain, rolling a big gear and
making it look effortless. An Italian passista,
think Francesco Moser. Now there’s also the passista veloce, the rouleur who can sprint. Think Peter Sagan. So, after the beep say, passista. (beep) – [Italian voiceover] Passista. Passista Veloce. Veloce. – Oh, very good. – [Italian voiceover] Velocista. – This word sounds as fast as
the riders that it describes. Think Mario Cipollini, Mark
Cavendish and Marcel Kittel. Well they’re all, velocistas, or sprinters so, after the beep, say velocista. (beep) – [Italian voiceover] Velocista. Velocista. (Italian music) – [Italian voiceover] Scalatore. – Yet another beautifully
sounding word, one that feels as if it’s almost been chiselled from the mountain side itself. Which is unsurprising really,
as the word simply means, a climber and who was arguably
the ultimate scalatore of the modern giro, Marco Pantani. So after the beep say, scalatore. (beep) [Italian voiceover] Scalatore. Scalatore. – Ace. – [Italian voiceover] Discesista. – What goes up must come down, so that brings us nicely
on to the descender, the discesista. Vincenzo Nibali is most
likely one of the greatest descenders of his
generation. The descender. So, say after me, discesista. (beep) – [Italian voiceover] Discesista. – The discesista, no f**k
it I’m doing it again, the discesista, sorry mate
it’s quite a hard one. (beep) – [Italian voiceover]
Discesista. Che. Che. – The dische… (beep over swear word, laughs) – [Italian voiceover] Gregario. – Gregario, sounds like a
word for a best mate or pal doesn’t it. Feels like a word you’d
use for somebody you trust, well you’d be right. As gregario is the word for
domestique, the tireless consistent strong and
often unheralded heroes of the peleton. So, after me, gregario. (beep) – [Italian voiceover] Gregario. Gregario. – Oof, good effort. I think you’ll agree the
Italians certainly have some very creative ways
of describing our sport. But do you have any you’d like to add? If you do, leave them down
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