Full Gass Climbing mt. Tamalpais on the CANYON AEROAD – #cycling San Francisco

Straight ahead is Stinson Beach. That’s where we’re going later right now Taking it right up to mount amel Mount Tamalpais Gonna, take a ride up to East Beach. Have a nice look out over the whole area over the city Try and go fool gasps its four miles four miles. That’s six and a half kilometers, so there should be I know 20 minutes I Don’t know Just now at the top about 18 and a half minutes great climb some parts were pretty steep way over 10% But average speed was quite high over 2200 miles an hour So that’s pretty fast probably average about five or six percent. Maybe the views absolutely awesome I was here two years ago and Then there was a big overcast so looking this way I can see the city It’s a bit obstructed by the trees, but you can see just a little bit of the Golden Gate Bridge Twin Peaks the radio station bike repair station Check this out bicycle pump some tools Thank You State Park Rangers the bike I’m riding today is pretty much the same bike as I am back home Except for the group set so I’ve got a little Tara mechanical Group set this one has the dura-ace di2 so the bike is actually pretty much the same But the shifting is different their sprint shifters on the drops really nice if you’re in the drops you can still Shift you’re really rare and get all the do race just shifts really nice But for the rest the bikes the same some really used to the bike I’m a bit faster than Yost Sean were just kind of wait till he gets here I’m going to descend the same way we got up Because there’s no outlet this way then go down the Stinson Beach you probably have some lunch and then continue back quarter past 12:00 right there…. It was 13% haha I did a couple meters extra but whatever.. and than it said, you’re off course but he.. Yeah, I’m oh I didn’t know if you would get that but.. I didn’t see any other road so.. Now we are here, but apparently up there there’s a 360-degree view over the whole area, but the path to get up. There is a bit Sketchy on either a bike or bike shoes. I don’t know, but I’m gonna try I Gave my best shot, but I’m gonna go any further because this part was all right this part Either gonna mess up my shoes, or if I go bare feet. I’m gonna. I don’t think that’s an option So too bad station is right there, but it’s gonna be a long way on this rocky trail not suitable for us cyclists This is like cyclocross, but then different We all have to do with this view I think that’s good enough time to go down I know Now they’re very nice it’s a Nice open things here at the bottom where it’s surrounded with trees the ass one was a bit shiny so I really wasn’t sure about the grip so I Went a little bit slower when the asphalt is little bit shiny might be from I don’t know stuff coming from the trees or Rubber from cars whatever, but it makes it a bit slippery I don’t want to skid out and crash here in this area, so it’s better safe than sorry Don’t know Check out the view We are in students and Beach having some grow food we’re about halfway. We still have about The Grilled chicken sandwich is in it’s quarter past to go down the coast This is the highway one a little bit of this Coast Highway, and then we’re gonna go up the seven sister climb back over these rich Up to the Alpine dam and then back into the city Okay nice flat section right after that the chicken sandwich We’re going straight into another climb and I think they call this something with Seven Sisters I don’t know. Why maybe we’re gonna find out. We’ll have to climb over this Ridge and then descent into the Alpine damn Valley Climbing back out of the valley then back to the city I have no clue how long this climb will be but I’m not gonna. Go too fast because I can already feel the chicken tickling in my throat It was a gun it’s not the only one we have to go up again I’m so all right, but Yost was having a hard time Go go go go Right here. We are at the bottom of East Peak Oh Wait you don’t know clear Alpine a nice little flat section right after that turkey breast dinner Dena Take your turkey chicken chicken breast Chick Chick of rest Lynch sandwich whatever But I’m not gonna go too fast