Garbage To Gravel -ish Bike Conversion Episode 1 | Vintage Bike Upgrade Projects with GCN Tech

– Something I’ve planned
on doing for a while now, is to turn a dormant old bike frame into something with a purpose. Now, this isn’t gonna be a
one-stop-does-all video today. Instead, it is gonna
be a multi-part series. But essentially, I’m gonna turn something which could described as garbage into something suitable for gravel, ish. (whooshing) (clinking) (relaxed music) And this video is all about
the chassis of the bike, the basis of it, which
is of course the frame. Now, I did mention the
g-word, just now, gravel. But really, I think as
a community of cyclists we need to change that
word into something more, well, adventurous maybe,
an adventure bike. I don’t know, when I think gravel, it doesn’t sound particularly
sexy or appealing, really. So, that’s that little bit outta the way. Let’s have a look at exactly
what I’ve chosen for it. Now I’ve actually opted for a
26-inch wheel mountain bike, the simple reason being, it
was what I had laying around in the bottom of the shed. However, things aren’t necessarily going to be all plain sailing. Because I’ve been told by friends on GMBN that well, 26-inch wheel mountain bikes are virtually extinct. But I like to have a bit of
a challenge, here and there. And well, there’s nothing
better than seeing an old bike that’s not been used for a
while back out on the road. And, it’s kinda like recycling
a cycle or bit of kit. So this frame and forks is relatively old. In fact, nearly 30 years old. It comes from 1990, Saracen
Tufftrax Competition. These were an entry-ish level bike, I suppose you could call it, but back then mountain biking
was almost in its infancy. So even, entry level
stuff was pretty good. I’ve gotta say, the frame and forks they aren’t the lightest bits of kit but it is gonna be nice and comfortable when we’re doing the adventure
riding or gravel riding, as some of you may call it. What I’m hoping, I can
actually do on this bike is replicate, which loads of people did. Or sorry, what loads of people
did back in the early 90s. And that, is to put a pair
of drop handlebars on it, and go out and smash those trails. Now I didn’t just decide
on using this bike without consulting a few of my colleagues. And some suggestions I was given were, “Why don’t you just for a hybrid
bike with disc brake mounts therefore it’s gonna be so simple. And it’s gonna make your life a lot easier when it comes to building this bike up.” But well, anyone who’s
seen my videos in the past knows I don’t really like to
do the straightforward thing. I’d rather have a bit of a challenge to try and overcome, despite the stress it can cause at times. But hence this is why I’ve
gone for this one, anyway. So I’m glad I’ve got that outta the way. But also, by converting
it into a essentially, old-school mountain bike
with drop handlebars it is gonna make cycling
quite a bit more challenging. And I quite enjoy that, when
it comes to riding a bike. As lovely as it is, just
going out and enjoying the bike ride, there’s
something great when you have to think and rethink
the whole process again. It’s kind of a learning experience. When it comes to component
choice on the bike. There’s a few things which
I’ve got laying around at home which will go on it. But there’s also a few
things I do need to go out and buy to put on this bike. And this is where I’m need your help. Compatibility, could well
be an absolute nightmare, but I’m gonna put the question to you, the viewers, the people that
absolutely love these things. What shall I be putting on the bike and what shouldn’t I be
putting on this bike? And also, what shall I definitely not do? Please nobody out there
suggest I paint this frame or hydro-dip it. You’ve seen the results
in previous attempts when I’ve done that. So I’m definitely not gonna
be going there for this one. Besides, it’s got a great
bit of heritage behind it, this bike. Let me know in the comment section. Now, please be quick with your comments about what I should be
fitting on this bike because I’ve only got a
week to turn it around before I’m gonna show you exactly what is going to be fitted onto this bike. Compatibility issues, I know full well you’re gonna give me an
absolute headache and nightmare. So, please do be gentle on that one. And also, like and share
this video with your friends. Share it with someone
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