Freeride Pioneer Brett Tippie | Martyn Ashton’s Random Tandem Ep. 3

– You know the difference
between pink and purple? (Upbeat Music Playing) (Laughing) My life is in your hands,
that feels so scary, actually. (Laughing) – Whoa – Everywhere we went people wanted to take it to their gnarliest trails and try and you know, kill us. And drop it in. – Oh, beautiful! (Laughing) – I think they’re rad, and
I flew them in formation. – Oh, that’s beautiful. – Yeah. – We ready, lads? – My name is Martyn Ashton, and I’m a paralyzed mountain biker. It’s crazy but despite that disability I still get to ride my bike. Mainly thanks to my
crazy, amazing friends. Now I’m on a mission to see
where my riding can take me and more importantly, who I can ride with. (mechanical whirring) Right, it’s time to see
who we’ve got this week. (mechanical whirring noises) Amazing! – [Martyn] This is Brett
Tippie, one of the biggest personalities in mountain biking. But you know what? For
Brett is hasn’t all been rock rolls and drifting in the dirt. The sport treated him well, but that led to some darker times, where life got just a
bit too rock and roll. I love this story, and I love this guy and if Whistler wasn’t enough
of a gift as a location apparently Brett has
bought me a present, too. – This is Rob Warner’s wig. So, Woo! Haha, this has
been partied in, hard and it kind of matches the
GMBN graphics on your jersey so I thought we’d have a bit of wigs, and some big air, big hair. – Please don’t drop my
helmet on this lift. Oh my gosh. – There you go. – But I have to wear this… (Laughing) – [Brett] Okay, so here
we go, we’re dropping in – First route in for Brett. – I just got to be dead weight here. – Yeah, just let it roll in- – This feels totally scary. – Yeah, try not to steer
it out of the corners. And then, we basically go into these turns (laughing) [Brett] Okay, Just concentrate.
Dead weight, Dead weight. – Right, dead weight. – Okay. – Down here – Oh my God! (laughing) You know there’s wall rides coming up, eh? – [Martyn] Yeah. Oh, I’ve got them. (laughing) Don’t you worry about that. – [Brett] Yeah! Yeah! Oh, where’s the pedal? – [Martin] Are you still on? – [Brett] Yeah, no fear. – Oh good. Alright, let’s get this stop out. – Okay – Here we go, here we go! (laughing) – Martyn Ashton, thank God
you have been World Champion. Because, my life is in your hands. That feels so scary, actually. (laughing) – [Brett] You actually
know what you’re doing. – Uh huh. – You’re not a former
world champion for nothing. – I’ve got it, I’ve got
it, I’ve got it. Yeah. (woosh) – [Martyn] All right! – Okay. – [Martyn] Right, so. – So now we’re out of the village. – Now we’re out of the village. – And we’re cruising over
towards the Lost Lake trails. – This place! This place is beautiful. – Oh, it’s gorgeous. – Oh, my God. – Absolutely gorgeous. – So let’s start at the beginning, okay? – Oh boy. – Let’s start at the beginning. Original. – Start at the beginning?
