GCN Unboxing: NEW fizik 2019 Cycling Shoes & Bar Tape

(digital boom) – Last year we had an amazing
Fizik unboxing here on GCN where we were able to reveal exclusively their entire 2018 range. And now, brilliantly, we’re gonna get to do it all over again. Not 2018, 2019! You lot, are gonna be
the first people to see this huge selection of 2019 goodness. And despite the fact that
it is a world exclusive, you are still gonna get the
opportunity to get your hands on some of it, yeah. And not just one of you as well. Five people are gonna win. You wanna see what is coming up? Well, we have all new shoe models and Fizik have redone their entire selection of bar tape. Now, I am a huge fan of these shoes, I don’t know who isn’t. But actually I’m weirdly
excited about this as well. ‘Cause I’ve learned an
awful lot going through that and hopefully you will too. We do have to start somewhere though. And predictably, perhaps, I’m gonna start with shoes and the blingest of the bling, the Infinito R1 Knit. Here we go. Look at that. When I say knit, I mean knit. These are made with a
unique knitted fabric here which has got different densities of weave in order to tailor it
in different properties and different parts of the shoe. So perhaps increase stretch in one place increased support in another. And then that upper is bonded on to the proven carbon Fizik sole. And I say proven with good reason. I’ll tell you more about that in a second. Now, technically, the R1
Infinito Knit is not new new, because this one e-glove
viewers will remember, was actually launched last year, this very stealthy black
with red low lights colorway. But it has been joined by some brothers and sisters. The gray and this was indeed the same model of shoe that Geraint Thomas used when he won this year’s Tour de France, so when I said proven, I mean proven. We’ve then got petrol blue and is this yellow or green? Let me consult my box. Yellow. We’ve then got petrol blue and yellow. And then last but not least, (laughs) purple and blue. And yes, if you’ve been paying
attention to your GCN videos you will also know that
these are the ones I chose. Yeah! Let’s remove this pair ton of shoes, to make way for some
completely new ones, ha! This is the Tempo range. We have two models here, we’ve got the Tempo Overcurve and the Tempo Powerstrap. So that is the Overcurve. Ooh! And that is the Tempo Powerstrap. Now, you wouldn’t know
it, I don’t think anyway, to look at it, but these are actually the
entry points into the Fizik shoe range. When you look closely, you will see that instead of having a carbon fiber sole, they’ve got a nylon sole. Which means, it’s a little
bit heavier perhaps, and also ever so slightly more flexible. Which, to be fair on the flip side, some people feel gives a shoe
a little bit more comfort. Now with the Tempo Overcurve
which is this one here, the reason it gets its name, Fizik say, is because of that asymmetrical upper. You can see that the throat on this shoe, which is a new term for me, goes from the inside of the foot to the outside of the foot. And it’s designed that way again Fizik say, in order to fit nicely
around your ankle bones. The shoe as you can see is
closed by a boa closure there and also a Velcro strap at the forefront. And they don’t just come in
this rather natty white and red color combination, they also come in black with a little bit of pink, black with a little bit of fluoro yellow slash green. They come in I like these ones. White with a little bit of black and black with a little bit of black. Let’s add it to our pair ton of shoes. Offscreen. Rapidly running out of room here. Move on to our Tempo Powerstrap. Now would you believe it, these actually retail for
even less than the Overcurve which when you look at them,
I think is absolutely bonkers. Those are super super cool. The reason they’re called the Powerstrap refers (Velcro ripping) not just to the fact that
it is a Velcro closure as opposed to boa, but also that that strap
extends around the whole of the foot. The theory being, that instead of it just pulling
the two halves of the shoe together to close over your foot, actually that strap kinda
hugs the whole of your foot meaning, Fizik say, that you get better volume control in line with the more expensive
shoes in the range. Like the Overcurve there, you also get this nylon outer sole and as well as this, again I’m gonna say again, beautiful white and black colorway, you also have very nice navy and black. Black with black and also, red and black. I am rapidly running out of room here so we will move quickly
over the Infinito R1 which stays the same and is kinda like my
go to shoe, I suppose. It comes in black, black and red, red and black, my personal favorite the white and then also, the very cool Movistar edition, which we actually covered on the GCN show, not all that long ago. In the R3, Aria range, which is kinda one down from that, we have a new colorway. Woo hoo! Look at that! Navy blue and white. That is cool. Then, we’ve got the R4
B and the R5 Artica, which is like the winter boot. So that’s kind of waterproof insulated, even the sole in fact
gets a silver lining. Who doesn’t want their sole
to have a silver lining? Uh, yeah! Anyway, on that positive note, let’s turn to bar tape. (snaps) Now Fizik’s bar tape
is somewhat legendary, but as I mentioned in the
beginning of the show, they’ve actually completely
redone it for 2019. And we have a selection right here. Oh yeah! But don’t worry, don’t be bamboozled. It’s actually a very simple and well thought out range. All we have are three different ranges within the whole bar tape range. So we’ve got Vento, which is like the thinnest
