hey guys it’s me Tiago the french inline
skater and today I was supposed to go to the skate park but it’s been raining for
a few days and the floor is totally wet so I have to switch to plan B! Today’s
video will be the difference between FREERIDE skates and FREESTYLE skates. ‘trying to film the B roll! We’re doing our best, because it’s very cold here, we can’t even feel our fingers anymore! I think I’m gonna go back inside.. Because it’s just not possible to film today everything is wet and we can’t feel our fingers anymore I think I’ll have to film another day; I’m very sorry for this! the weather was extremely bad outside..
anyway let’s continue the video let’s compare FREERIDE skates to FREESTYLE skates! what is the difference between these two types of inline skates?
before telling the difference let me tell you what they have in common
let’s do this among all the different types of inline skates, freeride and freestyle skates are the categories that are the most similar.
and let me you explain why. if we compare them to Fitness skates they
both come with a shorter wheelbase what I mean by that, is when they come with
shorter frames with wheels that are extremely close to each other in order
to improve maneuverability. they both have been built with much tougher
materials resulting on a better power transfer and robustness because these
are the types of skates you’ll use to do stunts and tricks with ,so you’ll need
more resistant skates! they can also be tuned in almost every
way and they are very customizable as well you can remove and replace many parts of
this skates with different colors for example. now where is the real difference
between these two types of inline skates? is it just that freestyle skates are
slimmer and have carbon fiber? freeride skates usually come with a tough
plastic hardshell boot with a removable liner. this method has its
advantages and its downfalls! I mean you have the advantage of being able to replace
the liners if they’re worn out or if you want to use a different model or brand.
but it’s an extra moving part of your skates and it will reduce your precision
a little bi. don’t worry it’s nothing dramatic ! if you’ve never used a
freestyle skate before chances are you’ve never noticed that because in
general the liners fit very well with the boots! it’s just that when you try to
execute some precise tricks, you’ll feel a little difference between these two
types of inline skates and the hardshell boot makes your skate very resistant! you
can fall and not be worried about your skates!
they have been built like a tank! we have some exceptions like we’ve
rollerblade metroblade GM for example! non removable liner and carbon fiber
base. on the other hand most freestyle skates come if a semi soft boot with a non-removable liner! we have some exceptions like seba high –
not the high light nor the high light carbon, but the regular high. this one has a
removable liner the boots are made with finer materials and carbon fiber is more
present in this category . the boots are also very close to your foot as well
they are narrower but don’t crush your feet. now why do we use carbon fiber and
non removable liners? I like to say that freestyle skates are freeride skates on
steroids! they have been made for precision. they
use carbon fiber and narrow boots with built in liners in order to be the most
precise possible. the carbon fiber makes them extremely responsive to every
movement of your body! it’s so stiff that everything will do will be directly
transferred to the wheels. this is also used for speed skates where the athletes want the best power transfer possible this type of construction makes them
lighter as well. now for the frames both of these skates come with a very stiff
frame that is very robust and deliver and exelent power transfer and they are
removable! you can replace them with other models and brands! freeride skates
usually come with 243mm frames and 80 millimeters
wheels. for freestyle skates size does matter you will get different frame
length depending on your skate size. for example my skate size is 38 ( EUR ) and i
used 231mm frames with 76 millimeters wheels so i’ll be
able to have an adequate maneuverability based on my size. many freestyle skaters
also like to rocker their skates! they usually use the Full Rocker. It’s when you
use a smaller wheel on the front and back of your frames. with most frames you
have to do it manually but some frames already come with a full rocker effect.
they are called pre-rockered frames alright freeride skates and freestyle skates
are very capable types of inline skates even if they have been made with some
disciplines in mind you can do almost everything you want with these skates! don’t
be blocked by the names of the categories, all right? most freeride skates
are usually cheaper than freestyle skates and they are very capable so I really
recommend freeride skates to all the inline skaters! and if you’re hesitating on
choosing your first pair of skates, I recommend you to choose this category!
I made a video where I suggest my top 9 inline skates for beginners! I’ll
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think about it! all right guys see you in the next episode! I forgot to bring the script that I wrote, so I’ll do total freestyle.. As I’m a freestyle skater, I think it’s gonna be allright … (BADUM-TSS) – You’re playing with words now? -yea