I started at the bottom, and I kind of like it there. (Brett and Martyn laughing) – You’re a Cam Luke’s original, you started snowboarding, like you said, and you’re a racer on snowboard, but a free rider on mountain bike? – Yeah, you know. It was
like a way to get my kicks in the summer when there’s no snow. I was jonesing so bad for,
ya know, a bit of a shred. And I would take my bike out and just go free riding with my
bike. And get some thrills, and some kicks, like doing some steeps and jumping off of little cliffs. – Little cliffs? – Well, some big cliffs, yeah. – Yeah. How big do you
think you jumped off? What was the biggest thing you did? – Oh, probably like 25 feet
is the biggest thing I landed. – [Martyn] Wow. – I tried some 30-plus footers. – Well, back in the day, on those bikes? – Well, an 8 meter drop
back then, that was insane. People didn’t… – Yeah. – …know. They didn’t
know what to expect. We didn’t know what to expect. It was kind of like,
it was unknown, right? – Yeah. And I mean, it’s easy now, because you can watch fifty
videos of people doing it. – And the bikes are made for that now. – [Martyn] Yeah, yeah. – They’ve had two decades
of technology to, you know, work out what doesn’t
work, and what does work. – So there was you,
there was Richie Schleigh – Wade Simmons – There was guys like Dangerous
Dan on the North Shore, Johnny Smoke, you know. There was a few of you
out there sending it. You know, we really took to
it, and Richie was a pro-skier and I was a pro-snowboarder,
so we really knew how to work the cameras, then,
and work the program, and get good light. We just kept it going. And it took hold. Did a lot of movies, a
lot of magazine shoots, TV shows, just tons of exposure. It was insane. And then we started making money, and getting plane
tickets around the world, and it was awesome. And everywhere we went,
people wanted to take us to their gnarliest trails
and try and, you know, kill us, if we could ride them. Which is exactly what we wanted. – And did you feel like you were changing the sport at that time? – Yeah, a little bit. You know, I could see what was going on from other sports. I saw these other sports happening. I saw Crusty Demons of Dirt,
you know taking, racing, and then turning into free riding. I saw skiing with lots of racing going on and then they had Blizzard of Oz. You know start the free
skiing movement and then I just knew it was going to
happen to mountain biking. And so I knew that something
special was going on and I didn’t see anyone else
anywhere do what we were doing. – Watch you head Brett – Whoa! Jesus christ – (laughs) – Whoa that was a close.. whoa! – Wow that was close. – We nearly went down dude. – Nice save. – Yeah that was big. – Whoa Whoa, and again – We’re getting loose – Right, someone needs to concentrate. – [Martyn] These loops are funny. – Hey did you hear about the guy that was addicted to brake fluid? – No. – He says he can stop anytime. (laughs) – How about the guy that
was afraid of speed bumps? He’s slowly getting over it. (laughs) – [Brett] Oh beautiful, gorgeous lake. – [Martyn] Oh my god that’s incredible. – Yeah, it’s just so amazing around here. – This place is this place is insane. – Oh yeah, it’s gorgeous. – So Kamloops looks completely different, it looks like it’s from
out of the wild west. – Well it’s true, it’s like one of the only deserts in Canada. It’s a semi-arid zone and all the storms coming off the Pacific and they hit the Colson Mountains and
dump their load and rain and there’s rainforests here. Then they go up and over the, the valleys and then it’s like desert and then they eventually
pick up water from the rivers and lakes and they
dump again down by Revelstoke. – Right right. – So the Cowans area we got cactus, rattlesnakes, and it’s
pretty much a desert. But it used to be a lake,
so there’s all these clay formations everywhere that are just made for free riding. – Wow. – Steep shoots and like, couloirs,
cliff drops like you could drive gnarly stuff there
and if you face planted or crashed hard, you
know you wouldn’t lose ounces of flesh like
you would in the rocks. – Right. – Like all of the other places
in BC or around the world. – Yeah you could give it give it a go. – You could give it a go and
get up and dust yourself off and try it again and try it again. And you kind of learn
how to ride this stuff, so that when you did do
it in rockier situations you’ve kind of already
done it a little bit, but without the consequences. – There can’t be many
people who I guess Palmer and stuff like that who
have had a snowboard career and then a long mountain bike career. – Yeah yeah. – That’s incredible,
so what if you combined your snowboard and mountain bike career, how long have you been an athlete? ‘Cause I mean, you’re still doing it. – Well, since ’83 on the bike and board, but I went pro snowboarding
in ’91, and then I started getting paid
mountain biking in ’97. – [Martyn] That’s amazing. – And so, it’s still going. And I get paid to do
both still, I don’t know, it’s a dream job. But I mix it up with a lot of coaching, some guiding, some announcing,
some video hosting… – Wow, we’re beasting
up past the camera here. God! Ha, God! Tippie!