most high performance perhaps for your fastest
most experienced road riders. You’ve got your Tempo which is like your classic bar tape. And then we’ve got the Terra which is the thickest, most cushioned tape and they’ve actually
designed it specifically for those kinda off road, drop bar riders. Okay? Now. Within each one, there are different models. So we’ll start with the Vento. They have the Microtex Tacky, then we’ve got the Solocush
which is a little bit thicker at 2.7 millimeters. And that comes from a-ha, gonna demonstrate with this, a slightly thicker layer of padding there. Still got the same finish, the
same tacky rubberized finish. And also, those ribs as well. I’m gonna demonstrate for you, ready? There you go. So, Microtex Tacky, Solocush Tacky. Now, these two examples
are particularly loud, for the trendiest of cool modern cyclists. But if you, like me,
perhaps more traditional, then it also comes in
black and white and red as well those fluoro options. Now. Next up as I mentioned we have the Tempo range, okay? Of which there are three. We’ve got the Microtex Classic, Microtex Bondcush Classic, and Microtex Bondcush Soft. All very simple when you know. The classic is the thinnest
in the Tempo range, again at just two millimeters. As you can see, the finish on it is literally what it says on the tin, classic. So it’s got that perforated leather look but Microtex is a synthetic leather. Now the finish on it is not shiny but kind of like a silk finish. So, maybe it has marginally
less grip perhaps than the tacky finish, but it looks super cool. And on the right bike, that is the absolute perfect choice. A low profile classic tape. And as well as it being classic in look, you also lose your fluoro options. So instead, of the loud ones, you get more classic colors
like the orange and the honey as well. Then, we’re still going. We’ve got the Microtex Bondcush Classic, So the Bondcush refers to an
additional layer of padding bonded to that Microtex
synthetic leather outer. And that cush is naught point
seven millimeters thick. So a little bit bigger, but otherwise the same finish. And you can see that
that is another classic, that’s the silver finish which you get on the right bike is gonna look absolutely mint. Then finally we’ve got the Bondcush soft which is same the classic
Bondcush so it’s 2.7 millimeters it’s got a little bit of padding, but you’ll see, it’s got a slightly different
texture on the finish. So it’s like it’s like a matte finish. It’s really hard to describe. It’s kind of soft is probably the best description. Finally then we have the Terra which Fizik have designed for those that take their drop handle bar bikes away from smooth tarmac. It’s also gonna be good for
those with bigger hands as well because it’s the thickest
tape that’s available. Look, you can see thin, thick. Quite significant there. Right, the reason being that it has that Microtex outer in the same tacky finish
actually as the Vento range it’s also got the Bondcush mid layer, but then that extra bit is the gel backer on there as well. So that is a really soft cushioned tape which is perfect if you’re
gonna be racing Piru Bay, or doing the Piru Bay Sportif, or something like the Dirty Kanza. And as well actually, for gravel dudes, I think that green is quite fitting. Also, mildly in love with the navy blue option, as well as the classics of
black and red and white. Now hopefully now you’ve
seen all of this tape all of the terminology
actually seems to make a little bit more sense. You have Microtex which
refers to the material of the outer, Bondcush tells you that there
is that cushion mid layer, and then in this case, the gel backer is exactly that. And that final word on the description, that refers to the finish so tacky, that rubbery feel. Classic, is the kind of
leather-esque finish, and then soft is the one that
I couldn’t really describe for you because it just kinda feels slightly soft. So there we go. I don’t know about you but I tend to buy all my handlebar tape online now so actually that has been
blooming useful for me. I hope that it has been for you too. Now thankfully, for Fizik’s sake at least given how busy they’ve
been designing new shoes and an entire range of bar tape, we’ll gloss straight over the saddles because there isn’t anything
new on that side of things. If you want a bit more info on that, you could refer back actually to last year’s 2018 unboxing and get all the information about that over there. For now though, I know you’ve been waiting patiently, you wanna know exactly how
to enter that giveaway. It’s pretty simple actually, you just head to the
description beneath this video and click on the link. Boom. There you go, best of luck. Five of you remember, can win a pair of shoes and
three rolls of bar tape. Imagine that! Three rolls of bar tape, you could go nuts, you could get different choices, different, you could get like white ones, you could get black white, and just knock it out of the park, go for fluoro pink as well. That’d be pretty cool. Now big thanks to Fizik for sending all of these goodies through and giving us the opportunity
to actually give some away to you as well which is great. If you want a little bit more information, about how to choose handlebar tape, Jon is gonna go into
it in a bit more detail over on the tech channel shortly so make sure you keep
your eyes peeled for that. Better still actually subscribe and that way you definitely won’t miss it, make life easy on yourself and then it would be the
sensible thing to do. And if you want a little
but more info as I said on the 2018 saddles moving into 2019, then refer back to that
video we shot last year.