Tippie! Tippie! Got it! Oh my God, that was good. That was a big hill, that’s a big hill. Right, let’s stop it here
and have a little break, because that was… that’s hard. – Hey, I got one for ya. – [Martyn] Go on. – What was the biggest
mountain in the world, before the discovered Mount Everest? – Uhhhhh… Dunno. – Mount Everest! (Laughing) – Oh my God I feel like such an idiot. What do I want to ask you next? – Why do we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway? (Laughing) Why are you in movies but on TV? – That’s a good point. – Why do they call them asteroids when they come through the hemispheres, and they call them hemorrhoids
when they’re in your ass? (Laughing) If you’re from the North
Pole, do you get Polaroids? (Laughing) Why do men have nipples? There’s many different
questions you could ask. – [Martyn] That’s a lot of questions. I have no answer for any of them. – Me neither. (Upbeat music) (Laughing) – We’re wigging out I guess. Is that what you call it? – I don’t know what you call this dude. I don’t know what you’d call it. This is going to be crazy. Oh my God. (Laughing) – Brett Tippie and Martyn
Ashton, flying down the mountain. On your right, on your right! All three of us! – Three? I just remembered you
got a skeleton on your back. (Laughing) – Yeah bro! (Excited yelling) – Yeah! We made it! – Oh my God. – So how long has it been,
how long have you been sober? – I’ve been since December 17th, 2008. – Wow! – And, uh… – Well congratulations, that is… – Yeah, thank you. – I can only imagine it’s… – Yeah, I have my dad to
thank, and my wife to thank, and, uh, a friend of mine
who got me mountain biking and another friend who got me
a job doing some construction and gave me a place to stay.
And a friend, Greg Salmon, and my friend Peter who
got me mountain biking, I got psyched on mountain
biking again, and uh, you know, there’s a
bunch of different people and things that will make a difference. I was lucky enough to, you know, grab the bit of help that I could and do the rest myself, and, um… – [Martyn] And your dad was
around to see you through it? – He saw me get sober for 7
months before he passed away. And so, you know, if that didn’t happen, I don’t know if I could live with myself. And so I’m very thankful that I had that. – Yeah, I bet that’s important… – Yeah, that he could see the
turning of the leaf, you know. And um, I have kids now, and
I look at their little faces and their little eyes, and there’s no way I’d
ever go there again. For sure, they say never
say never, don’t get cocky, but there’s no way. I’m riding
bikes, I’m snowboarding, I’m hanging out with cool
people, you know, sporty people, and, um, my job is awesome.
I’m lucky enough to get paid to do what I love to do, and
hang out with inspiring people. I’m very, very lucky, and I
don’t take it for granted. – I don’t know if this is
the right way to word it, but was drunk Brett Tippie
like a happy Brett Tippie, or did he change into
a darker Brett Tippie? How did it affect you? – Well, no, I was a happy, happy drunk. The booze would lead me
on to the hard drugs. – [Martyn] Yeah. – And then, you know, I was
still a pretty happy guy, – [Martyn] Yeah. – Until you’re sleep
deprived for days on end, and then you’re broke, and
you blew off a bunch of stuff. It’s just a downward spiral of hell. – Yeah, yeah. – It’s like being possessed, you know, I didn’t want to do it anymore for years, and I tried to clean up but I couldn’t. – [Martyn] Right, right. – I thought I broke my brain, I was like, “Oh my God, I had a good thing going, I’m this person now and
I can’t seem to stop.” And it was, uh, it was very scary. – Were you scared at the
time? Were you thinking, “How the hell am I going
to get out of this?” – At some points, yeah. You’d
have moments of clarity, and then have moments where
you don’t give a shit. Pretty messed up. Your pleasure sensor will
override your rational sensor, and, uh, I was gone to the races. I love partying anyways,
you know, I’ve always… – [Martyn] Well I’ve seen you
at some parties this week, and you were clearly having
a great time on a can of Red Bull. – Yeah, exactly. All I
need is that Red Bull now, and, you know, a little bit
of pasta, and away I go. – Why did you, how did you get through it? What got you on to getting through it? – Well my dad helped a lot, my dad pulled me out
of a lot of bad places, and, um, I met an amazing
woman, Sarah Fenton… – [Martyn] I met her earlier
on. Ooh, big rock roll. – She helped me out big
time. That’s the rock? – I think we might do that
rock roll in a minute. Carry on, I like the look of that. – So I met this amazing
woman who mountain biked, and was super smart and
funny and, you know, had it together, and fell in love, and I just didn’t want
to be that guy anymore. I partied for years and I overdid it. It wasn’t even really partying
anymore, it was debauchery. My father passed away and I
wanted to honor him, you know, he’s looking down and
looking at everything I did. I didn’t want my legacy
to be a drug addict, alcoholic dude, and there’s
more great things I wanted to do I wanted to shred, I missed shredding, there was a whole bunch of factors. – [Martyn] Was your dad a big, you know, a big inspiration in your life? – He was, yeah, yeah. – Are you another version
of that, you know? – Oh I’m not even close to my dad. – Was he a funny guy? – He was amazing. He was a school teacher, but a musician and an artist, and he’d take me out mountain biking, well we didn’t call it mountain biking, we went bicycling in the
countryside in the ’70s, and, you know, we’d go out
and he would do sketches there and turn them into water colors and sell them for extra money – [Martyn] Oh wow! – He was really a very funny dude and had an incredible,
incredible database of jokes, limericks, rhymes, random facts, like twenty times my retention. He was a very, very loved man. He had a stroke, and then a heart attack, so we lost him in 2007. – Oh man, I’m sorry, that’s tough. – He’s a comedian, so I used to say it’s the worst thing
that’s happened to me, but then I was like, that’s the worst thing
that’s happened to him. (Laughing) Which he would appreciate. – Yeah right, yeah right. – But yeah, I was very close to my dad and my mom and I are very
close still, she’s a rock. I didn’t want to disgrace my family, and I was very selfish, partying as hard as I could go, you know, and I was ready to see how many days I could go without sleep, and I did ten days without sleep – What?! – And I almost died. – Man that’s insane,
because that can kill you. – The US Army says the
average human will die after twelve days with no sleep. – [Martyn] Wow. That’s scary. – It was scary. – I really like how you clearly
know there’s been people who’ve made a massive
difference, like you said, about your dad was a huge influence, and, I can really recognize, you know, from what I’ve been through, like, how big of an influence people can have on getting you through something, and if they haven’t done that, where would you be? – Exactly, I don’t know where I’d be, I might not be alive. – [Martyn] Don’t rush, get it set up nice. And then give us a shout when
we’ll be… we’ll nail it. We’re so not going to nail this. I don’t think this is going to go well. – We’re going to nail this. – This is hard. If we
can get up this hill, it’ll be amazing. ‘Cause when you see it,
you’re going to be like, “Oh shit.” – No way. – Hey it’s a big rock. – Yeah, okay. – Right dude, nail it! – Okay, here we go! – Oh my God, this is a stupid idea. – Got to get the power going. – All right, come on Brett. – Drop the gears. – Oh my God, look at it. Oh Jesus Christ. Come on man. – Get a run going. – [Martyn] Yes, yes, go on,
that’s it, that’s it, yes, we’re on line, we’re
on line, we’re on line, go on… No! (Groaning) – No. – Ahh, so close. – We just needed to get
a little bit further. – Yeah I think we needed like, a super light gear. I think
we’ve got enough go in us, but it’s a light gear. Now bring the back end up. If you can give us a good push off, Brett, I reckon I can get us down there. Go. That’s it now, don’t pedal now, just let me, let me wobble our way down. I’ll just use the gravity. Boom, boom, boom. Boom,
boom, nice. There we go. I knew we could get down. (Laughs) – [Martyn] Fuck me, we’re moving now. Go, go, light gear, light
gear. Push it, push it. (Groaning) Ahhh, nooo. – No. – [Martyn] Ahh, so close. – I’m not going to make that. – [Martyn] All right, I’m
going to push this bit. (Loud beep) – Okay, so Brett and Blake
are looking at a rock roll they think we might be able to do. I might be able to do a
rock roll, a proper one, with Brett Tippie on the
back, which would be insane. But I can’t see it from where I am, so I’m going to just
trust what Brett thinks. The situations I get myself in. Go and have a look at what they’re doing. – Wow, that’s quite the gnarly line. – Imagine going into that hole. – No, you would not want
to endo a tandem bike. – Suck your front wheel into that. – Yeah yeah, you’d get
flyswattered into the ground. – Left, right of the
tree, left of the tree? – Over the root, and then uh, Martyn can pick a line down here, hopefully not in the hole. Couple trees over here Martyn! So you know, down there,
once we’re like… (imitates bike noises) going down the rock so… You know what they say, wood no good. – It’s never ending. (Laughing) – Going against the grain here. Am I needlin’ ya? Don’t worry, I’ll leaf you alone. My bark is worse than my bite. But I’m just going back to my roots. (Laughing) – You just go, oh my… (Mumbling) – All to do with wood. – [Martyn] So do I go
super quick, or what? – Well, you can go super quick, but uh… I guess I will too ’cause I’m with you. – Good luck. – Yeah thanks, I need it.
It’s all up to Martyn, so… I’m just a passenger here. – I love the nerves before a shoot. – I know. I love and I hate
it all at the same time. – It’s just like such a great feeling. – You know what, I used to get butterflies and I couldn’t get rid of them in my mind, so I just eventually turned
them into dragonflies, ’cause I think they’re rad, and then I flew them in formation. – Oh, that’s beautiful. We ready lads? – [Crew Member] Yeah! – Let’s do this! – Go for it dude. – All right, buddy. – That’s it. We’ve got
it. Over this ridge. – Free riding. – Oh yeah. – And drop it in. (Excited yelling and laughing) – Yeah! – Oh my God! – Nice, buddy! – That was sick! – That was pretty steep actually. – Let it roll. Oh my God, this is crazy. – [Brett] Perfect! – [Martyn] Got it, stay high here. (Overlapping conversation) – Nice, nice! (Laughing) – [Martyn] Jesus Christ! – Very nice! Free riding, bro! – YEAH! That was amazing! Aww, that was so good! – Nice, man! – I want to take the opportunity to say, and mate, let you know that you’re someone that has made a lot of
people go out on bikes and have an incredible time. Long may your career reign,
and impress us and inspire us, and I’m so glad that
you’re still here doing it. – Thanks buddy. – [Martyn] It’s fantastic. – You too, man. You know,
like, life is short, and you’ve got to grab every moment because you never know
when it’s going to be over, and it’s all you can do, is
do what’s now in the present. – Yeah – They say yesterday is history,
and tomorrow is a mystery. Today’s a gift, that’s why
they call it the present. – (Laughing) Yes. – Make use of every moment. – Absolutely, man. – Like right now, we’re shredding. – Yeah, I mean I’m the same as you. I’ve done it, I’ve been able to get back from a very dark place thanks
to some amazing people, you know, really great friends, and really great family, and I do have those days where you wonder, “God, what if they
hadn’t been there to…” ‘Cause how would I have done it. – Yeah. – ‘Cause I certainly would never take the credit for it myself. – Hey you know what, if life was fair, Elvis would still be alive and all the impersonators would be dead. – [Martyn] Yes, that’s true! (Laughing) – [Martyn] I tell you what, you’ve done the random tandem now. You’ve survived, thank God, but you know get to pick someone else. You have to keep me on my journey. – Oh wow! – So, what do you think? Like who… Who could we put on it? – Wow! Well you know what? We just saw Paul Bass on our way out here, how about you give Paul Bass a call and see if you can get Paul Bass? He rides an e-bike and his
legs are working well enough, I think he could, you know,
put down some landing gear. – Paul Bass, you’re on the list. – Paul Bass, you’ve been
called out, brother! (Laughing) – [Martyn] Nice one, man! – Random Tandem! – [Martyn] Absolutely. If you’ve enjoyed watching
the Random Tandem, then thanks very much. Give us a like. Click over there to see
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Tandem with myself, Martyn Ashton, and Brett Tippie! – It’s goodbye from me,
and goodbye from him. Thanks for checking it out everybody! – Whoo! – Yeah, bro! (Yelling) And Martyn Ashton! (Laughing) – Sick!